Junior QB hearing from Wisconsin

At last weekends Downingtown / Malvern Prep game I had a chance to speak with Jr. QB Pat Devlin and his father Mark Devlin. I spoke with Pat and his father about the game, and I spoke to Pat about recruiting.

Downingtown East High School was held to only 9 points by a stingy Malvern Prep defense last weekend, but the Cougars still won the game by a 9-0 score.

Head coach Mike Matta's Downingtown East offense spearheaded by offensive coordinator Danny Ellis and his star quarterback Pat Devlin had been averaging 40 points a game prior to taking on Malvern Prep. Facing constant 8 man fronts the D' Town offense threw only 21 passes while attempting to run the ball most of the night. Given Devlin's prodigious talents, this came as a bit of a surprise to some of the hometown faithful.

When I caught up to Pat following the game, however, he was the consumate team player, "we faced some things we hadn't seen before in the first half, but we did better in the second half and moved the ball pretty well. I'm happy to get the win tonight."

Later, in speaking with Devlin's father, he agreed, "they were facing a lot of 8 in the box tonight. We'll have fun breaking down the film this week."

When I spoke with Pat about recruiting he informed me that he's getting a lot of mail. So who is sending him all that mail? "I'm getting mail from Florida State, Miami, Virginia, Maryland, Boston College, Penn State, Wisconsin, Indiana....., my dad keeps track of all the letters."

Are you getting any mail from anyone else in the Big Ten?

"Not that I can think of," he said, "but my dad keeps track of all of that."

Does your father give you the most help with all of this recruiting stuff? "Yes," he responded. What about Coach Ellis? "He helps too, but my father helps the most," Devlin said. "He keeps all the letters so I can just focus on playing football."

At that moment, Pat looked around and up towards the Friday night sky, "Isn't this awesome!," he exclaimed. "I just want to enjoy this as much as I can."

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