Right tackle to remain a tag team

Tight competition keeps Davis and Lorenz on the field

Senior right tackles Mike Lorenz and Morgan Davis rotated series in the Badgers' opener last week—a set up that will likely continue. Lorenz played a few more snaps as a result of his role as a jumbo tight end.

"We try to make the team better and they both need to be in there playing," offensive line coach Jim Hueber said. "They practice, they're senior kids, they've given a lot to the program. I want to make sure that they're involved in everything we do."

Each started last season: Davis at left tackle, Lorenz at right. Sophomore Joe Thomas, though, won the left tackle job, creating an intense competition at right tackle that began with spring workouts.

"I'm going out there and I'm going to give everything I've got," Lorenz said. "Morgan has the same mentality. We are going to go out there, we are going to play our best football."

"They're both great kids, been in the program, started for us," Hueber said. "We just felt like we had to make a move to try to improve and felt that the young player [Joe Thomas] deserved a chance to get in there."

By all accounts, the rotation went smoothly during the Central Florida game.

"It is not that big of a deal as people might think," right guard Jonathan Clinkscale said. "They both come in there determined to do their jobs regardless."

"In the game it isn't that big a deal going from rotating in practice to rotating in a game. It's common place," Davis said.

Davis and Lorenz maintain the duality of a close friendship entwined with a competitive fire.

"We push each other on the field. We try to make each other better," Lorenz said. "Morgan's a good guy. He's a good friend off the field. We know the situation."

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