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jglinder:: Hello
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WisVegas:: Fall Creek Badger, how is Big Falls?
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FallCreekBadger:: I've only watched the first half going to watch second half after this
FallCreekBadger:: not bad
uwbadgers:: hi Jon, any rumors on Starks?
WisVegas:: I grew up in the township of seymore
jglinder:: Nothing that I have heard.
uwbadgers:: thanks
FallCreekBadger:: I know we've chatted before
jglinder:: per usual, I'm hoping for an update Monday
FallCreekBadger:: you mean seymour
jglinder:: We'll keep this chat running until 8:40
jglinder:: Or at least that's how long I'll be here
WisVegas:: your right
uwbadgers:: i would say having Starks is essential in limiting Holmes
WisVegas:: What did ill offense do to slow down our DL
jglinder:: So FallCreekBadger, what do you think of the first half
jglinder:: The Illinois OL mass protected with some TEs and backs staying in to chip and they got away with quite a bit of holding.
FallCreekBadger:: yeah i noticed
jglinder:: There was one that was just comical. If memory serves Jonathan Welsh had his jersey yanked from behind and looked for a moment like he was running with a parachute on his back.
jglinder:: Right in front of the official.
WisVegas:: I think the officals are letting the holding go on to help off the scoring.
jglinder:: I usually do not rag on the refs but it was a bit ridiculous
klgilbert:: Erasmus James said Bucky Babcock was playing pretty dirty and kneeing him when he was down.
jglinder:: Maybe they think Wisconsin's defensive line should be handicapped. I'm not sure.
uwbadgers:: maybe they are allowing it a little if it is away from the play?
FallCreekBadger:: Hawthorne has been awfully quiet this year so far
WisVegas:: Dirty play goes on in the line of scrimmage
jglinder:: Perhaps. I can't speak for all of the instances. The one on Welsh I mentioned kept him from getting a sack.
klgilbert:: Hawthorne has gotten double teamed.
jglinder:: Consistently
FallCreekBadger:: yeah as he should
jglinder:: James was doubled constantly as well yesterday. Again, as he should. That's why Cribbs and Sanders made 23 tackles combined.
uwbadgers:: out of Ostrowski, Monty and Cooper, do they all look like probable starters next year?
WisVegas:: the double teaming has allowed the lb to get pressure
jglinder:: If I had to guess, I think the starting line next year is those three plus Hayden.
WisVegas:: to the QB
jglinder:: Absolutely.
uwbadgers:: i wonder about the DL depth next year
FallCreekBadger:: is nick hayden redshirting this year? I remeber seeing him a little this year
jglinder:: Particularly yesterday. They turned Sanders loose on a number of blitzes after they saw the max protect.
jglinder:: Hayden is playing. One play equals no redshirt
jglinder:: Next year's depth will be a big issue. Next year's starters will be a big issue.
jglinder:: They will be good
jglinder:: But people will obviously notice a dropoff from the immense talent in the 2004 line
uwbadgers:: the DL will be good or the team in general?
jglinder:: DL
uwbadgers:: wow, that's good to hear
WisVegas:: I think the return of our lb's should help the DL next season
uwbadgers:: hopefully Bielema will do more than was done with the young DL in 2001
jglinder:: Absolutely. It will be an interesting dynamic to watch. After the LBs were considered the weakness heading into this year, they will be the strength heading into next year. The question will definitely be up front.
jglinder:: The secondary should be solid.
uwbadgers:: what about the dropoff after losing Leonhard and Starks?
klgilbert:: It will be interesting to watch Bielema and see what he can do with newer players without the talent of this year.
WisVegas:: right now, opposing DC are looking to stop our DL, and may be forced to play attention to our blitzing LBs
jglinder:: There will be plenty, but I like Langford and Ikegwuonu and think between them and Rowan and Bell CB will be fine. I see Roderick Rogers, Joe Stellmacher and Zach Hampton competing at FS. None will be as good as Leonhard but they should be serviceable.
uwbadgers:: Stellmacher I like. I hope he's fast enough to be FS
jglinder:: I thought one of the most telling parts of yesterday's game was at the end of the first half. Illinois, which moved the ball well against Purdue, had been completely shutdown. They had time to try to make something happen down 10-0 and they bascially sat on teh ball and prayed for halftime. I think they played scared.
FallCreekBadger:: jimmy's a junior isn't he?
jglinder:: Stellmacher is not a sprinter but I think he can handle it. Remember, Aiello played FS
jglinder:: for a couple years.
jglinder:: Leonhard's a senior, along with six other defensive starters.
uwbadgers:: that's right, i was thinking Aiello played SS
WisVegas:: If next season DL play a step below jason jefferson, plus our returning LB, we'll be fine in our front seven
FallCreekBadger:: dang doesn't seem like its been 4 years
klgilbert:: He didn't do a whole lot his freshman year, which is why it doesn't seem like four years.
jglinder:: Aiello played SS as a senior only...
jglinder:: Stellmacher is a SS now, but the positions are nearly interchangeable in Wisconsin's system.
uwbadgers:: Jon - this is probably tough to answer, but do you anticipate a few verbals in the coming weeks?
jglinder:: I think Johnny White will lock down SS next year, pushing the other safeties into that FS competition.
jglinder:: My sources say it is not likely but they did not anticipate Graham deciding so quickly.
jglinder:: You never know.
WisVegas:: this season's D is great, so I believe next season's well be more than ok
jglinder:: The kids I have talked to have all said they want to take their time or worry about it after this season. But you really never know.
jglinder:: If there is one I would watch for it is DeAndre Levy. I just had the feeling talking to him a few weeks ago that it is only a matter of time. He has been to three of the home games on unofficials I believe.
uwbadgers:: yeah, i hope they get some high quality prospects visiting for the last couple home games
jglinder:: The momentum from this year's D will certainly help matters.
uwbadgers:: would Levy be a defensive end or linebacker?
jglinder:: LB
uwbadgers:: i was surprised to hear Beckum was at the PSU game
uwbadgers:: seems like he's milking the recruiting perks
uwbadgers:: considering it sounds like he isn't too crazy about UW
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jglinder:: Have you guys noticed who is up with Wisconsin in the defensive rankings? Why, Nebraska of course. I don't want to take anything away from Bielema, who has been awesome, but the coronation is a knock on Cosgrove, who is doing well in Nebraska: No. 2 rushing defense, No. 5 total defense, No. 6 pass efficiency.
uwbadgers:: yeah, it seems like Nebraska's problem is the adjustment to a west coast offense
jglinder:: I was surprised too. It is interesting. It seems like in a few interviews Beckum has said that Wisconsin still has a slight chance but for the msot part he is looking elsewhere.
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jglinder:: I'd like to get a chance to interview him. He wasn't home lthe couple times I called.
WisVegas:: Beckum may be attending UW games because of his parents wanting him to stay close to home?
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jglinder:: Who knows? that could be possible. Or maybe he just wanted to watch the game
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uwbadgers:: unfortunately it sounds like his buddy Henderson wants him to join him somewhere out of state
uwbadgers:: but they don't have to look too far to find the elite defensive football they said they were looking for
uwbadgers:: Jon - how much did Andy Crooks play yesterday?
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jglinder:: Henderson is definitely leaving and definitely wants Beckum to come with him.
FallCreekBadger:: is Elliot Goode cleared to play?
WisVegas:: I think having calhoun at UW may now help things out
jglinder:: Goode is cleared to play. He has played the last three games but mostly on special teams - punt coverage primarily.
uwbadgers:: i thought he was going to get more playing time at LB than in earlier games
jglinder:: Bielema said as much to a few reporters. I think Cribbs must have stepped up his play in practice.
jglinder:: I did not see Crooks much at LB. .He played on special teams and made a great tackle on a KR. .It was the only time I saw Pierre Thomas go down the first time he was hit on one of those.
uwbadgers:: Crooks and Cooper seem like great playmakers for years to come on defense
WisVegas:: Crooks has looked good for a true freshman
FallCreekBadger:: hopefully cooper can put on some much needed weight
jglinder:: Crooks will certainly work in. He has played well when given the chance.
jglinder:: Cooper will definitely need to fill out if he is going to hold up versus the run. I'm not sure how much bigger he will get, though.
WisVegas:: any information on DL Cruse, from AZ
jglinder:: .....We may see Brandon Kelly, Mark Gorman or Mike Newkirk in more on run downs next year. I expect Newkirk to make a big jump, play a lot next year and eventually become a star.
jglinder:: Cruse is working with the scout team and redshirting.
jglinder:: There was an outside chance that he would play this year but he was hurt for a couple weeks of practice early in the season.
WisVegas:: does he, Cruse, pass the eye test for a DL?
jglinder:: He is huge.
jglinder:: So yes
FallCreekBadger:: what about chapman he still will be at de?
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jglinder:: He also passes the interview test. I've never spoken with a more talkative athlete.
jglinder:: As far as I know Chapman is a DE. I don't think anyone has interview him recently, though.
uwbadgers:: has Bryan Savage made gains in practices since the season started?
jglinder:: He'll have every opportunity to work in as well next year.
WisVegas:: JON, which player has surprised you the most this season?
jglinder:: Horton says yes but that Donovan is still No. 2. Part of that is tough to read. Obviously they would prefer to keep Savage on redshirt if at all possible.
jglinder:: Defensively, Dontez Sanders. He has made far fewer mistakes than I think anyone imagined and he has made a lot of plays.
uwbadgers:: who would you say is playing the best out of the offensive linemen?
WisVegas:: I agree with TEZ and the punter debauche
jglinder:: Offensively, with the obvious exception of Bernstein's tailback performance....before Saturday I would have said Mike Lorenz (as surprise player) because most people, including myself, wrote him off as a reserve this season. He was playing very well before the injury kept him out yesterday.
jglinder:: DeBauche has been fantastic. Not allowing a return yard for four games (also a trbute to coverage of course) was amazing.
uwbadgers:: that's too bad about Lorenz...doesn't sound too good
jglinder:: I'm going to defer on the offensive line question. I hate to do it but I don't think I've spent enough time honing in on them from the press box.
WisVegas:: I think the OL has improved in their pass set protection.
jglinder:: Absolutely, and Stocco is getting rid of the ball.
31346:: How about EJ, at the beggining of training camp didn't know if he was even going to play
jglinder:: Wow, that was an oversight. Thank you 31346.
WisVegas:: I agree about EJ
jglinder:: Yes, James has been spectacular. Not bad for someone with an injury that no one could diagnose for more than half a year.
FallCreekBadger:: ohio st. lost to northwestern ha ha ha
jglinder:: Yes, that is bizarre.
WisVegas:: Was Ohio St looking ahead?
31346:: That might not be a good thing for us Saturday
FallCreekBadger:: their just not a very good team as far as I've seen
WisVegas:: I agree with you 31346
uwbadgers:: i agree, i wanted osu to win but in a tough game
FallCreekBadger:: yeah me too can't cheer for wildcats
jglinder:: I think OSU will be doubly fired up this week now.
FallCreekBadger:: i'm not worried about ohio st.
jglinder:: They'll want revenge for last year and want to make a statement after losing to Northwestern.
WisVegas:: we beat them last season, ending their streak
31346:: We'll have to pass better against OS, but I think we can hold them down offensively
uwbadgers:: there's also bad blood between uw and osu, watch out for cheap shots on AD and/or James
WisVegas:: I hope stocco finds his "A" game next week
jglinder:: Despite the number NU put up on OSU, I expect this game to be remarkably low scoring.
31346:: We'll have to limit mistakes and I think we'll be ok if Stocco plays smart
uwbadgers:: NU's offense will be another test for our defense later this year
WisVegas:: I think Stocco has played smart, just not good at throwing the ball
jglinder:: Hey guys, I have to get going. Please feel free to stick around though. This chat room is yours whenever you want it. Take care.
uwbadgers:: thanks Jon
FallCreekBadger: ok bye jon thanks

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