Starks fights through pain

Corner does not let sore shoulder stop him from shutting down Ohio State's best receiver

COLUMBUS—Scott Starks wanted this. He wanted to go toe-to-toe with Santonio Holmes all game long. He got his wish and owned up to the responsibility, holding Holmes to three catches for 34 yards.

"All week I really did and I didn't say nothing about it," Starks said. "Coach told me right before we went out, he was like, ‘we go in this defense, this defense—just follow him.' That's what we did throughout the whole game."

The rambunctious manner in which Starks celebrated Wisconsin's 24-13 win near the stands where the visiting Badgers' fans were seated said in no uncertain terms who won the Starks/Holmes matchup.

"He's a good player and he will be a great player in the future," Starks said. "But to hold a guy down like that that speaks a lot for our secondary."

It also says a lot for Starks' toughness. He left last week's game with Illinois late in the fourth quarter with a shoulder injury but practiced all week. He showed no ill effects Saturday, playing an exceptionally physical game, as he typically does.

"My shoulder was killing me the whole game," Starks said. "I kept having to take some medicine or get me a rub. But adrenaline will cover all that. When we are out there playing you can't feel it until you step off the field."

"Sparky's a guy that is not going to be denied anything," defensive coordinator Bret Bielema said. "I think because he is so strong-minded, with the way he's committed to his faith and everything he does with it, I think that speaks volumes for what he is all about."

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