Heads or tails?

Right tackles Morgan Davis and Mike Lorenz flip coin for starting role

Wisconsin's ongoing competition at right tackle was literally too close to call this week. So offensive line coach Jim Hueber had seniors Morgan Davis and Mike Lorenz call it in the air.

"Mike and I flipped a coin," Davis said. The coin flip took place in the Badgers' locker room Thursday.

Davis and Lorenz each started last season: Davis at left tackle, Lorenz at right. Joe Thomas' emergence at left tackle, however, created the logjam on the right side and a competition that developed through spring and fall workouts.

"'Huebs' said we both played our butts off and that we did everything that he asked of us," Davis said. "It was such a hard decision that we had to flip a coin to see who was going to do it.

"Tails never fails and I ended up winning."

Davis and Lorenz traded off series Saturday and each played in the team's jumbo set, with Davis at right tackle, Lorenz as a tight end.

"Mike and I have, even since spring, have said we are going to play our best during practice and during the games and whoever comes out on top we are still going to be friends and this is just another situation where it's up to coach or the flip of a coin or whatever, but we're still going to both get playing time," Davis said.

Davis said he did not know whether a coin flip would again determine the starter next week. He was asked if rock, paper, scissors was a possibility.

"We thought about that," Davis said jovially. "We thought about switching it up a little bit but we have to wait and see what coach says."

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