Barry Alvarez, Big Ten teleconference

UW football coach discussed the Badgers' upcoming season opener with regional media

Opening statement

"We are just completing our camp right now. Our school doesn't start until Friday. Like I'm sure most of the coaches I'm anxious to see what this team's all about because we have so many new starters, lost so many to graduation, really felt that it was important to have a very physical camp and have them game ready for this Saturday. We've been pleased with the camp and I'm anxious to see what we're all about.

"We play an excellent opponent in Bowling Green. A team that returns a number of starters from an excellent squad from last year. We know that we'll certainly have our hands full this weekend."

On scheduling Bowling Green:

"I don't really remember when we scheduled the game. Many times when you're scheduling you are looking for someone that would be willing to play you up at home. I think if I'm not mistaken I think… it was probably about four or five years ago where we got a 2-for-1 and our one game's going to be played in Cleveland Stadium next year. I just thought for recruiting as many kids as we have in the east that there would be something that would be appealing to us."

On Larry Station being inducted into Iowa's Hall of Fame this week:

"Larry was really a special player and a person. Highly recruited. Was a state champ in the shot and disc if I remember properly, was a Midlands tennis champ. Had a record in weight lifting, he was a national honor society student. I still use him as an example of someone and how you mentally prepare yourself. He was injured probably our third practice, couldn't practice through the preseason yet really didn't miss a day of practice because of how he mentally prepared himself and when he had the opportunity performed so well and ended up being an All-American freshman team and I think first or second team All Big Ten that year and was a three-team All-Big Ten and All-American after that. He was just a joy to coach; someone that really was a student of the game and I really want to congratulate him. When I read that last week I wanted to drop him a line and congratulate him."

How do you think his tennis helped him as a football player?

"I think that really helps as far as the movement in tennis probably is very similar to that as a linebacker, his lateral movement, he always had a base. Larry was never knocked off his feet. I think if you study those movements you would see the same type of movement as you would as a linebacker."

Does Omar Jacobs compare with any other type of quarterback you guys play in the conference? And does he put more pressure on the secondary or the linebackers and the guys up front?

"I think that's his strength. I think he puts pressure on every one. Obviously very intelligent, knows where to go with the football. Their scheme helps him. Yet the scheme doesn't win games. It's the quarterback executing the scheme. But he gets the ball to where it needs to be. You see people miss-aligned, he takes advantage of it. Yet he can still run option and make you defend the option. He can pull the ball down and run. He's an excellent runner, has tremendous size. He can sprint out and pass to get the ball on the edge. He's very difficult to get pressure on because he gets rid of it so soon, when they put him out on the edge, on the sprintout and that type thing.

"I don't know if there's anyone else in our league. Brett Basanez runs a similar type offense, creates similar problems, but they are different players."

On Brian Calhoun

"Brian's a really multi-talented running back. Really could play wide receiver for us and we'll use him that way. We'll jump him out of the backfield and split him out wide. He has sprinter's speed. He runs on our track team. He's elusive. He's a multi-talented, very gifted running back.

"And the good thing about him, he's played in big games, having played as a true freshman and sophomore when he was at Colorado, he's been exposed to big stadiums, good football teams, at this level of play."

How did the throwback uniforms come about and what do the kids think of those?

"We're having our grand opening of the stadium renovation. All week really we're having a celebration to celebrate the Camp Randall legacy. And one of our senior staff members came up with the idea of possibly tying the legacy with the throwback uniforms of the ‘60s when, our '62 team went to the Rose Bowl and had that great game against Southern Cal. I think we ended up ranked second in the country. It would be Pat Richter's senior year. I think it caught on. We presented it to our players last spring. And they were exciting about it. They are really, really excited about wearing those uniforms."

[Editor's note: the throwback uniforms are tied into the last time Camp Randall was remodeled, in 1966.]

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