chat transcript with Ryan Bain

DT prospect joined weekly session with Chris Pool, Jon Linder and premium users

jglinder:: FallCreek, what did you think of the game yesterday? I was impressed with Monty and Cooper filling in at end.
FallCreekBadger:: yeah they played well
FallCreekBadger:: the offense should have put the game away after the [third] quarter so we could get our second stringers some much needed playing time
jglinder:: That would have been nice. Northwestern made it a little interesting, but Wisconsin's offense did have that fourth quarter drive to gobble up some time to say the least.
jglinder:: And the defense was great like always
FallCreekBadger:: first 2 scoring opportunities and we came away with only 3 points
jglinder:: This is true.
Unregistered User:: even if the game ended up close, there never was the sense that NU would come back
jglinder:: I agree.
jglinder:: Even with the onside kick I felt Northwestern needed too many things to go right to put enough points on the board against Wisconsin's defense.
FallCreekBadger:: good thing the NW wr's dropped a lot of passes or it would have been a much closer game
jglinder:: The Wildcat receivers certainly did not do Basanez any favors
portageplumber:: any news on the recruiting front from the weekend? Did the WR from TX commit?
jglinder:: Theus is getting back home tonight [Sunday] about 11 or 11:30. I told him I would save him the trouble and call him tomorrow night.
jglinder:: He has been very high on Wisconsin so there is a chance.
Unregistered User:: who else made a visit? including bball players?
jglinder:: Theus was the only official for football. I don't know about bball.
FallCreekBadger:: what about Jonathan Lewis I think rivals said he was going to visit Wisconsin?
jglinder:: I've heard that Lewis is a long shot. [editor's note: Lewis said last week that Kansas State, Miami, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Alabama would get his officials]
Pool Recruiting:: Ok, I'm on the phone with Ryan Bain now Any questions
portageplumber:: When is he going to be a badger? We would love to have him
Unregistered User:: what position will Ryan play at the next level?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I don't know. I'm just looking at everyone right now
FallCreekBadger:: does Ryan have a favorite at the moment?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan- No favorite right now
jglinder:: Ryan, how is your high school season going?
jglinder:: How did the Purdue official turn out?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I had a lot of fun. Good experience but nothing to compare it to yet
FallCreekBadger:: what's his 40 time and bench press as of now
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - Ryan - 6-2, 268 and ran a 4.7 four times in a row
jglinder:: Wow
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I bench press 400 pounds
portageplumber:: Ryan how many times have you been to Madison? Which coach is recruiting you the most?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I've been to Madison twice
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - My Wisconsin official visit will be in November
Unregistered User:: what position are you thinking for the next level?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I don't know what position I'll play in college. I weighed in at 268 pounds at Purdue so I'll probably be a defensive lineman
FallCreekBadger:: what college or pro player does Ryan compare his style of play too?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I compare myself to Bill Romonowski
FallCreekBadger:: is there anything that Ryan didn't like about Madison?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - Nothing that I can think of off the top of my head
jglinder:: Is that official to Wisconsin for the Minnesota game?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - Not sure but I think it's November 6th.
Unregistered User:: what is your timeline for making a decision? at the all star game in Texas (name escapes me, but congrats)?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I'll make my decision to commit in San Antonio at the all-star game.
jglinder:: Interesting
portageplumber:: We better send you a Bucky hat for the trip!
Pool Recruiting:: Any other questions for Ryan?
jglinder:: What other schools might he visit?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I visited Purdue. Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa for sure. Ohio State, Michigan State, Nebraska and UCLA
portageplumber:: What coach is recruiting you? What are your impressions of Bielema?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - Ianello is recruiting me.
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan -I get along with Coach Bielema really well.
FallCreekBadger:: how much of a difference would it make on Ryan's decision if the badgers should go undefeated and too a BCS bowl
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - It won't matter to me if they go to a BCS Bowl. I know Wisconsin is a good program
Unregistered User:: any other Illinois preps you are friends with, especially foster or schoenfeld (sp?)?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - I've never met Schofield but Dion and I get along really well.
Pool Recruiting:: If I got to Wisconsin, I'd ask to room with Dion because he's a cool guy
portageplumber:: Great-- good luck with the rest of your senior year and we all hope you become a badger!
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan- Portageplumber, Thank you
Pool Recruiting:: cman2- do you have any questions for Ryan Bain
FallCreekBadger:: what does Ryan want to major in?
jglinder:: Ryan, have you played against Dion?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - Undecided on my major
cman2:: Ryan, have you visited Madison before? how did the visit to Purdue go this weekend?
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - We haven't played against Dion
Pool Recruiting:: Cman2 - Yes he's visited Madison and his visit to Purdue went well but he doesn't have anything to compare it to. Those questions have already been answered so I thought I'd give you a recap
Pool Recruiting:: Anything else for Ryan?
FallCreekBadger:: tell Ryan thanks for his time
jglinder:: Yes, thank you Ryan
jglinder:: Thanks for setting this up Chris
FallCreekBadger:: yes thank you too Chris
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan - FallCreekBadger Thank You
cman2:: thanks; sorry I was late
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan has left guys and he says thanks a lot for having him
Pool Recruiting:: Geez, he busted my nuts for about 10 minutes!
jglinder:: How so?
Pool Recruiting:: He wanted to know why he's only 3-stars
jglinder:: Ha! What did you tell him?
Pool Recruiting:: We do need to bump him up, I'm going to ask Jamie to make him 4-stars
Pool Recruiting:: The only problem is that if I bump him up, someone has to come down
jglinder:: Peer pressure from all angles
jglinder:: :)
jglinder:: That's tough
portageplumber:: how does he compare to Schofield? You think he projects to a DT correct? His numbers may mean DE where UW needs help
cubber21:: what do u guys think about Dace Richardson?
Pool Recruiting:: Dace is the best lineman in Illinois
cubber21:: do we have a chance to get him
Pool Recruiting:: yes
Pool Recruiting:: Ryan will play D-Tackle
Unregistered User:: jglinder, I think there were a couple bball recruits in town
Unregistered User:: that could have been last weekend with 3 from minn in town (mbakwe, Webster, and martin)
portageplumber:: why did Doering drop UW?
Pool Recruiting:: he dropped UW because he didn't like the coaching style of Huber portageplumber:: Hueber does have a terrible track record of putting lineman in the NFL doesn't he????
Pool Recruiting:: Some of these kids don't like the mean o-line coach like Huber or the late Joe Moore from Notre Dame. they want to be coddled
portageplumber:: Chris- that was intended for Doering-- UW is better off without him as he would not have made it at UW.
uwbadgers:: what's the latest on Theus? jglinder:: UWBadgers, I have an interview scheduled with Theus tomorrow.
FallCreekBadger:: hey Jon don't I remember correctly that Schofield is going to be tried at outside lb first
Pool Recruiting:: Schofield is a stud
jglinder:: yes, Schofield is an OLB
cubber21:: what about lyuem from Ohio?
Editor's note: Selwyn Lymon reportedly favors Purdue, Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State and Idiana.
Unregistered User:: this weekend I think Cole Aldrich was in town
cubber21:: what about Travis Beckum can we get him?
Pool Recruiting:: I think Beckum will end up at Tennessee or one of the Florida Schools uwbadgers:: will Henderson follow him?
jglinder:: Unregistered, I believe you are right about last weekend. I'll try to check on Aldrich. I had not heard about him coming to town.
Unregistered User:: sorry jg, Cole Aldrich will be on campus nov 5, 6
Pool Recruiting:: Doering is a very good football player. Some coaches feel that he doesn't have to much of an upside and he may be tapped out already but Dace Richardson doesn't even know what he's doing out there yet and he's a freak.
portageplumber:: I'll take my chances with guys who want Hueber's coaching style
Unregistered User:: so who do you think uw has the best chance to land Chris?
cubber21:: what about Chris Jeske I heard he likes Wisconsin a lot!
Pool Recruiting:: Bain, Austin Spitler, Dave Moosman, Dace Richardson. There are so many possibilities
Pool Recruiting:: Jeske would be a nice pick up
Pool Recruiting:: Jeske is a Zalewski with a hint of Andy Crooks
cubber21:: any basketball prospects close to signing?
jglinder:: cubber21, not that I'm aware of. I think there will be a full court press on Trevon Hughes and Jerry Smith but they have plenty of suitors.
portageplumber:: do we have a shot at Richardson? How bout Jamison?
Pool Recruiting:: Jamison yes and his teammate Keyon Brown. brown is the real prize on that team
FallCreekBadger:: would be nice to get Kestahn Moore from Texas too
cubber21:: very nice
cman2:: Chris, has the new defensive coordinator helped Wisconsin's recruiting so far or is it too early to tell?
Pool Recruiting:: Bielema is definitely helping the recruiting. Great guy, great in the home with the family and one of the best young d-coordinators in the business
portageplumber:: is Jamison even close to his brother in terms of talent?
Pool Recruiting:: Terrance could end up being better than Tim and that's not an exaggeration
cubber21:: Jamison would be great
portageplumber:: if that is true Jamison must be a beast.. his brother was getting time at UM as a true freshman
cubber21:: has the badgers success this season helped in recruiting so far?
Pool Recruiting:: It sure hasn't hurt Cubber
jglinder:: I expect DeAndre Levy to commit to Wisconsin once his high school season is complete.
Pool Recruiting:: Levy is a silent commit. He just doesn't want that attention to go away.
uwbadgers:: great news on Levy
uwbadgers:: will he be a defensive end?
jglinder:: LB. Levy was quiet as can be when I talked to him last week.
jglinder:: Said he was still open to the same six schools he mentioned before.
jglinder:: But I think Chris is right.
cman2:: Chris, you are in a tough business cause kids change so much; did you see this potential in Erasmus James when he came out?
cubber21:: is foster still tearing it up? Dion*
Pool Recruiting:: Yep, Dion is doing very well. He's excited and can't wait to get on campus
Pool Recruiting:: I think you'll like Dion. He's an AD all over again
cubber21:: how bout Dustin
portageplumber:: How bout any other big time RB's-- I am not sold on the future of either Jamil Walker or Chris Pressley as replacing Davis/Calhoun
Pool Recruiting:: Jamison is tough but Keyon Brown is the man!
jglinder:: Dustin Sherer had a great game in his first playoff game. Check out the Hot News on the site.
jglinder:: He has close to 2,000 yards passing this year
Pool Recruiting:: I think Wisconsin has the QB position taken care of for awhile
jglinder:: I'd say so.
jglinder:: Sherer's little brother, a freshman, is putting up big numbers this year at HB.
uwbadgers:: I think you are right, Chris. If Savage lives up to what we've heard
portageplumber:: Does Savage have a chance of playing next year or is he doomed to play behind and improving Stocco
Pool Recruiting:: savage impressed me last year. he should end up being pretty good and he'll have Sherer to push him
jglinder:: It all depends on how Savage, Donovan and Stocco develop. Savage certainly has the tools, but I would be surprised if Stocco loses his spot.
portageplumber:: what position does brown play?
Pool Recruiting:: Defensive end
uwbadgers:: what defensive backs do we have a good shot at?
FallCreekBadger:: would you say we have a good shot at landing brown Chris? I think we've recruited some players from Harvey Thornton in the past
Pool Recruiting:: yes fallcreek, very very good shot
jglinder:: Wisconsin is keeping close tabs on Tony Aker, he could be a WR or a DB
portageplumber:: Where is Keyon Brown leaning?
Pool Recruiting:: Wisconsin
portageplumber:: outstanding-- that would be a nice pair to get!
Pool Recruiting:: both Marcus Randle El and the big receiver (help me Jon) are in constant contact with Terrance and Keyon
portageplumber:: Brandon Tobias
Pool Recruiting:: thanks
jglinder:: As for TB, Jerry Butler is very high on Wisconsin and will take an official to Madison
uwbadgers:: this may not be able to be publicized, but are there any grade issues with players high on Wisconsin?
jglinder:: Butler, it has been publicized in the Philly Inquirer
uwbadgers:: so is Butler's UW offer contingent upon improved test scores?
jglinder:: I think the offer is there for him, but I don't think he has qualified yet, so it would certainly go by the wayside if the score or grades do not go up.
cman2:: Does the potential coaching change at Illinois help or hurt Wisconsin recruiting?
portageplumber:: How firm is Mendenhall with Ill? Even if Turner gets canned?
Pool Recruiting:: Illinois doesn't compete on the field and they don't compete in recruiting. If they did, Illinois wouldn't let Wisconsin and Iowa come in to Illinois year in and year out and beat them on every single top recruit
Pool Recruiting:: Portage - Mendenhall went to Illinois because its close to home and that's where his parents wanted him to go not because Ron Turner was there
jglinder:: With that in mind, Chris, who do you think is on the short list in Champaign. I have to imagine they are dreaming of finding someone with previous success recruiting in Illinois.
Pool Recruiting:: If the 45-0 thumping wasn't enough to get turner canned than he must have pictures of someone
jglinder:: Now that's funny
FallCreekBadger:: Lymon is leaning towards Purdue isn't he Chris, suppose not much hope of uw landing him?
Pool Recruiting:: yes he is Fallcreek
portageplumber:: I would think that Chuck Long would be a good fit at ILL
Pool Recruiting:: I'm not sure on Illinois. Not a lot of coaches jumping to the front begging to take that job. those guys recruited so bad that they'll have their hands full getting that program back on track.
Pool Recruiting:: it's a shame to have one of the best talent pool's to pick from maybe ever in the state of Illinois and besides Mendenhall, Turner didn't get a sniff from any of the blue chippers
cman2:: how about Cosgrove at ILL or does the defensive numbers at Nebraska prevent that?
Pool Recruiting:: I don't think it would be Cosgrove
jglinder:: I think Cosgrove will stick by Callahan's side for a while.
Pool Recruiting:: Maybe Chuck Long from Oklahoma
Pool Recruiting:: Kevin Wilson from Oklahoma
Pool Recruiting:: the Boise coach
FallCreekBadger:: Northwestern doesn't have much of a shot at landing most of the blue chippers in IL. do they?
Pool Recruiting:: They land the guys that want the Ivy league education but not really
Pool Recruiting:: ....but even NW does better at recruiting in-state kids than Illinois. portageplumber:: any UW ties into Florida with BB?
FallCreekBadger:: do you hear of any high school juniors mentioning uw Chris around the Midwest region?
Pool Recruiting:: I really haven't gotten into any juniors. I have too many seniors to keep track of
jglinder:: I'm excited for the Army All Star game to check on the junior combine
jglinder:: Hoping I can make it down that weekend
Pool Recruiting:: Guys I have to run. Need to put the kids to bed. I'll be back next week with another Badger Recruit for the chat. Pass the word.
cman2:: thanks Chris
jglinder:: Thank you Chris
uwbadgers:: thanks Chris
FallCreekBadger:: what about Otis Hudson how good is he Chris and is uw still after him?
portageplumber:: thanks chris
FallCreekBadger:: thanks Chris
jglinder:: If you have remaining questions, post them on the message board or e-mail them to me at and I'll make sure they get to Chris.
Pool Recruiting:: You look at Otis in person and your jaw drops...but he doesn't have his grades in order.
31346:: Jon, just got back from getting my daughter from bb practice, could you post this latter.
jglinder:: 31346, of course. I'll put it under the Newsstand tomorrow morning
Pool Recruiting:: bye guys see ya next week and congrats on a super season so far!
jglinder:: Thanks Chris
31346:: Thanks Chris
jglinder:: Hey guys, this chat has been a blast, I can stick around until the bottom of the hour. Anyone know the score of the baseball game?
jglinder:: :)
jglinder:: Speaking of Utah, how about the BCS?
FallCreekBadger:: is Chris going to have another recruit on the phone next week?
jglinder:: Yes, hopefully we'll know by the middle of the week. W e will promo it by Friday.
FallCreekBadger:: awesome
portageplumber:: 2-1 sox last I checked
jglinder:: Thank you
31346:: It's about 5-1 sox now
jglinder:: Being a Phillies fan, I'm torn between former Phillies greats, but I've decided to pull for the Sox in this one. I just want Rolen to hit 10 HR
jglinder:: :)
jglinder:: But I digress
31346:: Isn't Utah less than a point behind us in BCS
jglinder:: Last week they were .0004 behind Wisconsin.
jglinder:: I think the Badgers built a little cushion this week looking at the polls. We'll see what the computers say. This is important, if Wisconsin keeps winning. I don't think Utah will come close to losing the rest of the way.
FallCreekBadger:: hey Jon how bad was James' injury? how close do you think he will be to 100% for the gopher game? it was a HIGH ankle sprain right?
31346:: I'm sure you talked about this already, but are EJ and JW going to play in two weeks?
jglinder:: we were just told it was an ankle sprain. The last I heard they are hopeful James will be back, but there is some uncertainty.
jglinder:: Welsh should be back.
jglinder:: He dressed yesterday but did not play
portageplumber:: he jumped pretty well after that errant pass from Stocco on the sideline
31346:: Didn't Welsh start and play a couple of plays then go out
jglinder:: No, the TV broadcast flashed him up there as a starter, but Monty was out there with Cooper
FallCreekBadger:: how many sacks did uw have yesterday?
jglinder:: Hold that thought, I need to look it up.
31346:: I think I'm going to go into withdrawal Sat. but the team needs a break
jglinder:: Yes they do, they need to get healthy for the stretch drive
jglinder:: Wisconsin had two sacks
jglinder:: OK guys, I had better get going. Take care and we will see you next week
31346:: Darrin Charles had a nice game, they need to throw that fade to him when they get close to the goal line
FallCreekBadger:: is there any place I can go to check out individual badger stats both offense and defense
31346:: Thanks Jon, see you next Sun
FallCreekBadger:: bye Jon and thanks again
jglinder:: Fall Creek - I wish I could direct you here, but the best place by far is
jglinder:: The official UW site has all that information
FallCreekBadger:: ty
jglinder left
FallCreekBadger:: your a little quiet tonight Katie how come?
31346: Maybe she's still tired from the game
klgilbert: Jon and I didn't go to the game because of a wedding. We had interns covering the game so I actually didn't see much of it. Jon watched the TV copy.
31346: Talk to you guys next Sun., bye
klgilbert: I am reading the conversation though
portageplumber: I just checked on Keyon Brown's rating-- no stars ; yet Pool stated he was a beast and better than Jamison. Doesn't say much for the rating systems used by them
klgilbert: We'll ask Chris about the discrepancy in the ratings
portageplumber: thanks
klgilbert: No problem
klgilbert: I think I'm going to take off for the night.
klgilbert: Thanks for coming to the chat and sorry I didn't participate more

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