Reports: Suter to sign with Nashville

Former Badger will forego rest of college career for pros <br><br> Story updated 2:30 p.m. Central

Ryan Suter, a defenseman with the Wisconsin Badgers hockey team, will sign a contract with the Nashville Predators Wednesday, according to The Capital Times.

Ryan, who was the Predators' No. 7 overall pick in 2003, agonized over the decision over whether to stay at Wisconsin for another year or head to Nashville. Nashville offered him a salary of $620,000 and a $620,000 signing bonus, which is the maximum rookie salary the Predators can offer him under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. Ryan's father, Bob Suter, spoke with Capital Times reporter Mike Lucas and said the Predators had reached a verbal agreement with Ryan and that negotiations, which had slowed down, picked up Friday night when the Predators called to reopen negotiations.

Wednesday afternoon, The Tennessean reported that the Predators are expected to host a press conference Thursday to announce Suter's signing.

Ryan Suter will sign a contract with Nashville just one week before the CBA is set to expire on Sept. 15. If he would have signed under a new CBA, he could have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a different contract.

"The bottom line was the money that you would (potentially) lose," Bob Suter told The Capital Times. "If he didn't sign now, and the new agreement comes back at $400,000 or $500,000 less, that's money you're never going to get back."

If the CBA does expire and owners and players cannot come to an agreement, which is a very realistic scenario, Ryan Suter would play for the Milwaukee Admirals, an American Hockey League team affiliated with the Predators.

Nashville had courted Ryan Suter throughout the summer but he said he would only play if the team offered him the same amount of money as other first-round picks had received.

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