Alvarez comments on class of 2005

Wisconsin coach commented on each of the Badgers' signees while showing video highlights in the Kohl Center media room

Travis Beckum, LB, (Oak Creek HS) Oak Creek, Wis., 6-4/220/4.5

Barry Alvarez: "…a highly recruited in-state player, played in the high school all star game [Army All-American Bowl]… from the coaches comments who was there, felt that he was in the top five percent of the athletes in that game… As you see him you will see a very physical, very athletic, you can see a guy that has a lot of range. He could play a lot of positions… loose hipped… When you look for a linebacker, inside or outside linebacker, this is what you'd like to draw up. He can really run, excellent basketball player, big collision guy."

Jerry Butler, TB, (George Washington HS) Philadelphia, 5-8/170/4.3

BA: "… extremely fast. We had a chance to see Jerry in a couple combines, had some ridiculous 40-yard dash times. Probably the fastest player in Philadelphia. Kick returner, punt returner. He can make you miss. He can out-run some angles and change directions… He's a home run hitter…. Great kid… soft hands… You can see in this run right here, some people have some angles on him and he just outruns those angles… Very good hands, can catch the ball coming out of the backfield… He has good vision… good broken-field runner… You'd like to get him in the open field."

Shane Carter, FS/WR, (Troy HS) Troy, Ohio, 6-2/185/4.4

BA:"… could play both sides of the ball… he's an excellent basketball player… I believe he's a little bigger than 6-1… Shane has very natural hands… great leaping ability… see him catch the ball with his hands… strong, physical player… We initially recruited him as a safety, he could start [his career] as a wide receiver…You can see him again, go up, catch the ball clean with his hands… Very confident player… see his collision ability… Really covers a lot of ground at safety… see some ball skills here…"

Dan Cascone, DT, (Newtown HS) Newtown, Conn., 6-3/328/5.0

BA:"We were fortunate to have Dan in camp… Came to our camp this summer… We really like how physical he was… just a tough guy… Coach Palermo calls him an old jalopy… He bangs around, loves to play the game, real hard-nose, plays hard… Good collision guy… He's what you are looking for as an inside player… We've had success with Connecticut and our Connecticut players have all turned out to be excellent contributors."

Jonathan Casillas, OLB/SS, (New Brunswick HS) New Brunswick, N.J., 6-2/200/4.4

BA:"…an excellent high school program… Jonathan plays both sides of the ball. Can really run. I'd be surprised if he didn't run better than 4.5. Played some wide receiver. Great leaper on the basketball team, plays on an excellent basketball team… one of their top players… He's a collision guy… just opens his hips, you don't see him on the ground much… Jon's an excellent student."

Matt Fischer, K, (East HS) Appleton, Wis., 5-11/180

BA:"… We had him in camp. Got to know him and evaluate him in camp. We were impressed with the strength of his leg and his potential… he's able to get the ball up in the air… His range in field goals is right now, he's made one just under 50 yards, but he's right around the 50-yard range… really think he has excellent potential as a kicker… see how he gets the ball up quickly."

Dion Foster, TB, (Richards HS) Oak Lawn, Ill., 5-7/190/4.5

BA:"… Very good high school program, has sent a lot of players out… We've had a couple players from that school… Dion committed to us early… He's a strong runner, excellent speed. Very good vision. Hits a lot of home runs. Excellent hands coming out of the backfield…. See him catch the ball here… See how physical a runner he is."

Garrett Graham, TE, (Brick Township Memorial) Brick, N.J., 6-4/220/4.75

BA:"….. He's probably about 230 right now. Tremendous speed for a tight end. What we were looking for. Very versatile player…here you see him running a kickoff back, you see his speed. Very soft hands. He's a tight end that's big enough, he's a good blocker, you can split him out wide. He has that type of speed. And catches the ball extremely well… very soft hands…. From an excellent high school program… You see him catch it in the crowd, use his hands very well… Excellent concentration on the ball."

P.J. Hill, TB, (Poly Prep) Queens, N.Y., 5-11/220/4.6

BA:"…Very strong, physical runner. Good vision. Gut that can get you tough yardage. Really a patient runner…. See his patience and vision…"

Elijah Hodge, LB, (Dillard HS) Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 6-0/200/4.6

BA:"…. Another one of the linebackers that we signed… Very good speed, physical player. Has a brother who has been a successful linebacker at Iowa. Plays in a very good high school program… Elijah's a very smart player… Good student, really has a nose for the ball… Loves to play the game… Really has what I consider a good linebacker mentality. Very serious… Always around the football… Watch him mix it up a little bit."

Terrance Jamison, DE, (Thornton Township HS) Harvey, Ill., 6-4/250/4.7

BA:"… Terrance only played one year at defense… You can see how athletic he is. Loose hip, big collision guy… Guy that gives you speed coming off the edge, yet he's physical enough… He's another one, he's a big hitter… You can see how athletic he is… You watch defensive players, you don't want to see them on the ground… He'll get through that trash, he gets his feet up and athletic enough to keep his balance and work to the football."

Andy Kemp, OT, (Menasha HS) Menasha, Wis., 6-6/320/5.0

BA:"We've had Andy in camp. He's one of the stronger high school players that I've ever seen. He's been with us for a couple weeks in the out of season program and has been very impressive in everything he's done. He's picking things up quickly, he's only 17 years old. He's one of the guys we wanted to come in in January because he'll have a chance, we'll give him an opportunity to contribute next year, as a freshman. We want to give him his extra work during spring practice and in the out of season."

DeAndre Levy , LB, (Vincent HS) Milwaukee, 6-3/215/4.4

BA:"… Had him in camp. He was very impressive. Just jumped out at us and the things that you look for in a linebacker, No. 1, we had him clocked at something near 4.5. Very explosive, plays on both sides of the ball in an excellent program. He's a guy that we identified after a couple days of camp and offered. Made his commitment early and we were really impressed with what we saw… Excellent student, smart player, good in the classroom."

Jae McFadden, TE, (Dwyer HS) Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., 6-3/215/4.54

BA:"… He played both sides of the ball. Another tight end with excellent speed and athleticism. He can really run… Good hands, soft hands, likes to mix it up… has a lot of growth potential… You can see excellent speed… gives you flexibility, you can do some different things with him. Bottom line is he can run… he'll mix it up also."

Prince Moody, SS, (Eastmoor Academy HS) Columbus, Ohio, 5-11/191/4.4

BA:"… He's a safety… they moved him inside to play linebacker because he's physical… but for what we want in a safety, he's the type of player that you want filling an alley for you… Comes from a good background, very mature player… Guy that's around the football… He's a big hitter… Played both sides of the ball as a tailback on offense."

Nate Nurse, OG, (Don Bosco Prep) Ramsey, N.J., 6-4/270/5.0

BA:"… One of the better high school programs on the East Coast. They send out a number of outstanding players… Nate's really a very athletic offensively lineman… He'll be an inside player for us… Very strong… Big weight lifter and a guy that just brings a lot of punch with him… See him run and you always want to see someone that can keep their feet down the field and block that second level…"

Anthony Pleasant, SS/CB, (Montrose HS) Flint, Mich., 5-11/200/4.6

BA:"… Aubrey's father coached in town here. Aubrey live in Madison for a few years… Physical player, very athletic… You can see he has excellent feet… Plan on playing him at safety… He plays both sides of the ball..."

Jarmal Ruffin, ATH, (Scotland School) Scotland, Pa., 6-3/200/4.6

BA:"…. Here's a guy, he's 6-4, probably 215 or 220 right now. Excellent basketball player. Plays wide receiver, plays defensive line. We're just going to have to see where we're going to play him… Our defensive coaches like him. We're not exactly sure where he'll start… He's just a football player… he's very athletic. Keeps his feet, runs well, has a lot of growth potential. Could be a safety, could be a linebacker, could play with his hand on the ground…"

O'Brien Schofield, LB, (North Chicago HS) Great Lakes, Ill., 6-4/220/4.5

BA:"… Another player that we had in camp. I would imagine O'Brien's at least 235 right now… You can see he's physical, he can run… Can play with his hand on the ground… really has a lot of growth potential… Very physical player."

Matt Shaughnessy, DE, (Norwich Free Academy) Norwich, Conn., 6-6/225/4.7

BA:"… Again, you'll see somebody that's very, very athletic. Explosive off the ball, can really run… He's a playmaker. A guy that can run, so he can chase some things down… Mixes it up very well and has a good nose for the ball. Good explosion. You can see him come out of his feet."

Dustin Sherer, QB, (Hamilton Heights HS) Arcadia, Ind., 6-4/205/4.6

BA:"… Quarterback, we had Dustin in camp… We had about 25 quarterbacks in this summer for a one-day camp and Dustin's the quarterback that Jeff and Brian liked the most. Really has a nice touch on the ball. Mobile as a quarterback. Strong arm. Very smart player. Comes from a very good high school program. Coached well…"

Jeff Stehle, TE/DL, (Paul Moore HS) Central Square, N.Y., 6-6/275/4.9

BA:"…Versatile athlete… plays tight end, plays with his hand down defensively… gives you a lot of options of where to play him… Good rough house guy. Very athletic. Good basketball player."

Elijah "T.J." Theus, WR, (Kempner HS) Sugar Land, Texas, 6-1/185/4.53

BA:"… He's a big receiver… Really soft hands. Good range. Excellent speed. He catches the ball with his hands. Good concentration… You can see the concentration on the catch here, over the shoulder, that's a tough catch."

Eric Vandenheuvel, OT, (Hudson HS) Hudson, Wis., 6-7/330/5.0

BA:"… Another one of the prospects we've signed from Hudson. Had him in camp and he is a flat-out giant. Physical player. The thing that really impressed us with him is when we tested him, individual testing, during our camp, is how athletic he was… He's an excellent student… He can really move for a big guy."

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