UW/BGSU postgame, Brian White quotes/audio

Postgame comments from UW co-offensive coordinator Brian White, following Badgers' 56-42 win over Bowling Green. With an audio file.

Regarding Booker Stanley's performance. Stanley ran for 103 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries.

"He showed today, No. 1, what sort of character he has, what sort of competitor he is. And I'm just really proud of him. I admire Book and I like coaching him."

On the offensive line's blocking:

"Yeah, I would say they did more than a pretty good job. Young offensive line. Three new starters. They dominated and our tight ends dominated the point of attack… We had clean entry on a lot of things for our fullback to be able to block. It was fun, it was a fun day."

Usually when a team gets down early they throw the ball to get back into it, but you went the opposite direction…

"Well, you can't panic. Coach Alvarez talked to the team last night about not flinching. You are playing against an outstanding offense. They are going to get yards, they are going to score points. They do against everybody. The important thing is to stay in character and just maintain your identity. Just play. If something bad happens play the next play, good things will happen. I thought we did that. I really believe that our offensive line showed tremendous leadership and poise. And we didn't flinch. In a game like that you easily could."

On being on the sidelines instead of in the press box:

"It was fun."

When was the last time?

"'98, Rose Bowl. Or '99 Rose Bowl….

"Well it is because you get the flavor of the game. You hear the hits and you get to feel the pulse of your players in particular. While you're communicating with them in between series from the press box you don't. I mean you get a sense; the advantage of being up in the press box is you see more and you don't have the chaos of a sideline. But you definitely miss out on the flavor of the game and the different pendulum swings that occur during a game and how you need to adjust to it to be able to settle your team down and to keep focused and get them back to play the next play. I thought we did a great job of that today as a staff."

On Joe Thomas:

"Kind of basically sealing him? What were you, like sleeping during that game? He was owning him. It's critical. When you can establish the line of scrimmage and allow clean entry for our backs, our fullbacks in particular or our motion tight ends to block the secondary support people, it makes all the difference in the world. We did a phenomenal job today, our offensive line and tight ends, of handling the point and it showed.

Running left not a bad idea on this team?

"You're pretty smart. You've got eyes."

…. You've kind of been the pied piper of Brian Calhoun this offseason talking about you wouldn't trade him for any back in the country. What's the feeling inside of you now that everybody in the country has gotten a chance to see that he's living up to those words?

"Brian is a very, very talented player. My challenge to him throughout the offseason and throughout this summer was, how long can you sustain your concentration? How good do you want to be? How long can you be special? That's a function of concentration. Taking concentrated reps in practice. He's got tremendous instincts. He's got great vision, tremendous body control, balance, hands, and I think the way you saw it today too, he finished some runs. That power on the goal line… that was fun to see him really embrace that sort of running.

"I couldn't have been happier for him. He sacrificed a lot. He's been through an awful lot this past year. He's taken advantage of his year here through strength and conditioning, working with coach (John) Dettmann and adjusting academically."

On quarterback John Stocco:

"I would say so. We had a lot of big hits and I thought he made some outstanding decisions and was accurate throwing the ball."

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