Fall camp report: Depth update

A glance at University of Wisconsin football players ‘in the depth'

The University of Wisconsin football team opened its second-to-last two-a-day practice day Monday morning at Camp Randall Stadium. The Badgers have now broken into scouts and those ‘in the depth' as they prepare for their season opener against Bowling Green Sept. 3.

A quick look at the depth:


In the depthJohn Stocco and Tyler Donovan.

Scout teamDustin Sherer, Bryan Savage and Matt Morrison.

Notes — Stocco has not been challenged this fall. Only change since camp opened is Sherer moving ahead of Savage to No. 3.


In the depthBrian Calhoun, Booker Stanley, Jamil Walker, Jerry Butler.

Scout teamDywon Rowan and Dion Foster.

NotesP.J. Hill is hurt, otherwise he would likely be in the depth. Butler also worked with the scouts Monday.


In the depthMatt Bernstein, Bill Rentmeester and Chris Pressley.

Scout team — None

NotesJosh Balts will be in this mix when school starts, but he has not taken part in camp.

Tight ends

In the depthOwen Daniels, Jason Pociask, Sean Lewis and Joel Nellis.

Scout teamDave Peck, Jae McFadden, Garrett Graham and Matt Brown.

Notes — Daniels and Pociask are still co-No. 1 and Lewis and Nellis are co-No. 3, depending on situation.


In the depthBrandon Williams, Jonathan Orr, Brandon White, Marcus Randle El, Jarvis Minton and Luke Swan.

Scout teamPaul Hubbard, T.J. Theus, Derek Konkol, Matt Gifford, Shane Phillips and Joe Molenda.

NotesJeff Holzbauer should join the depth when he returns from injury after camp.

Offensive line

In the depth — Tackles Joe Thomas, Kraig Urbik and Eric Vanden Heuvel, guards Jason Palermo, Matt Lawrence and Andy Kemp, centers Donovan Raiola and Marcus Coleman.

Scout teamDanny Kaye, Andrew Weininger, Mike Van Someren, Luke Knauf, Dirk Watters, Mike Lenzendorf.

Notes — Palermo is the effective No. 2 at center; Lawrence is effective No. 2 at right guard; Thomas is effective No. 2 at right tackle.

Defensive line

In the depth — Ends Jamal Cooper, Joe Monty, Kurt Ware, Matt Shaughnessy and Brandon Kelly. Tackles Nick Hayden, Jason Chapman, Mike Newkirk and Gino Cruse.

Scout team — Ends Terrance Jamison, Brian Behnke and Adam Purcell, tackles Dan Cascone, Jeff Stehle and Derek Yentz.

NotesJustin Ostrowski, the team's top tackle, is out indefinitely with a right knee injury. Another tackle, Mark Gorman, is also injured and has not taken part in camp.


In the depthMark Zalewski, Dontez Sanders, LaMarr Watkins, Andy Crooks, Josh Neal, Casey Hogan and Ben Landgraf.

Scout teamElijah Hodge, Travis Beckum, DeAndre Levy, Jammar Crane, Elliot Goode, O'Brien Schofield, Paul Joran and Victor Meckstroth.

Notes — Beckum, Hodge and Levy all worked in with the second-team defense during team work Monday and are still expected to have a good chance at playing this year.


In the depth — Corners Brett Bell, Levonne Rowan, Jack Ikegwuonu, Allen Langford, Ben Strickland and Antonio Freeman, safety/corners Roderick Rogers and Shane Carter and safeties Johnny White, Zach Hampton and Joe Stellmacher.

Scout team — Corners Prince Moody and Jameson Davis and safeties Aubrey Pleasant, James Kamoku, Jonathan Casillas, Jarmal Ruffin and William Hartmann.

Notes — Hampton appears to have the edge at nickel back. Pleasant remains prominent in the special teams depth.

Special teams

Brandon Williams has the edge at both kick and punt returner.

Ken DeBauche remains the punter and Taylor Mehlhaff will likely be the kicker.

Steve Johnson is the long snapper.

Editor's note: A separate Aug. 22 morning practice report will be filed to complement this edition.

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