Mehlhaff gets his kick, misses a point

Kicker has 19 points in just two games this season

Taylor Mehlhaff's leg ought to be a bit tired after the past two weeks. For the second consecutive game, Mehlhaff tied a University of Wisconsin school record with eight made extra points. In the midst of the Badgers' 121-point two-game barrage Mehlhaff has contributed 19 points and has had to kick off 20 times.

The sophomore made his first and only field goal attempt of his career Saturday, a 39-yarder that opened UW's scoring in a 65-0 win over Temple.

"My first one going out there, it is good to just get that first one out of the way," Mehlhaff said. "I'm confident right now. I feel good. It's just getting that first one out of the way, I think was good and I would have liked to have attempted a few more."

Mehlhaff, however, missed an extra point following Brandon Williams' 66-yard punt return for a touchdown. Before every kick, Mehlhaff tries to take one or two practice kicks into a net on the sidelines. But Williams' quick touchdown forced him to run out on the field without his normal preparation.

"I was pretty disappointed with that extra point… I was sitting there right after getting done kicking off and B Will takes it to the house," Mehlhaff said. "And I was running over there grabbing my helmet. I didn't take a kick in the net. That's not an excuse but when I was going out there I was just thinking in my head, ‘Man, I didn't even get a kick in.' And I think I just had a mental lapse on that. I wasn't mentally focused enough."

Mehlhaff said he lifted his head up and miss-hit the point-after try.

"I wasn't focused enough like I should have been," he said.

Mehlhaff, who was a kickoff specialist for UW last year, never had to kick in high school as often as he has the past two weeks.

"In high school we never beat teams that bad," he said. "And it's different in college too because the average Big Ten game is about three-and-a-half hours. And before every kick I take I try to take one or two over in the net just to kind of get the feel for it. That's a lot of kicks in a day."

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