Kendricks considering visits

Highly regarded Milwaukee wide receiver has favorites in mind and four preferred official destinations

Lance Kendricks is starting to figure out his travel plans.

The No. 2 prospect in the state of the Wisconsin and's No. 23 wide receiver prospect in the nation, Kendricks (6-foot-4, 205 pounds) has five scholarship offers, with several major programs also taking a close look.

In a telephone interview Monday night, Kendricks said he has two favorites in mind.

"My two most favorites right now would have to be Wisconsin and LSU," he said.

Why are the Badgers and Tigers atop Kendricks' list?

"Well, because Wisconsin I know about, I know a lot about the program already," Kendricks said. "It's like they've already been at the top of my list since I know so much about them, and I've been to like three camps and… Basically that is where I feel the most comfortable because I've been there so many times.

"And LSU because I have a pretty good connection with Coach Monken (wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator Todd Monken)."

Kendricks has offers from the Badgers and Tigers, along with Arkansas, Purdue and, most recently, Indiana.

The Milwaukee King product plans to take all five of his official visits before making a decision, and he has four of his destinations in mind. However, he currently does not plan to take an official to Wisconsin, despite that school's status as one of his co-leaders.

"I might go to Wisconsin, but I've been there so many times, it's like I know basically everything that a recruited athlete would need to know about Wisconsin," Kendricks said. "I go there a lot. I'm actually going there this Saturday for a game."

Kendricks has scheduled one official visit, Oct. 21 to LSU. It will be his first trip to Baton Rouge, La.

Kendricks also plans on making an official visit to Arkansas. He said he may schedule that trip this week.

The Tigers and Razorbacks appear assured of receiving officials from Kendricks. The other three slots, however, depend on how six schools that Kendricks is interested in react to his early senior tape. Kendricks planned to send out a highlight tape from his first four games this season to Oklahoma, UCLA, Tennessee, Michigan State, Iowa and Notre Dame.

After LSU and Arkansas, Kendricks said that Oklahoma and UCLA are clearly next on his official visit wish list. The fifth trip will go to a Big Ten school, he said, potentially Michigan State.

If Oklahoma or UCLA pull back their interest in him, Kendricks said he will use those official visit slots on Big Ten programs.

Oklahoma's interest in Kendricks is a recent development spurred on by Kendrick's prowess in track and a coaching change that affected the Badgers and Sooners.

Kendricks is one of the nation's best triple jumpers. So when long-time University of Wisconsin assistant men's track and field coach Mark Napier was hired by Oklahoma last month, he brought with him a knowledge of Kendricks' abilities to Norman.

Napier coached field and multiple events while with the Badgers, including triple jump. At Oklahoma he is the men's and women's pole vault, throws and decathlon coach.

Once set up in Oklahoma, Napier talked to head football coach Bob Stoops about recruiting Kendricks for both sports. Kendricks has long maintained that he wants to attend a school with prominent track and football programs.

"They don't recruit Wisconsin, so I sent them one of my tapes," Kendricks said. "And they were like, ‘Oh yeah, he's pretty good. Let's see some more tape.'

"So that's what I'm doing now. I'm making the tape so they can see some more."

A coaching change also resulted in Kendricks' interest in Notre Dame, and vice versa. Former UW tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello is in his first year as receivers coach and recruiting coordinator with the Irish. While at Wisconsin, Ianello knew Kendricks from his participation in Badger summer football camps.

UCLA saw Kendricks perform at a USC Nike Camp.

While most of Kendricks' interest has come from Big Ten schools, he has welcomed the attention from further afield.

"I just figured I should always be interested in one good school from each part… of the country," Kendricks said.

"I know they all have different styles of playing and different styles of coaching," he said. "So I would just like to see all the different styles of coaching and playing and recruiting. I just want to see all the different kinds of things that go on."

After Kendricks sends out his early season film, he will have to play the waiting game, while his suitors digest it and make their decisions on a scholarship offer.

How long is Kendricks willing to wait?

"I don't really have too much of a time limit," Kendricks said. "I feel like, whenever I take all five official visits, that's when I'm going to make my decision. Not necessarily wait until Feb. 1. Just wait until I'm comfortable with what I decide to go. But I want to make sure I take all of my visits first."

At this point it looks like Indiana is on the outside looking in, but Kendricks does have a connection to the Hoosiers. He is friends with IU freshman receiver Nick Polk, who graduated from Milwaukee Vincent last spring. Kendricks competed in football and track against Polk in the Milwaukee City Conference.

"From what he tells me it's pretty nice," Kendricks said. "I haven't really researched it and looked into it too much. From what I hear about it, it's pretty nice."

Kendricks said he has so far only spoken to Polk briefly about his Indiana experiences.

"I didn't have too much time to talk to him but he said it was real nice down there," Kendricks said. "… He said he likes the school a lot and just that the team is, I don't know, I guess he fits in well to the team."

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