Big Ten teleconference: Calhoun audio/quotes

UW junior tailback spoke with regional media during Big Ten teleconference. Topics included his 258-yard, 5-touchdown performance and why he transferred to Wisconsin.

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Opening statement

"Obviously it was a great win for our team. Offense came out and kind of controlled the game once we got the flow of things. Really we had great play by, you know, our receivers played great. Our offensive line blocked really well. (Tight ends) Owen Daniels, Jason Pociask, (and fullback) Matt Bernstein, they also played a great game."

… I was reading that a major reason why you transferred from Colorado was that coach (Gary) Barnett wanted to move you to wide receiver. If you could just kind of tell me more about that story and also why you didn't attend Wisconsin in the first place?

"Coach Barnett came to me in the spring and asked me if I wanted to consider the move to wide receiver. I really didn't think that was the best switch for me. We talked about it all spring and really it came to the conclusion where that was probably best that we both split ways. The main reason why I chose Colorado over Wisconsin (originally) was probably my running backs coach at the time was coach Eric Bienemy, who now is at UCLA. We definitely formed a great relationship and that's one of the main reasons why I chose Colorado over Wisconsin."

You told the Colorado coaches that you were probably going to come back to Wisconsin, did they then try to ask you to stay, did they say, okay, we'll move you back to tailback, anything like that?

"It was a little bit back and forth but by that time I already had my mind set up on transferring from the University of Colorado. So it was kind of too late by the time they kind of came to their senses I guess."

Your major is agricultural journalism…. What are you hoping to do eventually with that?

"Hopefully I can do something like your job, maybe be a writer, do some sports broadcasting or something in that line."

Have you ever seen a fullback quite like Bernstein? The first time you saw him, what did you think, did you wonder what an offensive lineman was doing in the backfield?

"… Obviously he's bigger than most fullbacks, and I actually played with a pretty good at Colorado, but really nobody compares to Matt. He's a great guy. He really leaves everything out on the field. It's a pleasure to play with him."

What was it like watching the tape of the game, and the way he was blowing guys up? Were there any memorable plays where he just destroyed the defender from Saturday's game?

"Well, yeah, he had actually more than a few. He's just a great competitor and really I'm just glad he's on my team blocking for me."

Tell me what it was like kind of the night and the next day after that big carry game. How are you feeling and how have you since recuperated from carrying the ball that many times?

"… I had a lot of family and friends come up for the game. We went out to eat afterwards… Actually I felt fine. It didn't really feel like I carried the ball 43 times. As long as I can keep my body up to par than I think I'll be fine for the rest of the season."

Did you have an idea, sort of in your mind's eye, a picture of what your first game might be like at Wisconsin. Did you ever envision anything like this?

"Actually I didn't. Obviously I just wanted to play well enough for our team to win. And obviously I think I exceeded those (goals). But it was just exciting to be out there again and I'm glad we got the win."

….With the scandal that they (Colorado) went through, did that have any influence on your desire to come back home?

"Absolutely not. Obviously a lot of that stuff came up not true and it was false. So really that had nothing to do with my decision."

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