Vaughn discusses recent trips

Mass. safety took unofficial visits to two of his favorites — Wisconsin and Connecticut — in August

Robert Vaughn, a 6-foot, 195-pound safety from North Attleboro, Mass., said Monday that he is receiving the most interest from Connecticut and Wisconsin. He has scholarship offers from those two schools along with Temple, New Hampshire and Northeastern.

Vaughn made an unofficial visit to Wisconsin Aug. 18-20, during the Badgers' fall camp.

"I went to every practice, went to the meetings, ate with them and everything in the cafeteria," Vaughn said. "Basically they showed me around. The first thing they did when I got there was I had a meeting with the academic advisor. I had a nice long talk with him. I had a nice long talk with (defensive backs coach Ron) Lee… And I really liked him a lot.

"I met coach Bret Bielema, the guy that's going to be taking over for (head coach Barry) Alvarez. And I got to know him a little bit."

Vaughn was impressed with newly remodeled Camp Randall Stadium.

"Actually the thing I liked the most about Wisconsin was the stadium is really pro-orientated. Like everything is in the stadium: the academics center, the weight room, sports medicine, the cafeteria, the meeting rooms. You don't see that at a lot of colleges… the indoor facility is right next to the stadium. At a lot of colleges I've been to, everything is spread out and everything. But mostly I liked the competition at the practices, and the way the coaches teach them and everything…. They are not afraid to play you if you're the best one on the field. There's no favorites or anything, which I like a lot."

Vaughn said that when he was eating with the players or going to meetings with them, he was able to pick their brains regarding their experiences at Wisconsin.

"That was actually one of the best parts about it too," he said. "The players are pretty honest. So I asked them a lot of questions. And they told me a lot of stuff that I wanted to hear. But you could tell they were being honest because they had some bad things to say and some good things to say. Every question I had was definitely answered the right way I wanted it to, which I liked a lot. So I definitely got to hang out with the players and see their perspective with everything."

Vaughn also took an unofficial trip to UConn recently, attending a fall camp scrimmage Aug. 13. Connecticut moved into a new football stadium, Rentschler Field, two years ago, and two new facilities, a football complex and an indoor training center with a full-length playing surface, will be unveiled in the summer of 2006. The athletic facilities are on campus in East Hartford, about 20 miles west of the main campus in Storrs.

"I got to see their competition and their facility actually isn't done yet," Vaughn said. "…The steel is up right now. I basically got to see like the picture of it….They explained everything that's going to be in there and how everything's going to work. And it was really exciting. They are going to have like a whole new indoor turf field… It's just the one big football complex, with the weight room and academic center, all that kind of stuff. It's basically like Wisconsin's stadium. Everything, you are going to be in that place for the whole day, except their stadium is in Hartford."

Connecticut and Wisconsin are set among Vaughn's favorites.

"Those are definitely my two most interested schools; the two that are recruiting me the hardest," Vaughn said. "So I've put them in my top five. I'm just really not sure (what) my other three are."

Vaughn said he is waiting to see what schools show him interest before filling out the rest of his top five. He is receiving consistent interest from Notre Dame, Syracuse, Boston College, Temple, New Hampshire and Northeastern, and some lighter interest from Missouri, Penn State and Pittsburgh. He is still hoping to hear from Ohio State and Tennessee as well.

Vaughn has yet to set up any official visits.

"I actually talked to my mom about that," he said. "We are going to do that really soon. I'm definitely using Wisconsin as one of my officials. And it looks like possibly we might be going for the Purdue game (Oct. 22)."

Vaughn said he planned to call UW co-offensive coordinator Brian White, who is recruiting him for Wisconsin, to set up his official visit.

He has not decided whether or not to take an official to UConn.

"I really don't know yet, but if it comes down to that than I probably will," he said. "….If I don't take an official there, then I'm definitely going to be going up for some games because I only live like an hour-and-a-half away. So I'll definitely be going up there again. But I'm not positive about the official there yet cause I'm trying to see what other schools I can use my officials for that I haven't seen."

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