Fall camp report: Aug. 15 AM

News and notes from Monday morning's practice on the first day of two-a-days

Monday marks the first of five days during fall training camp where the Badgers will have two practices. They did some 7-on-7, 9-on-9 and 11-on-11 scrimmaging, but without full tackling.

News and notes:

  • After having a tough time during Sunday's live scrimmage, the Badgers passing game did better during 7-on-7 work Monday morning. First-team quarterback John Stocco was in a good rhythm and it helped that his receivers did a fine job of working open. On one play, however, Stocco had to put the ball in a tough spot along the sideline to give Jonathan Orr a chance to catch it before going out of bounds. Stocco's throw was on target and Orr did a good job to pull it in with corner Brett Bell in tight coverage.
  • Stocco also made a good throw to Brandon Williams along the sideline during this portion of practice.
  • Jammar Crane has been receiving an increasing number of reps with the first defense at will linebacker as camp progresses. Dontez Sanders still looks set as the starter, but Crane can contribute. He is very quick off the edge and can cover a lot of ground.
  • After struggling a little to get his feet wet the first few days of practice, true freshman tailback Jerry Butler is starting to turn it on. He has exceptional speed and has decent enough hands that he could be a good option as a pass receiver out of the backfield in the years to come. Butler is a slightly built back who has had limited success running inside, but he has shown a better-than-respectable willingness to mix it up between the tackles. He had a pretty impressive run during 11-on-11 work, where he picked his way through the line and sped into the secondary, before free safety Zach Hampton got a hold of him.
  • Butler has a good player to learn from in Brian Calhoun, another fleet footed back who does not pack on the pounds. Calhoun has learned to be a solid enough runner between the tackles and he is a treat to watch in the open field. Monday he caught a short pass in the flats and sprinted out to a 30-yard gain before the defense converged.
  • Corner Shane Carter, a freshman who has had a pretty good camp, made a few plays Monday morning. He had an interception in 11-on-11 work and he broke up a Tyler Donovan pass intended for Jarvis Minton during 7-on-7 competition.
  • The Monday morning practice was tailback Booker Stanley's fourth of fall camp, after serving a two-practice suspension. As such, it was his second and final workout in shorts and a helmet. He can wear full pads for the Monday evening practice. Stanley, though, still took some reps at tailback in the non-tackling scrimmage sessions Monday morning. He was a little rusty but did a good job making his cuts and had a good run off left tackle where he cut toward the sideline and showed a burst through the hole.
  • Defensive end Kurt Ware wrapped up Stanley in the backfield during the 9-on-9 segment of practice.
  • Defensive tackle Nick Hayden also had a ‘wrap up' for loss.
  • Senior tight end Joel Nellis caught a pass deep along the sideline from Donovan during 7-on-7 work. The defensive back trying to cover Nellis fell down after he made the catch, allowing Nellis to run into the clear for what would have been a long touchdown had the play been completely live.
  • During 11-on-11 work, tailback Jamil Walker took a handoff running left, danced a couple times around the hole and was stuffed near the line of scrimmage by Dontez Sanders. Running backs coach Brian White promptly admonished him to cut once and stick with it.
  • On the next play, Walker did just what his coach asked of him, and saw a positive result. He cut off guard, lowered his shoulder and surged forward for about three yards. It was a short run, but it very easily could have been no gain.
  • Freshman defensive end Matt Shaughnessy continues to work with the second defense. Shaughnessy looks impressive in flashes, as he did when he diagnosed a John Stocco roll out, tracked the quarterback to his left and batted down a pass attempt.
  • True freshman guard Andy Kemp had a very good practice. He made a nice block to spring a back on a screen pass, and he also showed good mobility in pulling to clear a lane for Walker.
  • Kemp played left guard with the first team a little Monday, when center Donovan Raiola was taking a breather. In Raiola's place, right guard Jason Palermo shifted to center and left guard Matt Lawrence flipped to right guard.
  • During live kickoff work, Taylor Mehlhaff put both of his kicks into the end zone, though the second did not have ideal hang time. Adam Schober hit one of his two kickoffs into the end zone.
  • The Badgers closed practice with a freshman-dominated scrimmage.
    • True freshman quarterback Dustin Sherer directed the offense and on the second play of the segment he delivered a pretty pass to true freshman walk-on Matt Gifford on the left sideline for a gain of 11.
    • It proved to be an up-and-down session for Sherer. He throws a nice ball, but he missed a few receivers. However, Sherer closed well. He hit Luke Swan for 24 yards over the middle to the 18 and three plays later found freshman tight end Garrett Graham for a 14-yard touchdown pass.
    • Butler had a 14-yard run early in the practice-ending scrimmage session.

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