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Chris Pool brought a surprise guest to Sunday's chat

jglinder:: Hello
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FallCreekBadger:: hi
31346:: Hi everyone, what a victory!!!
jglinder:: Unbelievable
Pool Recruiting:: Any questions for Dion Foster? I have him on the phone
jglinder:: Well that is a cool surprise.
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jglinder:: Did he watch the game last night? What did he think?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - I watched and it was exciting
Pool Recruiting:: Wisconsin took care of business and got the "W"
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - I'm going to the Minnesota game for sure
Pool Recruiting:: Dion-My official visit will be December 3rd
FallCreekBadger:: ask him what he runs in the 40
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31346:: You'll look good wearing #28 if that's the number you'd like.
jglinder:: Who does he think will have more rushing yards in that game, UW or Minnesota?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - I got clocked at a 4.4 before the season started
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Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "Right now 28 would be cool but I'd like to wear #33
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Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "I really think Wisconsin will have more with Anthony, Booker and Jamil.
Pool Recruiting:: Any more questions?
Pool Recruiting:: cmon guys, I know there's gotta be more questions out there.
31346:: Would you like runnin the stretch play with those big linemen in front.
jglinder:: How is his high school season going?
jglinder:: Does he think his style is similar to any Badgers?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion" I would love to run the stretch play!
jglinder:: Does his high school run anything similar to a stretch?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion- We're 7-1 right now. 1,115 yards and 16 touchdowns and I broke a few records
31346:: How solid is your verbal?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "I really haven't compared myself to anyone but my still is somewhat Anthony Davis
FallCreekBadger:: what rb's does he compare his style of running to?
uwbadgers:: what do you want to major in?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "My verbal is very solid, very solid. I'm going to be a Badger
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "Criminal Justice
31346:: Great!!
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "I want to be an FBI agent
uwbadgers:: very cool
31346:: How do you like the atmosphere at Camp Randall?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - I love the atmosphere. It's great. It will definitely take me a while to get used to playing in front of those crowds. It's really amazing
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "I'm hangin with Ryan Bain and trying to get him to be a Badger with me.
jglinder:: What does Bain think about this peer pressure ?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "The UW coaches were honest with me and the fact that Sean Lewis was already there just made it easier for me to commit to Wisconsin
31346:: That would be great Dion, do you catch the ball out of the backfield?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - "Yes, I catch a lot of swing passes. I love catching the ball out of the backfield.
uwbadgers:: which UW coach are you closest with?
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - Coach Ianello. I talk to him every week
uwbadgers:: Rob seems like a great guy
jglinder:: I would concur with that
Pool Recruiting:: Any more questions for Dion??
Pool Recruiting:: Sorry I sprung this on you guys. I'll try and set something up for next week a little earlier
jglinder:: A pleasant surprise
uwbadgers:: this has been a pleasant surprise, an honor to ask Dion questions
31346:: Thanks for giving us a chance to converse with Dion
Pool Recruiting:: Dion - You're welcome. It's great to be a Badger.
jglinder:: Thank you Chris and Dion
31346:: Jon, any news on injuries?
Pool Recruiting:: OK guys, Dion is gone. Next week, I'll set up a chat with Ryan Bain
jglinder:: Hey guys, I have some bad news. Wisconsin's athletics communications director called about 10 minutes ago (I didn't want to interrupt the Q&A with Dion) and said that Erasmus James will not play against Northwestern due to the ankle injury he suffered yesterday.
jglinder:: that's all the information he could provide.
uwbadgers:: i heard that
uwbadgers:: not good
jglinder:: I wonder what Barry will have to say tomorrow about the block that injured him.
31346:: Any more recruits getting close to verbals?
Pool Recruiting:: Erasmus will have 2 weeks to heal up
jglinder:: the beauty of a bye week at the end of October
Pool Recruiting:: I haven't heard of anyone close to pulling the trigger lately
jglinder:: Me neither, though I must admit the Purdue week took me away from my normal level of phone calls.
31346:: How about JW and AD?
jglinder:: I doubt that Welsh will play. He was in a walking boot after the game yesterday.
jglinder:: Davis should be fine.
jglinder:: He could have played but just thought his leg was a little too tight for him to be effective.
uwbadgers:: an espn article tonight said Welsh will play
uwbadgers:: here is the article on James/Welsh:
31346:: We were so close to a couple of long pass plays to Orr
jglinder:: Well I stand corrected ?
uwbadgers:: i worry about our pass rush without James against NW's spread offenses
jglinder:: A golden opportunity for Jamal Cooper
Pool Recruiting:: OK gents, I'm gonna hit the phones. Anybody have any update requests for me? Shoot me a few names now.
31346:: How many teams could have done what we did with 3 or 4 important starters out?
jglinder:: Few. Very few
Pool Recruiting:: Ok, bye everyone. C-ya next week
jglinder:: Take care
uwbadgers:: thanks Chris
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Z1Buck:: We obviously will need some to ends like James and Welsh. Anybody on our recruiting lists that could do that?
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jglinder:: I think that is tough to project. Remember how raw James and Welsh were coming out of high school.
uwbadgers:: does NW do a lot of chop blocking?
jglinder:: I don't remember
Z1Buck:: Yes I do. It is good that the coaches saw the potential. Any chance that someone (e.g. Crooks) could be moved temporarily?
jglinder:: they do throw a lot of quick passes, though, and teams who do so do tend to have their line cut block.
31346:: I think Barry will have the refs clued in on that for NW
uwbadgers:: i like how our offense is coming together, so my biggest worry is our pass rush
jglinder:: We'll see how much Northwestern spreads it out. Zalewski played end a little Saturday. Perhaps that might stick.
Z1Buck:: Who's bigger, Zalewski or Crooks?
jglinder:: I think Cooper can get a rush, especially if Welsh is back on the other side. The question is depth.
jglinder:: Crooks, I think.
31346:: How is Jamil, can he play again
uwbadgers:: i noticed Rowan had 7 tackles or so, was that a result of giving up completions and making tackles after the catch mostly?
jglinder:: Most of the time, cut blocking is perfectly legal, it is just when the player has no chance to defend himself when it becomes unjustifiable.
Z1Buck:: I am concerned about Cooper, especially after article I read last week about his "calm" demeanor. It also seemed that James was trying to motivate him last night. Is this a player we can depend on now?
jglinder:: I'd have to go back through the game log but I think most, if not all of Rowan's tackles were after completions. I think Rowan covered pretty well, though, most of those plays were just very, very good passes.
jglinder:: The secondary is busy against a team like Purdue
jglinder:: I have not heard anything new about Walker
31346:: If you try to stop them from completing passes totally they end up with long gainers
uwbadgers:: AD not being there late in the game was a mystery. Was that just a minor injury?
jglinder:: Cooper is very talented and very motivated. He's just the antithesis of Dontez Sanders on the field from an emotional standpoint. He's into the game and wants very much to play well but he is just a very mellow young man. jglinder:: I think so on AD
jglinder:: He and Alvarez both said he just had a quad tighten up on him after that long run.
31346:: Stocco looked really good on that last scoring drive.
uwbadgers:: i have a feeling we will need more points on offense this week to win
jglinder:: Stocco was great on that last drive. He has really turned it on late in games.
uwbadgers:: what are everyone's thoughts on Starks as an All American? I don't see how he doesn't get consideration
31346:: Isn't NW's defense quite porous
jglinder:: Typically
jglinder:: I haven't seen enough college football outside of the Badgers to know what other corners are out there but I think Starks has been incredible. He has to get attention for it.
31346:: He sure has been playing a lot like Fletcher
uwbadgers:: i hope we do better offensively against NW than last year. of course, we had Schabert at qb...
uwbadgers:: 7 pts will not do it this year
jglinder:: Yikes. That was an appalling game.
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31346:: Well, we have our fate in our own hands now.
jglinder:: Hey guys, I have to get back to writing. I'll post the transcript to this point later tonight.

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