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Receiver discussed utilizing the screen pass, hoping to gain respect with a win over UNC and more

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On the potential effect of Owen Daniels' three-touchdown game on opposing defenses:

"I hope that make them double team Owen, leave me and JO (Jonathan Orr) free. Put a linebacker on (tailback Brian) Calhoun and then we go to town. But I don't know. That's a tough question. I'm not a d coordinator so it'd be tough. I don't know what they are going to do. But I just hope they are giving me the ball."

You guys have been showing more screen passing the last couple games. Is that another wrinkle in this offense?

"We've got some screens that we have yet to come out with, but with the addition of BC, he's just a dynamic guy. He can take it the distance at any given time. So trying to get the ball in his hands as much as possible is always a good thing."

Coach Chryst really seems to like those screens. Are you a fan of them too?

"Yeah, I like screens, as long as it gets blocked and we can get up field, get some positive yards, that's always a good thing."

Do you like that one that you ran in week one when you have (left tackle) Joe (Thomas come out and block the corner)?

"Oh yeah. We practice that one a lot. And every time he pretty much crushed the cornerback. So I'm just looking forward to him just keeping on crushing the cornerback so we can get some positive yards."

What's the look on a cornerback after that play?

"Well the last week the guy was a little woozy. I hope they scouting that play."

How much do your corners appreciate that (in practice)?

"Well, I don't think he lays it as thick as he do in a game. But they on be ready for it. So they be like, ‘Whoa, 72 running out there, 300 pounds. Can't get any of that action."

You go up against the defense every day in practice. Is the defense closer to the type that pitched a shutout against Temple, or is it Bowling Green, getting passed all over? What's your impressions of the defense?

"I mean our defense is fast, like really fast. Going against Bowling, man, that's just Bowling Green. Omar Jacobs does that every week. He probably does it day in and day out in practice. Their offense is good. And our defense right now is somewhere in between that. ‘Cause Temple offense was not that good last week. But right now I think our defense is in between those two games. And this game, this week will really show where they're at."

[Does playing against another team from a BCS conference fire you up a little bit more?]

"Most definitely. Going on the road and playing against an ACC team, which has teams like Florida State, Miami (Fla.) and teams like that. Virginia Tech? Yeah, so, it's always good to go against competition like and just show what we can do. Because you never know. They might beat Miami again, or beat Tech, and we can be like, ‘Hey, we beat them, so, why we can't get in the BCS Championships?"

Any more end zone dives in your future?

"No. I have been informed that I cannot dive in the end zone anymore. But I'll just run in as many times as possible."

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Do you think there are still some skeptics out there about this team? Because you beat two MAC teams.

"Yeah, it's going to be some skeptics always. But when you put up numbers like we have. It's something behind all of that. It ain't just the other team is just terrible… We (are) playing ball and we (are) executing our game plan. Whenever a team is doing that they can come out and win on any given day."

A win over North Carolina obviously would help shut those people up, right?

"A win over North Carolina would be good, you know, being undefeated in our non-conference schedule. Getting ready for a big game. You know, hopefully we'll be ranked after that game. But right now we just need to focus on really beating North Carolina, really making a statement, because it is a night game and everybody's going to be watching. So, we got to go out there and do what we do."

You've been asked a few times and talked a lot about being healthy this year. How big of difference is that? Is it a step or two? Just how much better do you feel?

"I just feel much more explosive. I feel like I… have a little breakaway speed, you know, that I can just go the distance. I feel a lot stronger. So that feeling right there is always good."

Do you look back on the last couple seasons, any plays where you thought, if I would have had this burst, maybe I could have (made a bigger play)?

"Yeah, it is a couple plays that I could have turned from like 10-, 11-yard gains to 20, 30. But hopefully this year I'll be able to show that ability this year."

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