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Badger nation editor Jonathan Linder took part in a premium chat Friday afternoon. He will host another chat Sunday evening.

uwbadgers:: i'll just ask a few questions to get things going

uwbadgers:: do you think Chris Pressley will play in mop up time or come in earlier?

jglinder:: I think Pressley will see the field in short-yardage situations and play in the jumbo. He will also see action in mop-up duty.

jglinder:: He is much more than just a short-yardage back though.

jglinder:: He has enough quickness to get out on the edge as well.

uwbadgers:: I can't wait to see him out there. is root the 2nd string fullback, and who would back him up if something happens to bernie?

jglinder:: Root is No. 2. If either he or Bernstein goes down, Bill Rentmeester becomes No. 2

jglinder:: They would like to avoid taking the redshirt off Rentmeester if at all possible, though, so if the injury is short term, expect Josh Balts to serve in an emergency.

uwbadgers:: interesting, can't say i'd be confident with our backups if bernie goes down

31346:: How much playing time will Zach Hampton get, just special teams?

Badger81:: Predictions?

jglinder:: Hampton is an interesting case. He is going to play a lot on special teams for sure. At first, he is only likely to play in the secondary in mop-up duty, but I could see him working in in the nickel and dime down the road.

jglinder:: It all depends on who stays healthy.

jglinder:: Right now, Hampton is No. 3 at free safety and No. 4 at strong safety.

jglinder:: He could also play corner in a pinch.

jglinder:: Bernstein is one of the most indispensable players on the team this year, though I think Rentmeester will be a capable starter two years from now.

uwbadgers:: do you see Allen Langford as being a shutdown corner type with the potential of Fletcher or Echols?

jglinder:: I'd like to see Langford play in a real game before I project that far....Very tentatively, I think he could be as good as Echols. I'm not ready to put him in a future-Fletcher category.

jglinder:: Badger81, are you looking for a game prediction or season?

Badger81:: Game prediction.

jglinder:: I think Saturday is a rout. I just can't see UCF coming in after all the distractions this week and overcoming the talent differential on the field.

31346:: I asked this question the other day about the Oak Creek players not being interested in UW, and you said most are not from Wis. but are from local (army) base. What one?

jglinder:: I'll say Wisconsin by 24

jglinder:: 31346, I'll have to look into that, bear with me.

jglinder:: Like I said on the board, this is not something that I have done research on. It is a rationale that I have heard a few times, however.

Badger81:: Katie seems negative on this year's team. Why?

uwbadgers:: Jon, how do you think our o-line will be? they look good on paper but did they gel as a unit in camp?

jglinder:: I thought the OLine played pretty well. I do not feel they gelled completely but they made some headway. It looked better than in the spring.

jglinder:: Her freshman year at UW was 2000, just after the two Rose Bowl wins. The team has not been very good since then, so she has developed some pretty thick cynicism.

jglinder:: She just does not believe the hype.

jglinder:: Oh, and I should mention my wife decided she was going to be a Badger when they won the Rose Bowl in '94.

Badger81:: Now that we've talked about your wife, what are your honest opinions?

jglinder:: I think the Badgers will be better this year and will be competitive in every game. They should dominate at home, except for a very tough game against Minnesota. I think they will struggle on the road. Arizona is going to be tougher than people think and the Big Ten road schedule is brutal. I'm going with 8-3 this year, with losses at OSU, Iowa and Purdue.

31346:: My son is transferring to UW nest year, can't wait. Might be easier to get tickets for all UW sporting events.

jglinder:: Yes it will be. Students are always selling vouchers.

Badger81:: How's Cribbs going to perform?

jglinder:: I think there will be some award winners on this team. I'll be surprised if Anttaj Hawthorne and Anthony Davis do not take home, say, the Lombardi and Doak Walker.

uwbadgers:: good to hear. do you know much about how the game atmosphere might change with all the initiatives by the admin? seems like they are trying to curb chants and rowdiness of the student section

jglinder:: Cribbs looks his best when he is blitzing. He is an aggressive, instinctual player who can really turn it loose and play physical. He looked adequate (say a 5 on an 8-point scale) in his general play at mike and average in pass coverage. He is quick, but I'm not sure his speed holds up over long pursuits.

31346:: Can't wait to see Joe Thomas pancake dl 's and lb's

jglinder:: He is a big speed improvement over Mack, but Mack was, of course, more seasoned.

jglinder:: Thomas will probably pancake some DBs too.

jglinder:: I think the administrations moves are more related to a few isolated incidents outside the stadium. I'm wondering, though, if that giant scoreboard will be used to pacify the crowd at some points, the way the band has been strategically used when the student section gets exceptionally rowdy or when they were worried about fans charging the field.

Badger81:: Who else will be in the nickel and dime packages?

uwbadgers:: yeah, that's what i was thinking. i don't mind the getting rid of the incidents outside the stadium, but keep the Camp rowdy!

jglinder:: I think nickel and dime will fluctuate because they have quite a few worthy defensive backs. The starters will stay in: Bell, Starks, White and Leonhard. Nickel corner will most likely be Chuckie Cowans.

jglinder:: If they got to six defensive backs I would expect Levonne Rowan or Joe Stellmacher to get the call.

uwbadgers:: quick recruiting question Jon: has Bielema been aggressively involved and in on a lot of prospects, or is he gradually getting into it

jglinder:: Then, of course, you have worthy players like Robert Brooks, Roderick Rogers, Zach Hampton, Allen Langford and Jack Ikegwuonu.

Badger81:: Will Pressley see the field tomorrow?

jglinder:: From what I've heard, Bielema has jumped right in. Remember, he was a recruiting coordinator for times at Iowa and Kansas State. He has opened up Florida again for Wisconsin. He has a lot of contacts there.

uwbadgers:: cool, that's good to hear

jglinder:: Badger 81 - Yes, I think Pressley plays in short yardage, jumbo and probably in mop-up duty. I would not be surprised to see him in some base packages, though.

31346:: What happened to qb Hollins?

uwbadgers:: you don't have to answer this Jon, but who has had a disappointing camp?

jglinder:: I also would not be surprised to see Jamil Walker in the base a little, even before mop-up duties. Walker just does not look like a freshman.

jglinder:: 31346 - Hollins left the team prior to last year. I don't know what happened to him from there.

uwbadgers:: Hollins is at Arkansas State now

jglinder:: If any player is disappointed with their fall camp, it has to be Brandon Tobias. He is a big, strong receiver, but his hands have been inconsistent and he appears to lose concentration too often. I thought he looked better than he did last spring, but he has to be disappointed with a second year on the scout team.

31346:: I've got to go but this has been very informative and entertaining, wish I would have found this site a long time ago. Local LaCrosse paper doesn't carry much about Badgers

jglinder:: Thank you. I hope you can take part often.

Badger81:: Jon, all of your reports have been very informative.

jglinder:: Thank you

jglinder:: So what do you guys think about Wisconsin's schedule this year?

uwbadgers:: i think it is pretty favorable

uwbadgers:: Purdue, OSU and Iowa are tough on the road but i think all are very beatable

jglinder:: I'm curious to see how OSU's new quarterback looks and how Minnesota's defense plays.

uwbadgers:: big ten looks like it will be down

jglinder:: With all the big names that are gone, my first thought was the same, but there are still six teams in the polls, for what that's worth. I'm really not sure what the preseason polls are good for.

jglinder:: If the Gophers can stop anyone they should be tough.

uwbadgers:: yeah, osu's offense just doesn't concern me. their defense on the other hand...

uwbadgers:: i couldn't believe minn and osu were top 10 in a couple polls i saw

jglinder:: Yeah, it should all be taken with a grain of salt until they start playing actual games. It is tough, though, in college football, since projection can mean so much.

jglinder:: Well, that wraps up this afternoon's chat. Thank you to everyone who took part. Remember, Sunday at 8 p.m. each week. Take care.

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