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Countdown to signing day – prospect profile

Aubrey Pleasant, a two-star prospect from Flint, Mich., (Montrose High School in Montrose, Mich.) expects to play strong safety or cornerback at Wisconsin. At 5-foot-11, 200 pounds, Pleasant was an all-state defensive back his senior year. He is ranked the No. 59 safety prospect in the nation by

Pleasant committed to Wisconsin in January, following a Jan. 7-9 official visit to the UW campus. He had initially committed to Michigan State. In addition to the Spartans, Pleasant chose Wisconsin over Minnesota and Illinois. Wisconsin wide receivers coach Henry Mason recruited Pleasant for the Badgers. What are you most proud of from your high school career?

Aubrey Pleasant: "One thing that I was proud of was this year receiving the coaches award. I was the defensive MVP, I wasn't the overall team MVP and to be honest with you I wasn't the captain of the team because I was a transfer and there are guys who have been in the program. And when I got there I was the new guy and they had been training; they kind of new who the captains were going to be.

"When I got the coaches award at the end of the season I got kind of emotional because I felt real good about it because the coaches award stood for everything: someone who set an example in the community, on the football field, in the class room and it was a person who worked extremely hard."

BN: What was your favorite memory of your official visit to Wisconsin?

AP: "This trip was unique because I was the only recruit there. It's hard to say because other kids could say, ‘Well, my special time was spending just time with me, my parents and the coach.' But that was just for the whole trip because I was the only recruit there. The whole visit was special to me because it was a chance for me to really sit down, talk to Coach Mason, talk to Coach Lee [defensive backs coach Ron Lee] and basically just figure out what's really going on…

"I'd say the best thing just overall — because that Saturday I didn't have a chance to meet Coach Alvarez because they had left to go to the national convention of college coaches. But when he came to my house I'd probably say that was the best thing. The best thing was when he came to my house this past week. [UW head coach Barry Alvarez made an in-home visit Jan. 19]

"The trip itself was just great overall. It was just one-on-one. You couldn't ask for anything more."

BN: What was your favorite college team growing up?

AP: "Michigan. It wasn't even for the winning…

"It was just the fact that my dad was a high school basketball coach and he was coaching at the University of Michigan basketball camp when Coach [Steve] Fisher was still there…

"When I was about nine years old my dad said, ‘Come here, let me show you something.' And here I just walked into the Big House and nobody's in there. That was the first football stadium I had ever been in. It was just that immediate love that I fell in love with it…

"‘I was meeting the football players and the basketball players when I was a child. I was meeting Chris Webber… It was cool then too."

BN: Who was your favorite athlete?

AP: "I just have to say Jack Tatum. The strong safety who used to play for the Raiders, used to play for Ohio State. Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, I know that I can say there are a lot of good strong safeties that play or defensive backs that play right now but they've already established themselves. Or Bob Sanders. He established himself in college [at Iowa], he's working on it right now in the pros [with Indianapolis].

"If I had to pick one I'd probably take Jack Tatum because my daddy brought me up with Jack Tatum since I was a little boy and had me read a book, ‘They Call Me Assassin.' When I read that that had a lot of similarities to me because he played linebacker in college. Then when he went to the pros he played strong safety. I remember reading one part in this book and he said, you know, taking on all those lineman during his college career and now all he has to do is hit a measly little receiver and I laughed at that a lot."

BN: Do you anticipate redshirting your first year at UW? What are your goals for your Badger career both for this year and in seasons to come?

AP: "I can't call it now but from what I think, I don't think I'll be redshirting next year. I doubt very seriously that I'll be redshirting next year but I'm not a selfish player. If I have to redshirt for some reasons that are legitimate I'll redshirt. Right now the way it's looking I don't think I'll be redshirting. I don't come to a school to sit and watch. I'm coming to take a spot. I'm not saying I'm telling the strong safety, ‘Hey, I'm coming to take your spot.' It's nothing like that. It's just that I have the intentions and I set high, high goals.

"If you don't set the highest goals you are kind of shortening yourself. So I intend to try to come and if not start at least make major contributions to the team next year as a strong safety, or a corner."

BN: Do expect to qualify academically? What is your GPA and SAT/ACT?

AP: "In my household I have no choice. I passed the SAT with a 960 the first time I took it as a junior. I'm academically way ahead. The only thing that I did have to take was I have to take a Spanish class because that's just requirements for the University of Wisconsin just to have an extra credit of foreign language. Everything else is good. I'm good to go."

[Pleasant said he has not received his first semester grades but he believes he has a 2.9 grade-point average.]

BN: Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

AP: "Now you know I have two paths now. You have left and you have right.

"The left path I see is me possibly playing in the professional football league. That's the ultimate dream. Being drafted, playing, make an impact on team. Play and give back to my community, give back to my university and enjoy my life.

"On the right side I see myself as being this big computer engineer. If not being the engineer I am owning a business that is working with computer hardwares and the technologies. One day I thought I really wanted to be a network administrator for a community school as a district administrator. That'd be nice."

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