Moosman considering official visits

Libertyville lineman holds Badgers in high regard

David Moosman has a predicament. In an attempt to simplify the recruiting process, he determined his top five college choices before his high school season began. He intends to take official visits to all five of his favorites—Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame and UCLA—but all five suitors want him to visit on the same four weekends.

"I'm working on it," said Moosman, a 6-foot-4, 260-pound lineman from Libertyville, Ill. "There are basically four weekends everybody wants me to go and I have five schools' official visits I want to take."

The most likely resolution, Moosman said, is that he will take an official trip to Wisconsin during the season and visit his four other favorites in December. Moosman's high school season is keeping his weekends rather busy but Madison is a relatively short drive from his suburban Chicago home. He has already made five unofficial trips to Madison, including attending a junior day last winter and the Badgers' football game against Akron last season. He has also visited a couple practices.

"I like the coaching staff in Madison and I like a lot of the area and a lot about the school," Moosman said.

Moosman has attended football camps at Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Notre Dame. In addition to Madison, he has visited Iowa City, Ann Arbor and South Bend several times each. He has not made it to UCLA yet due to the distance.

"It is just a weekend drive but I just haven't found the weekend free," he said.

Moosman said there is no set order to his top five.

"They keep bouncing around but Wisconsin and Michigan and Iowa are on the top," he said. "Then Notre Dame is next."

Though UCLA appears fifth in Moosman's latest juggling, do not factor out the Bruins.

"I like California a lot. I have some relatives that live in the Bay area," he said. "I know it's not close but my father lived in LA for a while and I always had my eye on them. And since they showed interested I liked it too."

Moosman said he is impressed with Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and likes the fact that he works with the offensive lineman.

"They seem to specialize in offensive lineman," he said.

Two weekends ago Moosman made an unofficial stop in South Bend to see the Notre Dame/Michigan game. He likes Michigan's program and the school's typically strong athletics presence nationwide. Notre Dame's football tradition, history and academic excellence have piqued Moosman's interest.

In addition to a possible official trip to Wisconsin, Moosman hopes to see a game unofficially at Iowa and Michigan.

Moosman chose to reduce his list to five schools relatively early in the recruiting game "so I could concentrate on my football team and not as much other people's football teams."

He said his five favorites are essentially the only schools in contact with him.

"Those are the schools that I told to stay around," he said.

Libertyville has started the season 4-0 and is No. 3 in the Associated Press' Illinois Class 7A poll.

Asked to assess how his season is going personally, Moosman said, simply, "It's good because my team's winning."

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