Krabbenhoft will undergo surgery Friday

Badger men's basketball recruit diagnosed with broken left foot

Joe Krabbenhoft, a 6-foot-7 forward who will be a freshman on the University of Wisconsin men's basketball team this fall, was diagnosed with a broken left foot Wednesday and will undergo surgery Friday, according to reports in the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times. He is expected to miss offseason workouts but return to the court in time for the beginning of formal practices this fall.

Joe's father, Kelby Krabbenhoft, told The Capital Times that his son aggravated an old break that he originally suffered at the beginning of his junior year but that the break was not as bad as they initially thought.

"… It was so much less dramatic than what I thought we were going to see," Kelby Krabbenhoft told the paper. "This was just a little kind of halfway-through-the-bone kind of crack."

In speaking with Thursday, Kelby Krabbenhoft confirmed that Joe Krabbenhoft had been diagnosed with a broken left foot and that surgery would take place Friday, but he declined further comment.

In an interview Tuesday, Kelby Krabbenhoft said that until recently Joe had not experienced any trouble with the foot since returning to action about a year ago. He may have injured the foot about two weeks ago while scrimmaging with Josh Mueller, who was a senior point guard at the University of South Dakota last season. Mueller's father was Krabbenhoft's AAU coach.

"They were really going hard at it and he thinks he cut hard one time and it (was) just kind of goofy," Kelby said. "He thinks that might have been it. That might have been about 10 days ago or so."

But Krabbenhoft continued to play every day, including playing pickup games with roommates and fellow class of 2005 recruits Marcus Landry and Mickey Perry on Saturday and Sunday in Madison. Monday, UW athletic trainer Henry Perez-Guerra diagnosed Krabbenhoft with a left foot injury.

"This really caught us all by surprise," Kelby said. "He was having so much fun with Mickey and Marcus. He said, ‘God you guys, I was whooping on you and I was playing on a broken foot.'"

Krabbenhoft originally suffered a stress fracture in his left foot early in his junior year at Sioux Falls (S.D.) Roosevelt High School. He played about half the season, then broke the foot again late in the season. During surgery, a screw was inserted in the foot to help with the healing process, but Kelby said it was a problem from the beginning.

"It's been bent from the day it went in and it causes undue tension on that foot," he said. "We thought it had all healed over. And it had obviously. He'd been playing on it for a year now and everything went fine."

Kelby told The Capital Times that that screw will be removed Friday, at which point the surgeon will determine whether or not to replace it with a new screw.

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