Wisconsin Recruiting Diary - 12/23/04

A look at the latest Hot News, feature stories and more regarding Wisconsin's recruiting targets

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Today's Recruiting Hot News

SMike MuchaAll-State RB/DB weighs options
OLScott FisherHeaded to Ames
DTC.J. DavisCommitment Coming
DESteve DavisMO DE Commits to Big Ten

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Most Recent, Hot Recruiting Feature Stories

Dec 23, 2004 Junior OT prospect receiving hefty interest Premium Story - Jake Bscherer's initial scholarship offer may be tip of the iceberg

Dec 22, 2004 Brown: "They All Pulled Out" - Injury strips Indiana tailback of scholarship offers

Dec 22, 2004 Fishers Have Goal of Impacting Lineup Premium Story - Twin offensive line prospects choose Iowa State over Wisconsin

Dec 22, 2004 No Worries for Paul Fisher Premium Story - Iowa State commit will not have benefit of spring practice

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