Moosman visits Wiscy, determines official visits

David Moosman made a trip to Madison last weekend instead of a planned visit to Michigan

Things were looking good for Michigan to land the No. 15 ranked offensive lineman in the country. Then David Moosman decided to visit South Bend for the Michigan-Notre Dame match-up. He was less than impressed with the Wolverines' performance, particularly the offensive line, during the 28-20 Michigan loss. After having told several people, including Murray, Ky. lineman Cory Zirbel, he would be visiting Ann Arbor Saturday for the Iowa game, he decided to trip up to Madison instead. Was he sending a message to the Michigan staff? "It's a five hour drive to Ann Arbor and a two-and-a-half hour drive to Madison," he said. "It was strictly a time issue."

Even though the four-star talent was in Madison, he did get a chance to watch the Michigan game and was far more impressed with this Wolverine effort. "I thought they did a much better job this time," he said. "Matt Roth from Iowa had a good game but Jake Long held his own."

Moosman will take all of his official visits in December and January with the first being to Wisconsin. "My dad and I just got done setting the dates we want to go to the schools," he said. "Wisconsin will be the first week of December, Michigan will be the second week, Iowa gets the third week, and I'll go to Notre Dame the first weekend in January. Now all I need to do is call the coaches and let them know. If I decide to take a fifth visit it will be to UCLA."

The December visit to Michigan will not be the only time Moosman travels to Ann Arbor this year. Not wanting to miss out on the experience of a game in Michigan Stadium, he said he will visit unofficially for the Michigan State game Oct. 30. He also said he would try to take in a game at Iowa.

Comparing the two stadiums he's visited so far this season, it seems the Badgers have won out. "Both stadiums have their real rabid fans," he said. "But Wisconsin is a little more structured then Notre Dame. They have this wave, then they do a faster wave, then they do a faster wave. It's pretty cool. In South Bend everyone is just nuts. They also have a freshman section, a sophomore section, a junior section, and a senior section, I wasn't too in to that. At Wisconsin everyone is togther and has fun."

Moosman did not name a leader.

What will be the factors that determine where Moosman will end up? "The coaching staff, how well a team has played recently, oh yeah, the academics too, my mom just reminded me," he said, laughing. "Also, the school atmosphere will play a big part. I want to be an economics teacher or do something in the stock market."

Libertyville is now 5-0 after dismantling Stevenson Friday night 34-12. They face Mundelein at home this Friday.

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