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Dave Telep joined BadgerNation.com editor Jonathan Linder in the Badger Nation premium chat room Sunday evening. He discussed Wisconsin's 2005 recruiting class and future potential commitments. Fox Valley Skillz AAU coach Ritchie Davis also briefly stopped in for the chat.

Dave Telep joined

jglinder:: Hi Dave

jglinder:: Hello everyone

FallCreekBadger:: hi

Dave Telep:: good evening gentlemen

Unregistered User:: hello

Dave Telep:: hey guys

Dave Telep:: Jonathan, thanks for the invite.

jglinder:: Your welcome. Thanks for attending. Dave, do you think Wisconsin had a legitimate shot at Ryan Wright earlier this summer.

Unregistered User:: so with Ryan Wright eliminating UW, are we done for the 2005 class?

Dave Telep:: that's an interesting question. UW either has one for this year or one for next year. Obviously they wanted Wright and I'm thinking for the most part they are done for the year ...

Dave Telep:: I thought that during the summer, UW had a legit shot. In fact, I was surprised to hear that they were knocked out.

Unregistered User:: I think the fact that he hadn't visited yet really hurt UW

Dave Telep:: He didn't visit anyone officially yet so everyone was even. I think he was going to keep some of the big timers (UCLA, MichSt) in the mix regardless.

Unregistered User:: what can you tell us about the 3 2005 verbals?

Dave Telep:: Diverse group but solid athletically.

Dave Telep:: Krabbenhoft is the "X" factor because of the injury and no one has seen him since the high school season. Heady player who can shoot it ...

Unregistered User:: which position with Joe K play at the next level

Dave Telep:: Landry is the athletic four man who can face to 15 feet. LIke Krabbenhoft, he's in our Top 100. He was a biggie for the Badgers. Perry is the fast guard who can get to the rim.

Dave Telep:: I think Joe plays the small forward in college.

Dave Telep:: Good group and now these guys can basically look 2006 and 2007

jglinder:: Dave, do you think of Perry more as a 1 or 2 at the college level? Other than getting to the rim, what are his strengths...and weaknesses. He is the guy we've heard the least about in Madison.

Dave Telep:: Well, I think Perry probably is full time at neither. He's a gifted athlete who can go real fast and sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad. To be a PG, he'll have to work on his decision making. Now, he's a good, but not nearly consistent enough shooter to be considered a big time threat. He's got a strong, athletic body that will allow him to chip in at multiple positions. He could wind up being a steal with some development. Guys from that program (Andre Iguodala, Dwayne Wade, etc) have developed late and been really good

Puju1:: Dave, where does Marcus Landry need to focus his development?

Dave Telep:: Marcus needs to get stronger, keep working on that face-up game and developing his post skills. I like him as a player and love how active he is on the glass.

Unregistered User:: what are your thoughts on Gavinski and who might fill the other two rides for 2006?

Dave Telep:: Gavinski is going to be a player. Typical strong bodied kid with upside. Jerry Smith is STRONGLY in the mix for the scholarship as well and they are looking at Trevon Hughes. Once they land one (likely Smith?) in 2006, then they go right into 2007 mode which tells me that they have a plan and can load up because they'll have the time to devote to the young kids which as you know is huge

Puju1:: I asked this on your message board last week and you agreed that the 2005 class was a little weak compared to recent classes and it appears that Wisconsin did a good job in getting early verbals. Do you see many schools looking at JUCO's and possibly international players this year?

Dave Telep:: I think the JC ranks, from what I've been told, are equally as weak. I think some programs do have foreign guys stashed as I'm beginning to hear some rumblings about guys. But, all in all, this class is what it is and IMO Wisky did well for itself not to have too many in this group and to basically be done.

Dave Telep:: As for 2007, you all know the big name is Keaton Nankivil. That's a big time priority for the Badgers and a guy they are going to spend a TON of time recruiting from now until it's over.

Unregistered User:: smith seems like the #1 priority in 2006 and Hughes is definitely a target, but if Hughes goes elsewhere or delays, what are the chances of Bawinkel or Bohannon (who i think have offers) giving a verbal first

jglinder:: Is there any chance the Badgers go after Dior Lowhorn or Zaronn Cann this year? We've also heard that they offered Lutz? Is that true?

Dave Telep:: I really believe that they are in good shape with Smith and have a beat on his recruitment. I don't think they'll panic and take anyone too early as they wait on Smith. With so few grants and a ton of time to evaluate, they can basically sit back, take their time and make sure they get the guy they want. Fun year to recruit if you are a coach. You get to be picky.

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: unless I have been living under a rock, Trevon Hughes and Jerry Smith are certainly UW's top targets for 2006

Dave Telep:: They have kept in contact with Cann who is a West Virginia lean right now. The problem there is he's coming off a major knee injury and they would probably want to see him in action before burning up a grant on him. Lowhorn, from what I can tell, is not that deep on the radar.

Unregistered User:: any idea when smith and hughes will be narrowing their list or making decisions?

Dave Telep:: Jerry Smith is by far the No. 1 target of the Badgers in that class. He's the sheriff of that bunch.

Puju1:: Besides Big Ten championships, how do you account for the recruiting going so well since Bo came to Madison?

Dave Telep:: I think narrowing lists for juniors is a term that is basically non existent. Having said that, Smith is on his own timetable. He could go now are a year from now. If he really wants to be a Badger, it could come at any time and I think he really likes the Badgers.

Dave Telep:: Puju: I think Bo has targeted a different kind of player which in turn has opened them up to more kids. The style is very different and frankly more appealing so that really helps. Those guys have really attacked recruiting with a passion and it shows.

jglinder:: Ritchie, not sure what you can divulge, but how many schools are after Trevon right now?

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: Trevon's list is huge at this point

jglinder:: Ballpark figure?

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: Wisconsin, Maryland, Wake Forest, Texas and Illinois probably lead

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: Purdue, Syracuse, Seton Hall and Northwestern also heavily involved at the moment for Trevon

jglinder:: Thanks Ritchie

Dave Telep:: Most juniors have HUGE lists right now so there's no need to panic. In fact, most juniors don't get offers quite this early unless its from home state schools or they are top 10 players in America. It's early for everyone on all fronts.

Unregistered User:: do you have any thoughts on Scott Christopherson or Korie Lucious, or other young in state kids with great potential

Dave Telep:: Lucious is a guy that will find Bo in the stands watching him a ton during the season. He's a big timer out of Milwaukee that could buck the trend and academics permitting, find himself with an offer.

jglinder:: Dave, how often have you seen Bo Ryan at events? What can you say about Bo the recruiter?

Dave Telep:: I see him about as much as I do other head coaches. He's out there working. They have a nice staff that generally presents the head coach with a big list of guys to see in July and they do a really good job. Can't argue with the results.

Unregistered User:: would Smith and Hughes work well in the same back court, or are they both set on playing point guard?

Dave Telep:: I think Smith begins his college career as a two guard. He's got some work to do to play PG full time at the highest level.

Dave Telep:: Right now, Smith's strength is scoring the basketball. He's a combo but with more emphasis on the shooting guard than PG

Dave Telep:: Nice things going on in Madison these days from the retiring of Finley's jersey to the walk on playing well on the Big Ten travel squad.

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: Top College Prospects in the state at this time in HS are: Korie Lucious, Keaton Nankivil, Jerry Smith, Trevon Hughes, Scott Christopherson, J.P. Gavinski, Anthony Green, Charlie Chapman, Mitchell Carter and Andrew Zimmermann

jglinder:: Not to get to far off recruiting, but Clayton Hanson has developed incredibly well. I would be surprised if he does not start this year.

Dave Telep:: What he's done this summer can't hurt. Often times summer USA basketball, or traveling teams with college kids are strong indicators of the upcoming season

Unregistered User:: sounds like if everything goes as planned, UW will fill 2006 with in state kids, do you have any out of state names for 2007 or beyond that Bo is after?

Puju1:: Mitchell Carter is the mystery kid with the body of a guy like Rashard Griffith. Do you see him as a guy who will get serious looks from Wisconsin?

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: I don't believe Mitchell is an option for Wisconsin at this time

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: he is much more an option for Marquette but follows Bryce Webster

Dave Telep:: Right now, the focus is on in-state kids for a number of reasons 1) there are good players in the state and 2) they have few grants. They will actively continue pursuing Jonathan Scheyer out of Illinois in 2006.

KingofBeers:: I believe that Mitchell Carter has an offer from Marquette

jglinder:: Is the caliber of prep players in Wisconsin improving, or are more schools taking notice?

Dave Telep:: Beerman, I believe you are correct

FoxValleySkillzAAU:: according to Coach McGlothlan, MU has offered Mitchell

Dave Telep:: Wisconsin, IMO, has always been good for a handful of really good players. Now, with a few making and contending for HS AA honors, you start to notice them even more.

jglinder:: Speaking of high school All-Americans, were you surprised to see Brian Butch redshirt?

Unregistered User:: any update on Krabbenhoft's injury?

Dave Telep:: Right now, Wisky has its big man targets in hand with Gavinski in the bag and Nankivil firmly on the radar.

Dave Telep:: I was surprised to see (Butch) redshirt. Thought he was way too competitive for that. But, on the other hand, he must have banged around with the guys and realized that to reach his ultimate goal that was the best thing for him.

jglinder:: Watching practice last preseason I thought it was the right decision.

Dave Telep:: No update on Krabbenhoft's injury other than to say he looked to enjoy the summer. Despite being hurt, he traveled around - often times with his family -- and attended the events he was supposed to be playing in.

Unregistered User:: what do you expect out of (Greg Stiemsma), do you think Brian (Butch) or Greg will have a bigger impact over their careers?

Dave Telep:: tough to say without being there because I thought highly of both of them coming out of high school. I haven't seen each recently enough to say for sure. Greg is a big time defensive player and that might help him more early.

jglinder:: I've read comparisons between DeAaron Williams and Alando Tucker? Are those legit? Can Williams step in and play Big Ten basketball the way Tucker did?

jglinder:: The Badgers start preseason workouts in the next couple weeks so I hope to see for myself soon enough.

Unregistered User:: I'll be anxious to hear about flowers and how he is coming back from his injury

Dave Telep:: (Williams) is going to have to diversify his offense. The kid loves to compete and that will really help him. Notice that Wisky is getting guys from the Illinois Warriors. That team is traditionally loaded a good program to be in the mix with.

Puju1:: Did you like the 5/8 rule and do you think it's revocation will give a big boost to the top programs like Duke, UNC again?

Dave Telep:: matters little to them, they rarely use all 13 ships

jglinder:: Flowers is a mystery, especially after last year's enigmatic prep season

Unregistered User:: i saw him play as a junior and he looked good

jglinder:: Alright everyone, how about two more questions for Dave?

Unregistered User:: if you had to predict UW's 2006 and 2007 classes what would be your best guess?

Dave Telep:: 2006 Smith, 2007 Keaton Nankivil

Puju1:: Leo Criswell was mentioning Wisconsin and Marquette in the spring. His recruiting seems to be interesting to say the least. Any thoughts?

Dave Telep:: he's jumping to a new school. Looks like a potential spring guy.

jglinder:: OK everyone, Dave has to run, we can continue the chat until the bottom of the hour. Thank you so much for stopping in Dave.

Unregistered User:: thanks dave

KingofBeers:: Thanks

Dave Telep:: Appreciate you guys having me. jglinder:: Any time

Dave Telep:: Gentlemen, have a great week.

jglinder:: Take care Dave

Unregistered User:: so Jon, what if anything have you heard about the summer workouts/pickup games?

Puju1:: Do you mean I can't ask any Marquette questions?:) Thanks Jonathan and Dave.

jglinder:: I stopped by the gym during lifting a couple times for interviews. I heard that Tucker made a go of it in some pickup games, doing light work...that was probably the most interesting bit. I think he will be ready when the season starts

jglinder:: Also, an Athletics Communications staff member told me that Williams will break Tucker's vertical jump record with relative ease .but he said he is a different sort of player. More of a slasher and finisher than a power player

FallCreekBadger:: when we going to do one of these on FOOTBALL Jon?

jglinder:: I'm going to do a football one next Sunday for sure, and some time before the first game.

FallCreekBadger:: awesome!!!

Unregistered User:: so it sounds like smith and hughes are good bets for 2006, that will be a great class

jglinder:: If they get both of them it would be a coup

Unregistered User:: there won't be many happy Marquette fans

jglinder:: I found it interesting how Landry went from Milwaukee to Madison and Wes Matthews went vice versa. They each said they wanted to stay close, but not too close

Unregistered User:: sounds like smith is more of a sure bet, if hughes goes elsewhere, we are in on some other great guards

jglinder:: Like Scheyer. I wonder what the Badgers would do if they were to have a shot at him and Hughes

FallCreekBadger:: who was that guy dave mentioned for 2007, is he a kid from Wisconsin?

jglinder:: Nankivil is from Madison Memorial

Unregistered User:: Nankivil

jglinder:: He is a big-time player

jglinder:: played varsity as a freshman and played a lot

FallCreekBadger:: HOW big, top 20?

jglinder:: I don't know if I can venture as far as a national ranking but he is good

Unregistered User:: i think rivals has him around 50, but that is pretty low for what I have seen

jglinder:: His game is very refined for a such a young post

Unregistered User:: i think we are a very big longshot with Scheyer

Unregistered User:: #1 guy in Illinois for 2006

Unregistered User:: i think we get smith next year and then hughes if he wants to come if not Bohannon or Bawinkel (all 3 can play pg)

Unregistered User:: scheyer can also play pg, but his coach is bruce weber's brother and he is a big duke fan, but we did make his top 10 list

jglinder:: You never know with recruiting

Unregistered User:: in 2007 i think we get Nankivil, Christopherson, and a couple out of staters

jglinder:: I'm not very familiar with Bohannon and Bawinkel, what's the scoop there?

jglinder:: The only time I saw Christopherson was at a Fox Valley Skillz practice. Quite an athlete.

Unregistered User:: bohannon is 6'3" pg from Iowa

Unregistered User:: in the heinrich mold

jglinder:: He was the most impressive guard at that practice, but Davis said that Hughes takes it easy on the guys in most practices.

jglinder:: It would be pretty impressive if he is as good as Heinrich

Unregistered User:: Bawinkel is a 6'5" pg from Illinois who plays in a small conference but is around 3rd rated in il according to highschoolelite.com

Puju1: Jonathan: Do you see Wisconsin having problems replacing Harris like Marquette did Dwayne Wade? Different offense, so probably not as big of a problem, but what do you think?

jglinder: Yes and no...

jglinder: They can't replace Harris, but I think Wilkinson will be among the Big Ten's best, the role players (Hanson, Wade) are sound and healthy Chambliss and Tucker can play with anyone. The big questions are, of course, do the latter hold up health-wise for an entire season...

Puju1: Don't forget Morley, who's kind of the glue guy.

jglinder: Yes, Morley can play. I think he will be the sixth man again and will be a 12 and 6 guy

jglinder: ....second, who replaces Harris in the clutch. What Wisconsin will miss the most is Harris' we-are-going-to-win, watch-me-take-over attitude down the stretch.

Puju1: I think that's where Marquette really struggled was who would take the shot at the end of the shot clock.

jglinder: That could be a problem with Wisconsin as well, but they certainly have options, especially if Tucker and Chambliss are there.

jglinder: (Wisconsin has) enough talent to go far this year, I think Sweet Sixteen is a fair target.

jglinder: I'm very interested to see how much Brian Butch has improved and how ready DeAaron Williams is.

Puju1: What is the situation with Ray Nixon? Talented kid who could be on the bench again or may be a real contributor. Any word on his summer work?

jglinder: Wilkinson could be huge. He was awesome in the Big Ten tourney last year and, really, for large stretches all season.

jglinder: I haven't heard much about Nixon from summer workouts, but like I said, I only was able to stop in twice. I think you hit it on the head though. He could be in the regular rotation or just here and there..

jglinder: ...I think Wisconsin's depth is the big issue. We haven't even mentioned Andreas Helmigk and he started some last year.

jglinder: Take care everyone

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