chat transcript Midwest Recruiting Analyst Chris Pool joined Jon Linder in the chat room Sunday evening

Pool Recruiting:: Big win for the Badgers yesterday
jglinder:: Chris, how much time do you have before your recruiting call?
jglinder:: Huge win
uwbadgers:: huge win, things are looking good
Pool Recruiting:: About 30 minutes
jglinder:: Per usual, I have until 8:40.
Pool Recruiting:: Dan Doering was in the Shoe to Watch Ohio State go down
jglinder:: REally, any idea what he thought of the game?
Pool Recruiting:: Dace Richardson is now looking at Wisconsin
uwbadgers:: wasn't Richardson always looking at UW?
Pool Recruiting:: We're supposed to hook up later
Pool Recruiting:: UW, he was and he wasn't. USC and Iowa seemed to be the leaders for a long time but Dace told me on Thursday night that Wisconsin is closing in on everyone really fast
Pool Recruiting:: I think that victory certainly helped with Ryan Bain as well.
uwbadgers:: that's great news
Pool Recruiting:: Dave Moosman is either Michigan or Wisconsin and I feel Wisky has the edge in that one
uwbadgers:: if you're a defensive player, you've gotta love what Bielema is doing
Pool Recruiting:: Great guy, great coach. Bret owned Chicago and Illinois when he was recruiting for Iowa
Pool Recruiting:: His defense at K-State was exceptional
jglinder:: He has done a great job in a short while at Wisconsin. Credit the other defensive assistants for getting all those veterans ready the past few years too.
uwbadgers:: who among UW's commits so far will be a surprise or an instant star?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion Foster. He's ridiculous
uwbadgers:: would he be comparable in style to A.D?
Pool Recruiting:: Yea probably. AD is a little more put together. The thing about Dion is that its so hard to get a shot on him
Pool Recruiting:: He's running behind a bad line right now and still could get 250 a game if he wanted
jglinder:: How does he compare talent-wise to Jamil Walker?
Pool Recruiting:: Jamil is a down hill runner. A sprinter. Dion is a running back
Pool Recruiting:: Dion is so quick!
Pool Recruiting:: UW, you now have your very own private chat!
uwbadgers:: i love how our talent looks at running back and offensive line for the next few years or so
uwbadgers:: i am lucking out big time!
jglinder:: Baring injury, there should be a lot of depth at those spots. It depends how the young linemen develop.
Pool Recruiting:: No doubt about it. Not too mention that UW is probably the toughest place to play in the Big Ten.
Pool Recruiting:: When I talk to college coaches and I ask the toughest place to play in the Big Ten...It's always unanimous....It's Madtown!
jglinder:: That's impressive, quite a tribute to Wisconsin fans considering the team lost its share of home games the past few seasons.
uwbadgers:: what's up with this Jerry Butler guy?
jglinder:: Butler is super fast and favors Wisconsin, that's about all I know about him. Pool Recruiting:: I haven't seen Butler on film yet
jglinder:: The piece in the Philadelphia Daily News also said he was an academic question mark right now
uwbadgers:: why does he only have 1 star?
Pool Recruiting:: He's in Miller Safrit's area UW. I'll ask him tonight.
Pool Recruiting:: FallCreek, UWbadger was getting his very own private chat until you showed up. Welcome
Pool Recruiting:: Guys, make sure that if you have any recruiting questions at all to leave them for me on the PREMIUM MESSAGE BOARD. I'll get them answered ASAP
uwbadgers:: how about a tribute to the legendary Lee Evans with his first NFL touchdown today!
jglinder:: Wow. That's awesome.
jglinder:: I had no idea, just got back to Wisconsin about a hour and a half ago. Fantastic.
uwbadgers:: 46 yard td for Lee
Pool Recruiting:: That was a nice grab by Lee
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uwbadgers:: couldn't happen to a better guy
jglinder:: I'll agree with that.
FallCreekBadger:: Chris are there any big time recruits that you feel will commit to Wisconsin this year? any names?
jglinder:: Welcome LaX
LaXBadger:: thank you--hi
Pool Recruiting:: I feel that Moosman, Richardson and Bain are all very good possibilities. Two of them are Army All-Americans
uwbadgers:: that would be exceptional. I am wondering if landing two more o-lineman would close out the o-line for this class?
FallCreekBadger:: ok
Pool Recruiting:: Rafael Eubanks would be a nice addition as well. He's the best lineman I've seen in Minnesota since Ryan Harris
FallCreekBadger:: last I read Bain favored Purdue
Pool Recruiting:: Bain is going back and forth between Wisconsin, Purdue and Minnesota.
Pool Recruiting:: Iowa is in there but Nebraska with their 70-10 loss is out!
jglinder:: What position do you think he will play?
Pool Recruiting:: Bain will play defensive tackle
uwbadgers:: Pool - these recruits actually rule out a school based on one loss like Nebraska's?
Pool Recruiting:: Oh yea!
Pool Recruiting:: They are as fickle as can be
uwbadgers:: I don't mind because it is helping UW, but that seems kind of rash
jglinder:: The TV guys were saying yesterday that Oklahoma won Adrian Peterson when they beat Texas.
FallCreekBadger:: We don't stand much of a chance at landing Travis Beckum do we?
Pool Recruiting:: There's a chance, I wouldn't say that Wisconsin has no chance, Travis told me that Wisconsin is still very much in the picture
uwbadgers:: what's the story with Chris Jeske?
Pool Recruiting:: Great player. He'll stay in the Big Ten. I don't see him going to UCLA
Pool Recruiting:: Jeske is an animal
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Pool Recruiting:: Only knock is that he doesn't have great straight line speed but I feel that's overrated
Pool Recruiting:: Jeske will play sideline to sideline and he'll hit ya
uwbadgers:: hope we have a chance at him
uwbadgers:: what about Tony Aker from Brown Deer? What is the likelihood he gets a UW offer?
jglinder:: I believe he is one of the handful of in-state kids Wisconsin is watching closely this fall.
jglinder:: He has a shot at receiving one but I could not put a value on those chances. I haven't seen him play, for starters, but I know he has been to 2 or 3 Badger home games.
uwbadgers:: maybe we can get him as a greyshirt
Pool Recruiting:: UW has offered the kids in-state that they feel are offer worthy but they are still keeping a close eye on a lot of other in-state prospects including my guy Eric Schultz
jglinder:: Chris, I know you are a big fan of Schultz, what has you so psyched?
Pool Recruiting:: He's a very good athlete for his size
Pool Recruiting:: I saw him at Northwestern in March working out for the MSL combine and he tore it up
Pool Recruiting:: I asked him if anyone was recruiting him and he said no and I was floored.
Pool Recruiting:: Someone is going to get a steal
FallCreekBadger:: Hey Chris with Bielema on board how come I haven't read about any Florida recruits listing the Badgers? He's recruiting Florida area. Have any names?
jglinder:: I've seen a few Florida kids mention Wisconsin, but I'll have to look that information up.
Pool Recruiting:: Not off the top of my head but I wrote that question down and will put up an answer on the Message Board. Guys I have a recruiting call to get to so I gotta run. Remember and feel free to ask me recruiting questions on the message boards and I'll get you an answer asap. See you guys next Sunday!
FallCreekBadger:: will do Chris thanks!
jglinder:: Thanks Chris. Good luck with the call.
uwbadgers:: thanks Chris
Pool Recruiting:: See you guys next week.
jglinder:: Take care
Pool Recruiting left
jglinder:: So what did you guys think of the game? I thought they looked good in every area, aside from a few silly penalties.
FallCreekBadger:: Is Chris going to join us again next week John?
jglinder:: That's the plan. I'm going to touch base with him this week to verify.
uwbadgers:: Jon - I noticed a Bielema quote that Cribbs' injury isn't too bad, is that true?
FallCreekBadger:: cool
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uwbadgers:: great game, huge for the program and huge for Stocco
jglinder:: Stocco played very, very well, as did his receivers.
jglinder:: I have no idea. I asked him later in the interview if he knew how Cribbs was injured he said he wasn't sure of that either.
jglinder:: As is customary on injuries (I know this is a broken record) maybe we will find out more on Monday.
uwbadgers:: yeah
uwbadgers:: hope we hear more than we have on Lorenz
jglinder:: I hope so too. He did not make the trip to Ohio State, which is customary for injured players.
FallCreekBadger:: John do you think they'll play Crooks a lot this week at Purdue considering his strong suit is stopping the run and not pass coverage, if Cribbs can't go?
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uwbadgers:: it sounds like Starks was in a lot of pain, hope he can overcome that for the next game
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jglinder:: Good question. I was surprised by how often Wisconsin stayed in base defense when OSU was in four or five wide Saturday. Zalewski and Sanders, though, look very comfortable lining up in the slot and keeping Crooks inside I think deterred the Buckeyes from running a lot of draws out of those sets and provided a physical presence when they did.
jglinder:: With Purdue's passing game, though, you would think nickel and dime will see playing time more often.
jglinder:: If the latter holds true, a mike linebacker may not see the field often.
jglinder:: Though Cribbs was put on the nickel this week before the injury, that was not the case earlier this year.
uwbadgers:: ok gotta run, thanks for the answers Jon!
jglinder:: Thanks for visiting.
uwbadgers left
FallCreekBadger:: yeah thanks John see ya next week
jglinder:: Starks was very candid about his shoulder. I thought he played an incredible game as he has all year.
jglinder:: Thanks for joining FallCreek
FallCreekBadger:: hey will Brandon Williams be returning more kickoffs after that 46 yard return
jglinder:: I think it depends on Starks' shoulder. They both want to do it and they are both capable of making plays there. Before the season the thought was to keep Williams fresh, but now that they have four receivers essentially rotating, and Starks is such a huge part of team at corner and punt-team sprinter, they may switch back to Williams for the long run.
31346:: Jon, once again, I'm late joining because my daughter was doing homework on the computer, can you post this again later. I would appreciate it.
jglinder:: Yes I will.
FallCreekBadger:: where's Katie tonight jon?
31346:: Thanks, and what a game it was. I take back just about everything I said about Stocco
jglinder:: Hanging out with my parents, my sister and her fiancé. Today is my dad's birthday, so we are at their place in Janesville
jglinder:: They only have one web connection, so I'm it
FallCreekBadger:: we should let you go then
jglinder:: It is 8:40. So I think I'll take you up on that.
FallCreekBadger:: bye jon thanks
jglinder:: Thank you all for taking part. 31346 - I'll get the transcript up when I get back to Madison tonight.
jglinder:: Take care everyone
31346:: See you next week , hopefully on time

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