Jon Scheyer: Insider Journal continues

In continuing his Insiders Journal segment, Glenbrook North's Jon Scheyer updates his junior season as well as answering questions about his recruiting.

What's up everyone? It's been a long time since I last answered questions. Our season has been going really well but it's getting very busy and hectic. Right now we are 19-2 and ranked eighth in Chicago. Our team has really started to click; guys are stepping up and I think we are rounding into championship form. Our point guard Sean Wallis is really finding me when I get open and creating looks. Zach Kelly and Jon Radke have played great on the inside and our team defense has been great. Since most of us are big Illinois fans we have been watching how unselfish they play together and I actually think it has been rubbing off on our team.

Matt Gold, one of our other starters, was invited to compete in the dunk contest downstate. He is going to start practicing for it right away. I have confidence in him — he's my favorite to win (along with Julian Wright from Homewood-Flossmoor).

The questions this month were very encouraging because I had supporters from each of the schools on my list; which still are Illinois, Duke, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Recently I have not focused on recruiting but it is exciting to think about the schools. When I compare the schools, I like to look at their style of play. Duke likes to run a lot and they also shoot the 3 a lot. Arizona plays in the most up and down conference in the country. Illinois likes to get out and run, they are very unselfish, plus they have great team chemistry. Wisconsin runs the swing offense and the players fit into their system very well. Each school has a different style but I just need to decide what the best fit is for me.

Another thing I look for in the schools is the basketball tradition they each have. It is fun when everybody in the town is a die-hard basketball fan. Obviously getting a good education is important and fortunately, I can get a good education wherever I go.

Another question that I received was what makes me laugh the most. I am probably the goofiest person outside the basketball court. I love ESPN commercials and I love to play pranks on people. It's refreshing to do things that take my mind off basketball and recruiting. Joking around with my friends is one of the easiest ways to take my mind off things.

Thinking about my college choice, there are advantages and disadvantages to staying close to home. I feel very comfortable at home but it also could be a time to experience new things by going away from home. This is something that I do not have a feel for yet, but hopefully I will make a new home wherever I go.

My favorite game to this date was in my freshman year in the sectional finals when we played Hoffman-Estates. We were big underdogs, it was a packed house, and our team played a great game. I had 17 points and 9 assists. At the end of the game, our fans rushed the court. I will always remember that game because it was the type of game and atmosphere you dream about.

My Nana, who is fighting cancer, is almost done with her chemotherapy treatments, and she is improving everyday. She has not been able to come to very many games this year, but hopefully we can make it downstate so she can watch on TV, or possibly even come to the games.

Thanks for sending in your questions and for all of your support. Thanks for the prayers.

Jon Scheyer

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