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Menasha, Wis., three-star right tackle – prospect profile

One of the highest acclaimed prospects in Wisconsin's class of 2005 has been on campus for weeks. Andy Kemp, a 6-foot-6, 320-pound offensive tackle from Menasha (Wis.) High School, enrolled at UW a semester early in order to get a jump on his Badger career with 2005 spring workouts.

Kemp, a lifelong Badger fan, committed to Wisconsin 17 months before signing day. Last fall he decided he would enroll early so that he could better compete for the Badgers' open right tackle position. If Kemp earns the right to play as a true freshman, he will become only the second offensive lineman to do so since Barry Alvarez became Wisconsin's coach 15 years ago.

Badger Nation: How are the offseason workouts going?

Andy Kemp: "This is my third week right now in the strength and conditioning. This workout was made for me. The first week I was sore as heck. I couldn't even barely move but right now it goes so, not easy, I'm not going to say it's easy but it's good work and with the intensity of all the other players it goes by like nothing."

BN: Do you feel like you will be in two freshman classes?

AK: "Yeah. It's different. I get to be with this freshman class right now but then when my freshman class comes in I get to be with them too. I get a variety. I kind of like it. That's how I think of it."

BN: How is your first semester of college classes going so far?

AK: "They are going good. They are not too bad. Pretty easy right now. A lot of papers due at semester times but I'm just going right now with study table at 6 p.m., mandatory study hall, get all my work done."

[Kemp said he has not chosen a major yet.]

BN: What is your favorite memory from your official visit to Wisconsin?

AK: "Probably just getting to know some of the guys, like Dion Foster…. We kind of just built a good relationship on those three days. That was great right there."

BN: What are you most proud of from your high school career?

AK: "Probably just leaving kind of a legacy back in Menasha. Knowing that I'm the first scholarship player ever going to a D-I school in Menasha and leaving some kind of a legacy that hard work does pay off."

BN: What are your goals for your time at Wisconsin?

AK: "Just to learn as much as I can. Get a degree from Wisconsin. Just, you know, play as much as I can, start as much as I can and then hopefully move on to the next level."

BN: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AK: "Hopefully playing in the NFL, with a family and with a great degree still from Wisconsin."

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