Wisconsin No. 6 in first BCS

Badgers .0004 ahead of No. 7 Utah

With its best start in six years in hand, Wisconsin is looking up at only five teams in the initial BCS standings for the 2004 college football season.

The Badgers, fresh off a dramatic 20-17 win at Purdue, are ranked No. 6 with a .7255 score in the BCS. Wisconsin is 7-0 for the first time since 1998.

USC is No. 1 at .9912, followed by Miami (Fla.) (.9187), Oklahoma (.9161), Auburn (.9036), Florida State (.8072), Wisconsin, Utah (.7251), California (.6733), Tennessee (.6331) and Georgia (.6090).

Purdue (No. 12) and Michigan (No. 13) also grace the BCS top 25 from the Big Ten.

The new BCS rankings are determined via a composite of the Associated Press poll, the coaches' poll and six computer rankings. A team's highest and lowest computer ranking are thrown out or the equation. For each item, a team's "score" is the percentage of possible points.

Wisconsin received 1,240 out of a possible 1,625 points in the AP poll, for a .763 score. Wisconsin has a .713 score in the coaches poll and a .700 from the computer rankings.

Oklahoma, ranked second in both the AP and coaches' polls, slipped to third in the BCS due to a No. 5 ranking from the computers. Utah, ranked No. 9 in the AP and No. 10 in the coaches poll, is a mere .0004 points behind Wisconsin due to a No. 4 ranking from the computers.

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