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Badger Nation editor Jonathan Linder took part in a premium chat Sunday evening

jglinder:: What did you think of yesterday's game?

FallCreekBadger:: I haven't watched it yet but I did get to listen to it on the radio at work , I was very happy with the defense.

jglinder:: Did you tape it?

FallCreekBadger:: yes always do regardless.

FallCreekBadger:: have you heard anything on Anthony Davis' eye?

jglinder:: Not yet. I'm hopeful we will receive a report on Monday. It sounded like he got some of the ground up tires from the turf in his eyes. I doubt it is too serious.

jglinder:: UNLV is having a hard time with Tennessee right now.

FallCreekBadger:: sure hope he will play this Saturday it will be my first game at the camp since the renovations, can't wait.

jglinder:: The stadium looks fantastic. The debut of the scoreboard and the rest of the amenities was pretty slick.

FallCreekBadger:: UNLV looks impressive offensively against Tennessee

klgilbert:: Tennessee is plowing them over, though.

jglinder:: UNLV has moved the ball pretty well, just have not finished. I think they will be able to do some things against UW offensively next week. Earvin Johnson is a very good receiver and Kurt Nantkes is good quarterback. That little Dominic Dorsey can move too.

FallCreekBadger:: yeah hope the badgers can do the same this Saturday

jglinder:: I'm surprised with how mediocre UNLV's tackling has been.

klgilbert:: They don't seem to pose much of a threat, which is good for Wisconsin

jglinder:: Joe Thomas said yesterday they are looking at it as payback.

FallCreekBadger:: they better be after last years performance

jglinder:: I'm sure the Badgers consider them a threat after last year. Or at least they should. klgilbert:: I'm sure they do after last year.

klgilbert:: I don't think there is anyone who will forget last year's performance.

klgilbert:: Assuming Davis is healthy, they should be okay.

FallCreekBadger:: I think Stocco will have to improve his passing performance against UNLV Saturday or I think it will be a very close game.

FallCreekBadger:: we need Davis to win I think

klgilbert:: You're right. Stocco was okay, especially once he got into the flow of the game, but he made too many mistakes in the first half.

jglinder:: I expect UNLV to load up the box and blitz like crazy, just like last year. It was successful then, so they might as well try it again.

jglinder:: Stocco will have to recognize the blitz and make plays or else it could be another long day offensively.

FallCreekBadger:: absolutely

FallCreekBadger:: hopefully we won't here Jamaal Brimmer's name being called too much this Saturday

klgilbert:: The Badgers could win without Davis but it won't be pretty.

jglinder:: I'm sure Brimmer's name will be called plenty, the trick is for his dozen tackles to be 10 yards or more down field instead of at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield.

FallCreekBadger:: Pressley looks like he needs to drop about 20 pounds, looks a tad slow

jglinder:: I didn't get a chance to talk to him Saturday, but I think he was mighty nervous. He looked quicker in practice, but then again, that is practice.

klgilbert:: I'm sure fumbling on his first play didn't do much for his nerves, either.

jglinder:: He had trouble holding onto the ball a little too much in fall camp as well. I thought he was turning the corner with that and still think it is nerves. He'll learn to protect or else he won't play much.

jglinder:: Of course, if Davis is out, he'll have to play.

FallCreekBadger:: hopefully we'll see Walker some soon, heard he has 4.3 speed

jglinder:: I'm not sure about the 40, but he did run a 10.4 in the 100 in high school.

FallCreekBadger:: Did either Davis or Lorenz separate themselves from one another yesterday or will they continue to rotate?

jglinder:: Kid can fly. I was surprised he did not play special teams on Saturday. This happens every year with a few players who were talked up as definitely playing right away. They are probably going to wait to see if they can redshirt him.

jglinder:: I cannot say I zeroed in on them enough to give a thorough analysis, but from what I saw they were pretty even.

FallCreekBadger:: so what did you guys think of the LB's performance yesterday?

jglinder:: I was very skeptical when the coaches kept saying that each would play, because who rotates their right tackles? But it looks like that may be the case this season.

klgilbert:: I thought they looked pretty decent

jglinder:: I thought they did well for a debut they over pursued a little but made some plays and really showed a lot of athleticism.

FallCreekBadger:: yeah you would think they would settle on 1 right tackle

klgilbert:: The defense overall played well, minus a few third-and-long situations.

jglinder:: I was pretty impressed with Zalewski catching Moffett for a sack and Cribbs made a nice play to run down Haynes on a screen pass.

jglinder:: Sanders was all over the field. They certainly found a way to use his athleticism and aggression.

klgilbert:: I thought they really contained Haynes well.

FallCreekBadger:: heard Johnny White was impressive yesterday

klgilbert:: Sanders insisted, by the way, that his knee didn't touch the ground and he wasn't down.

jglinder:: White was part of a secondary that had a couple gaps on long yardage plays, like Katie alluded to, but he really filled well. Seven tackles is not a bad debut.

jglinder:: White can really run and hits like a linebacker.

FallCreekBadger:: I was surprised when he passed up Stellmacher on the depth chart

jglinder:: I think he is going to make some mistakes in coverage early on but is going to be a fine safety.

jglinder:: I think it helped White that he was able to participate in spring workouts and completely work out in the fall. Stellmacher had to miss a workout here and there to stay healthy and missed all of spring.

jglinder:: I thought Stellmacher played very well on special teams Saturday.

jglinder:: We'll see him play in the nickel and dime against teams that throw the ball.

jglinder:: The Badgers never went to five defensive backs yesterday. UCF does not spread it out.

FallCreekBadger:: did you guys catch the Purdue game today caught most of the 4th quarter man though guys looked scary good

klgilbert:: I caught most of the first half and Syracuse never had a chance.

FallCreekBadger:: every big 10 team that won won BIG

jglinder:: I could not believe it. Syracuse was supposed to be decent right? Purdue looked like they were playing a JV team.

klgilbert:: Northwestern lost but aside from that, the Big Ten fared pretty well this weekend.

klgilbert:: Even Illinois won.

FallCreekBadger:: that one touchdown pass over that guys shoulder was IMPRESSIVE throw and catch in the 4th quarter

klgilbert:: Minnesota is what really scared me.

jglinder:: Orton, Void, Stubblefield - just an awesome cast of skill players - the fact that their defense played so well is what really makes it scary.

FallCreekBadger:: well if 1 team in the big 10 had to lose it might as well be Northwestern as far as I'm concerned.

jglinder:: I think Michigan State lost too....have a particular gripe with the Wildcats? Or just a bad taste from last year?

FallCreekBadger:: yeah they got beat by Rutgers

FallCreekBadger:: bad taste and their fans talk a lot of smack for a team that hasn't won much of anything. that's one team I can't stand to lose too.

jglinder:: The Gophers 700 yards was not too shabby.

FallCreekBadger:: yeah I wish we could have landed Maroney, he looks awesome

jglinder:: He and Barber are an amazing tag team.

klgilbert:: That backfield has got to be one of the best in the nation.

FallCreekBadger:: their isn't a better 1-2 punch in the nation as far as I'm concerned

jglinder:: I'll agree with that

klgilbert:: When we went down to Northwestern last year, their fans were quiet and boring. At least when they played Wisconsin.

jglinder:: At least before the game. We don't hear much from the fans from the press box during games.

FallCreekBadger:: I'm sure you haven't contacted that TE from NJ that was at the game yesterday(Graham?) yet and see what he thought about UW?

jglinder:: I tried to call him earlier tonight and he wasn't home yet...

jglinder:: Hopefully we will reach him by tomorrow.

jglinder:: Dion Foster did not make it. A teammate of his was injured so he visited him instead of coming up to Madison.

jglinder:: Thanks for joining the chat FallCreekBadger. We will do this again next week.

FallCreekBadger: yeas thanks jon and kate I hope that is your name right?

klgilbert: Yes. Kate or Katie.

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