Badgers look to learn from Pepperdine, bounce back

Wisconsin men's basketball team hopes to learn lessons from trip to California

By all accounts, Wisconsin's 75-61 loss at Pepperdine Saturday night was not a sight to behold. And less than 24 hours after tip off in Malibu, the Badgers were reliving every turnover, every defensive breakdown during their normal postgame film session.

"They beat us pretty good," senior forward Zach Morley said. "They just kind of put us back down to earth showing us that we weren't as good as we thought, and that no game is going to be easy. We have to go in every game and give it our all or that will happen every time."

The Badgers left California early Sunday morning and returned to Madison about 10 a.m., Morley said. Practice at the Nicholas Johnson Pavilion began about 6 p.m. and was closed to the media for the duration.

"You've got to learn all you can from the loss we had on, what was that? Yesterday? It doesn't even seem like yesterday," senior guard Sharif Chambliss said. "It seems like two days ago. It's been a long day today but we had to get back, pick our heads up, start preparing for Maryland."

Players said Sunday night that their mistakes—including nearly two dozen turnovers—against Pepperdine were easily correctable. That does not mean they were easy to swallow.

"To me I think it makes it harder because Wisconsin basketball is not—we usually don't break down mentally like that. The 23 turnovers I think we had last night is not Wisconsin basketball," sophomore point guard Kammron Taylor said. "I was real shocked at how many turnovers we had. That makes it harder because that's not something we do."

"We weren't tough yesterday," Chambliss said. "As a team we were in at spurts and out at spurts. We want to go out there, we are going to execute. That's why we were in practice today giving it our all, going at each other as hard as we could."

"I've seen a lot more intensity today. I'm excited about getting out there and playing on Tuesday."

Some of that added intensity came from the scout team, which was embarrassed with the fruits of its labor Saturday.

"Like me personally I felt kind of bad because on scout team we didn't play like Pepperdine played in the game," freshman guard Michael Flowers said. "We kind of let the first team down.

"We didn't match no where close to their intensity and their aggressiveness and their physical play."

There will be no rest for the wary with a home game against No. 13 Maryland Tuesday.

"This practice we really pressured like Maryland is going to pressure us, trying to get ready for Maryland and the scout team did an excellent job of imitating what Maryland does, running the offense and pressure defense," Flowers said. "I think we are going to be a little better at handling the pressure against Maryland than we were against Pepperdine."

Sunday night, while Pepperdine may have lingered, the focus was on Maryland.

"The reason you play good teams like that is to learn from your mistakes and we took advantage of that today in film. Hopefully we got better today in practice," Morley said.

"You never forget about a loss really; 23 turnovers kind of stick with you and so we are just working on getting it lower and lower and lower and just trying to handle Maryland a little bit better than we handled Pepperdine," Flowers said.

"I don't think we have to worry about confidence," Chambliss said. "We are going to go out there and we are going to do what we know we can do. That's execute our offense, lock up on defense, box out, rebound, take care of the ball. We do that we got a shot to win the game. Any game at that."

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