Fall camp report: Aug. 24 AM

News and notes from the Badgers' Wednesday morning workout

The University of Wisconsin practiced Wednesday morning at Camp Randall stadium, opening the last day of two-a-day practices this year. The Badgers' fall training camp has three practices remaining, wrapping up with a workout Friday.

  • Early in a training camp the story is almost always the same during scrimmage segments: the defense dominating the offense. Such was the case for the Badgers this year. Last year, however, the defense maintained that domination practically unabated throughout camp. This camp has been different. Lately, the offense has flexed its muscles from time to time. Never was that more pronounced than during this morning's red zone work.
    • The first-team offense had two cracks at the first team-defense with a first-and-goal from the 5. Each time the offense scored in two plays. The offense then one-upped itself, needing only one play to reach the end zone on two first-and-goal opportunities from the 10, again versus the first-team defense.
    • The second-team offense was not quite as efficient in its matchup with the second-team defense, but still scored touchdowns on all three possessions. The second-team offense needed three plays from the 5, and two plays from the 10.
  • Starting quarterback John Stocco had one of his best practices. He was in a good rhythm throughout the day and threw several nice deep passes, though receivers could not quite make a play on some of them.
    • After rattling off completions to Brandon Williams and Owen Daniels in 7-on-7 work, Stocco threw a good deep pass, but the receiver had it slip through his out-stretched hands.
    • In 11-on-11 play, Stocco hit an open Owen Daniels in stride for what would have been a 60-yard score in a live situation.
    • One play later, Stocco hooked up with Daniels for about 30 yards.
    • Stocco connected with Brian Calhoun on what would have been an 80-yard touchdown had the 7-on-7 segment been entirely live.
    • Stocco threw a good deep pass to Jonathan Orr, but true freshman Shane Carter got his right arm up to bat the ball away some 50 yards downfield.
  • Jason Chapman made a good play during 11-on-11 work to get penetration into the backfield, allowing Johnny White to finish off a ‘tackle' for loss on Brian Calhoun.
  • Dywon Rowan may have fallen to fifth on the depth chart at tailback, but he will be a highly regarded player on the scout team. Rowan is a try-hard guy who gives the defense a very good look. A tough runner, Rowan scored two touchdowns during the red zone segment.
  • Gino Cruse made a very good play during the red zone segment, one of the few bright spots for the defense during that period. Cruse effectively collapsed the offensive line, allowing Brandon Kelly and Joe Stellmacher to clog the lane and stop a running play at the line of scrimmage.
  • For the second consecutive practice, second-team defensive tackle Mike Newkirk intercepted an attempted screen pass versus the scout team.
  • Luke Swan continues to enjoy a strong camp. He leapt up to catch a Dustin Sherer pass along the sideline during 7-on-7 work.
  • Swan also caught a deep pass from Tyler Donovan down the left sideline and might have scored in a live scenario.
  • Paul Hubbard made a strong catch a Donovan pass along the right sideline. The quarterback was only able to deliver the ball because of a good blitz pickup.
  • Carter, who opened camp primarily as a cornerback, is now playing mostly free safety. Carter did a good job filling a running lane to stop tailback Booker Stanley during 9-on-9 work.
  • The second team linebackers during team work were typically true freshmen DeAndre Levy (will), Travis Beckum (sam) and Elijah Hodge (mike). Levy also took some reps with the first team.
  • One of the best collisions of the day occurred when guard Jason Palermo came pulling around the corner and met up with Hodge. Each player looked a bit staggered afterward.

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