Spiekerman names favorites

Big offensive tackle prospect looking for offers, has four leaders

Eric Spiekerman, a 6-foot-9, 375-pound class of 2006 offensive tackle prospect, has four clear favorites in mind. He does not have any scholarship offers at this time, but the West Bend (Wis.) East product is intent on swaying his leaders during his summer camp circuit.

"The main four right now are probably Illinois, Tennessee, Nebraska and Wisconsin," Spiekerman said in a telephone interview Wednesday evening.

He plans to attend football camps at those four schools this summer and is thinking of the trips as auditions.

"Pretty much I just want to do my best," Spiekerman said. "Pretty much go in there and go up hard against anything that comes against me and just try to dominate… Just do what I can to show them what I've got."

First on Spiekerman's tour with be Nebraska, for a four-day camp beginning June 12.

"They were probably one of the first ones to actually call me on the phone," Spiekerman said when asked why Nebraska was among his favorites. "I haven't talked to them a whole lot since then. But I'm going to their camp on the 12th so we'll see."

Up next is Tennessee for a one-day camp June 18.

"The coaching staff," he said. "They are really down to earth. They will just talk to you. It's a good school. They focus on academics a lot too."

Spiekerman will then travel straight from Knoxville, Tenn. to Champaign/Urbana for Illinois' camp June 19-22.

"Illinois is probably the coaching staff," he said. "They are really personable and I like that. And they're rebuilding. So that would be cool to be a part of that."

Spiekerman will wrap up his camp swing June 26-28 in Madison, Wis.

"I've been a Wisconsin fan my entire life," he said. "The home town factor and then I've been going to their camps for four years now. So I pretty much know all the coaches there."

A mammoth offensive tackle, Spiekerman bench presses 365 pounds, squats 400 and runs the 40-yard dash in 5.9 seconds. He was a first-team all-conference offensive tackle as a junior last fall.

"Because we do a lot of running plays on offense, I focused on offense and then did third down and short yardage stuff on defense and goal line," he said.

Spiekerman will most likely play right tackle in college but he said that the schools recruiting him have not gone into detail regarding his future position.

"I know Illinois is [recruiting] me for an offensive lineman," he said. "I'm assuming that's what everyone else is too, but they really haven't specified. But probably offense."

Spiekerman may still need to prove himself on the field with his camp workouts and his upcoming senior season, but college recruiters have to be pleased with his production in the class room. Spiekerman boasts a grade point average just a hair below a 3.9. He takes the ACT this Saturday.

"It's something they always ask about and comment on," Spiekerman said, referring to the positive feedback he has received regarding his academics.

Spiekerman has dabbled in three other sports but his emphasis is squarely on football now.

"I used to be in baseball, basketball and track," he said. "But I only did football this year because I want to focus on getting better for football."

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