Football photo gallery 5

Images from Wisconsin's 65-0 win over Temple

Quarterback John Stocco calls out the cadence before receiving the snap from center Donovan Raiola.

Mark Zalewski, 41, LaMarr Watkins, 24, and Joe Stellmacher, 16, celebrate a defensive stop.

Joe Thomas pass protects against Temple defensive end Randy Wormley.

Dontez Sanders, 14, peers in on Temple quarterback Mike McGann.

Jason Chapman pass rushes against Temple center Alex Derenthal.

Defenisve tackle Gino Cruse pursues Temple running back Umar Ferguson.

Tyler Donovan takes a center snap from Jason Palermo.

Joel Nellis leads Badger charge with block on Temple defensive end Mike Mendenhall.

Jamil Walker runs for daylight as Tyler Donovan sells a fake.

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