Monday Press Conference: Lisa Stone

Women's basketball coach talks progress, Jolene Anderson and her young team

Lisa, not to dwell on the negative, but after you had a chance to look at it yesterday, what was the most disappointing part of yesterday's game? And maybe the second part of that is where can you learn the most from yesterday's game?

"Well, the good thing about exhibitions is exactly that. You know, we've watched the film. We met this morning already, broke it down. And the disappointing part was our defense, transition defense in particular. A lot of that has to do with, again, young players, communication. You know, get a team that looked divided defensively and unified offensively. We were in a hurry to score, which I like, but we jogged back on defense. So a lot to be learned. It's a great teaching tool. We'll watch the film as a team and break it down. And when you have six freshmen and just getting out there and getting used to things against a pretty good team, it was good for us. You know, I'm disappointed in the loss, but there's a lot of great things to take from the game.

I think for a lot of people they were curious to see Jolene (Anderson) for the first time and how she would play at this level after all of her accomplishments on the prep level. What did you see from her, did it meet your expectations, and how has her progression been so far?

"Well, I think she showed progression to everybody yesterday. She's a tremendous basketball player and has just great instinct. She knows how to play the game. You know, near the end of the game, she put a miraculous three-point play in and stole the ball on the inbound and unfortunately didn't make it (the play). But she was a go-to player. And when you're looking at somebody like that as a freshman, I mean, her growth has been tremendous. She's only going to get better. She's not just a scorer. She had a double-double. She got on the glass for us, handled the ball. You can't ask a whole lot more than that. But I think she enjoyed her debut and I think a lot of people were pretty excited about her."

Are there enough basketballs for Steph (Rich) and for Jolene (Anderson) and for Ashley (Josephson)?

"Without question, and we've got another one that's injured and we'll get her back. Janese Banks will be well very soon. I'm a big believer in guard play, I mean solid guard play. Look at men's and women's basketball late in the season, you need solid guard play. That's certainly not to take away from our post players because Jordan Wilson had a tremendous game as well. My big belief is you need a low-post presence, but you need solid guard play. And we got some good glimmers yesterday of what's to come. You know, I maintain positive optimism and I'm excited about this youth, and, boy, they want to score. We just have to put that other end together, and hopefully you'll see a different team on Sunday and an improved defensive team."

What will Banks give you when she returns?

"Janese is another, I don't want to say Jolene Anderson, but she's a big guard. She can shoot the three, break people down off the dribble, has leadership abilities. She's very in tune to what's going on. Handles the ball real well, has played every guard position both in the all-star games this past summer as well as in high school. So she has ball-handling abilities, and I think one thing, and that's something we missed yesterday, was her defensive ability. She can get up on people and defend the ball and get on the glass. So that all-around added punch, I think, from a guard spot is certainly something we're looking forward to."

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