Football photo gallery 3

Images from Wisconsin's 41-24 win over Indiana Saturday at Camp Randall

Johnny White, 4, and Dontez Sanders try to make a play on a loose ball.

Brian Calhoun tries to evade Indiana strong safety Will Meyers.

UW left tackle Joe Thomas locks up with IU defensive end Victor Adeyanju.

Jim Sorgi

UW left tackle Joe Thomas contends with IU defensive end Victor Adeyanju as left guard Matt Lawrence blocks defensive tackle Charlie Emerson.

Badger quarterback John Stocco delivers a pass as Joe Thomas, 72, pass blocks.

Tailback Brian Calhoun fights for extra yardage.

Brian Calhoun stretches out as center Donovan Raiola, 53, looks on.

Matt Shaughnessy, 92, tries to turn the corner as Joe Monty approaches IU quarterback Blake Powers.

UW defensive tackle Nick Hayden works against IU guard Adam Hines.

IU's Tyson Beattie gets a punt away.

This play was originally ruled an incomplete pass. But a video review proved that UW receiver Jonathan Orr got a foot in bounds after securing the football, and before striding out of bounds. The touchdown gave Wisconsin a 41-17 fourth-quarter edge.

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