Scoring detail: UW 38, Gophers 34

Scoring summary from Saturday's game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis

Badgers: Brian Calhoun 1 run (Taylor Mehlhaff kick)

Wisconsin 7, Minnesota 0, first quarter, 0:25

Brian Calhoun plunged into the end zone from 1-yard out over the left side of the Badgers' offensive line. Wisconsin lined up in a jumbo formation with a first-and-goal at the 1, and fullback Chris Pressley drove his man well away from Calhoun.

Drive summary: 7 plays, 68 yards, 3:22

Key plays: Quarterback John Stocco connects with receiver Jonathan Orr for 38 yards on a post route to bring up first-and-10 at the Gopher 30. Orr has to reach back to make the catch.

Stocco finds Brandon Williams over the middle of the field for a pass play of 20 yards to the UM 13, converting a third-and-13 situation.

On second-and-four from the 7, Stocco steps up in the pocket and runs toward the end zone, dropping his shoulder but being stopped just shy of the goal line.

Gophers: Matt Spaeth 5 pass from Tony Mortensen (Jason Giannini kick)

Wisconsin 7, Minnesota 7, second quarter, 9:54

Mortensen completed a 5-yard touchdown pass to tight end Matt Spaeth in the back of the end zone. On third-and-goal from the 5, Mortensen faked a handoff to tailback Laurence Maroney, patiently assessed his options and then lofted a pass for Spaeth. UW strong safety Joe Stellmacher had very good coverage on Spaeth, but the tight end still managed to make the scoring catch.

Drive summary 12 plays, 80 yards, 5:31

Key plays: Gary Russell picks up nine yards on the ground to the UW 21 to covert a third-and-one.

On second-and-7 from the 18, Russell ran for 15 yards to the left side. A holding call on the next play, however, pushed the Gophers back to the 13.

Badgers: Taylor Mehlhaff 44 field goal.

Wisconsin 10, Minnesota 7, Second quarter, 6:14

Drive summary: 8 plays, 40 yards, 3:40

Key plays: Facing third-and-11 at the UW 32, quarterback John Stocco completed successive passes to give the Badgers first-and-10 at the Gopher 29. First, Stocco found Jonathan Orr for 13 yards to pick up the first down, despite being hit just after he delivered the pass. Stocco then stepped up in the pocket and found Brandon Williams running from left to right. Williams made a Superman leap through the air to come up with the pass and hit the turf hard, but held on for a 26-yard gain.

On third-and-8 from the Gopher 27, Stocco tried to find Orr in the end zone on a post pattern, but corner Trumaine Banks made a very good play to break up the pass.

Gophers: Jason Giannini 25 field goal

Wisconsin 10, Minnesota 10, Second quarter, 0:00

Drive summary: 8 plays, 50 yards, 3:19

Key plays: On first-and-10 from the UW 45, Minnesota quarterback Tony Mortensen completed a quick pass to receiver Ernie Wheelwright. Cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu then missed the tackle, allowing Wheelwright to sprint down to the Badger 13-yard line.

Senior Brett Bell, who sat earlier in the game in favor of Ikegwuonu, replaced Ikegwuonu after Wheelwright's 32-yard reception. On third-and-three from the UW 6, Bell teamed with linebacker Mark Zalewski to tackle Gopher tailback Laurence Maroney for a loss of two, forcing the field-goal attempt. That play, however, was made by linebacker Paul Joran, who replaced senior strong-side linebacker LaMarr Watkins in goal-line situations Saturday. Joran fired off the line and took out two Gopher blockers, leaving Maroney naked as he ran to the left side.

Gophers: Maroney 93 run (Giannini kick)

Minnesota 17, Wisconsin 10, third quarter, 12:26

Laurence Maroney broke free for a 93-yard touchdown run, giving him 194 yards on 23 carries to that point in the game.

Maroney took a handoff running to the right, but he cut back through a huge hole to the left side. Brett Bell had a chance at him in the secondary, but Maroney evaded him and burst into the clear.

Well down field, Joe Stellmacher tried to dive to stop him but came up empty-handed. Corner Allen Langford, linebacker Dontez Sanders and defensive end Kurt Ware were left trailing the play as Maroney completed his sprint into the end zone.

Drive summary: Two plays, 94 yards, 0:50

Gophers: Giannini 49 field goal

Minnesota 20, Wisconsin 10, third quarter, 8:30

Drive summary: 8 plays, 20 yards, 2:48

Key plays: Opening the drive at the Minnesota 48, reserve tailback Gary Russell runs four straight times for a total of 22 yards.

Badgers: Calhoun 17 run (Mehlhaff kick)

Minnesota 20, Wisconsin 17, third quarter, 3:55

Brian Calhoun cut back to his left for a 17-yard touchdown run, his second scoring run of the game and 13th touchdown of the season. Minnesota defensive back Jamal Harris was called for a personal foul after the play, for a late hit on Calhoun after he was well into the end zone.

Drive summary: 11 plays, 69 yards, 4:35

Key plays: On third-and-10 from the Wisconsin 31, quarterback John Stocco dumped off a pass to Calhoun over the middle and he picked up 14 yards and a first down.

On second-and-10 from the Minnesota 45, Stocco again found Calhoun underneath with a pass, this time for a 10-yard gain and another first down.

Gophers: Gary Russell 37 run (Giannini kick)

Minnesota 27, Wisconsin 17, third quarter, 3:22

Russell took a handoff running right through a big hole, evading tackle attempts from Dontez Sanders and Joe Stellmacher on his way to the end zone. Tight end Jarod Posthumus made a very good block on left defensive end Matt Shaughnessy, sealing him to the inside to help Russell turn the corner.

Drive summary: 3 plays, 80 yards, 0:33

Key plays: Jack Ikegwuonu was called for pass interference as Mortensen tried to get the ball to Jared Ellerson, giving the Gophers first-and-10 at the Minnesota 44.

At the end of a four-yard Laurence Maroney run, Mark Zalewski was called for a personal foul facemask, pushing the Gophers ahead to the UW 37.

Badgers: Calhoun 1 run (Mehlhaff kick)

Minnesota 27, Wisconsin 24, fourth quarter, 11:15

Calhoun powered in over right guard for a one-yard touchdown run, his third score of the game and 14th in seven games this season.

Drive summary: 4 plays, 43 yards, 1:24

Key plays: On first-and-10 from the Gopher 19, Calhoun took the ball running left and gained 18 yards. He picked up a decleating block from guard Matt Lawrence, and good blocks on the edge from pulling center Donovan Raiola and wide receiver Jonathan Orr.

On first-and-10 from the 43, Stocco completed a 13-yard pass to Jonathan Orr along the right sideline. Orr held on despite a hit from Trumaine Banks. Calhoun ran for 11 yards on the next play.

Gophers: Russell 1 run (Giannini kick)

Minnesota 34, Wisconsin 24, fourth quarter, 3:27

Russell plunged in from one-yard out for his second score of the game.

Drive summary: 19 plays, 80 yards, 7:48

Key plays: After a timeout, Minnesota went for it on fourt-and-1 from the UW 4 with 4:27 left to play. Laurence Maroney ran for three yards, setting up first-and-goal from the 1. Russell scored two plays later.

Minnesota also went for it on fourth-and-two from the Badger 37. This time, Mortensen faked a handoff to Russell up the middle and ran a bootleg run around right end. Tight end Matt Spaeth made a diving lead block down field, helping Mortensen pick up 14 yards.

Russell then ran for 10 yards to the UW 13.

Badgers: Williams 20 catch from Stocco (Mehlhaff kick)

Minnesota 34, Wisconsin 31, fourth quarter 2:10

Williams caught Stocco's well-thrown pass in traffic, tying Lee Evans' school career reception record with the catch.

Drive summary: 7 plays, 71 yards, 1:17

Key plays: On third-and-three from the UW 36, Stocco completes a 24-yard pass to Brandon Williams.

Stocco-to-Williams is good for another third-down conversion on the possession. This time, Stocco finds Williams for 14 yards on third-and-five from the Gopher 35.

Badgers: Ben Strickland 0 return (Mehlhaff kick)

Wisconsin 38, Minnesota 34, fourth quarter 0:30

Badger freshman linebacker Jonathan Casillas blocked Justin Kucek's punt on fourth-and-1 from Gopher 17. As the Badgers scrambled for the loose ball in the end zone, Casillas kept it in play and Strickland secured it, giving Wisconsin an extremely improbable victory.

Key plays: After Williams' touchdown catch, punter Ken DeBauche came on to try an onside kick. His kick hit off Gopher Trumaine Banks. UW's Zach Hampton had a very difficult shot at it as he was sprinting hard toward the Gophers' front line. The ball ricocheted off Hampton's knee and was recovered by UM's Laurence Maroney at the Gopher 8. Fortunately for Minnesota, the Gophers retained possession. Fortunately for the Badgers, the Gophers had miserable field position.

Minnesota had the ball third-and-three at their 15 and handed the ball to Maroney running left, but linebacker Mark Zalewski stopped him a yard short of a first down that would have effectively ended the game.

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