Busy month for Adrian Clayborn

Wisconsin is among the many schools in contact with Missouri defensive lineman, perhaps the best player in his state

It will be tough to turn down the prospect of naming Adrian Clayborn as my top prep in the state of Missouri, though players like Keith Williams and Paddy Mullen will also draw strong consideration. Luckily, Aleric Mullins has made his way back to the state of North Carolina to make my decision a little easier.

Clayborn's ability, and perhaps most importantly, his upside, has translated well onto the recruiting scene as he currently holds eight scholarship offers.

"I have offers from Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Illinois, Michigan State, Nebraska, Indiana and Houston," Clayborn said. "I'd say there is more interest in the first six I named out of that group, but really I'm not going to be ready to eliminate any schools until the end of the summer when I hope to have my list somewhere down around five schools."

There are a few other schools that will surely receive consideration as well that have given Clayborn plenty of interest this month.

"Iowa told me I'll have a good chance to earn a scholarship at their camp on June 18 and I like them a lot right now," Clayborn said. "Coach (Eric) Johnson told me they took a lot of defensive lineman last year so they aren't going to be taking many this year so I'll have to show their defensive line coach what I got."

"Coach Littrell from Texas Tech stopped by the high school to pick up film, and was impressed enough that he said he'd be calling me by Friday to let me know if there is an offer," Clayborn said. "I also have received calls from the likes of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Alabama among others."

The Missouri Tigers have already made Clayborn one of their top priorities in the Class of 2006 and he will be seeing plenty of their coaches this summer.

"I know I will be at their one day camp in St. Louis, and my team is also going to their team camp," Clayborn said. "They just keep telling me that it is close to home, and I'll have a chance to compete for a spot early as there (are) openings along the defensive line."

Lastly, having to remember all the calls he had received this month, Clayborn talked about the one conversation that stood out the most.

"I'd have to say it was when I spoke with Coach (Kevin) Cosgrove from Nebraska," added Clayborn, who says he will likely wait until after next season to make his decision. "He has a great track record, and really seemed to know what he was talking about. I'd have to say he left the biggest impression on me."

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