UW/BGSU postgame, Chryst quotes/audio

Comments from co-offensive coordinator Paul Chryst, following Badgers' 56-42 win over Bowling Green

"We were able to get some stuff going on the ground, so we wanted to make sure, this type of game, we were going to be playing against an explosive offense, to try to chew up the clock. That's what concerned us early, we weren't taking care of that. So It was good to get it going."

How much of a factor was the interception John (Stocco) threw…. I think after that is when you guys really —

"Not at all. As far as… he just missed it on that one, and was late throwing down the middle. But that didn't really enter into the decision that lost confidence in John or wanted to take some pressure off him. (Those are), I think, two separate issues really."

Did you feel like the offensive line and (fullback Matt) Bernstein really took the game over in the third quarter?

"It was funny. I thought the second and third quarter we had a feeling going in at halftime that they were going to make some adjustments but that we had to try to keep pounding them and were able to do so."

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