Big Ten teleconference: Joe Tiller

Purdue coach addressed regional media Tuesday

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I was just curious if you thought the field conditions on Saturday were as bad as Northwestern thought they were?

"They were not good. They were challenging. About the only positive thing I think probably you can say at this stage in the game is they were the same for both teams. Our field is, we are really struggling with our field. As a matter of fact I'm going to go to a meeting here at 1:30 regarding our field. I don't know the extent of the meeting. I'm actually doubtful that anything can be done about it at this time. I think that we have two home games left and they are back-to-back.

"If you are going to do something trying to replace—I know that Penn State completely replaced their field and I know that Iowa completely replaced their field with turf that came out of Indiana. But they did that after the first game of the year when it was real obvious they had some problems. We're probably too far into it to do anything here at Purdue. We're pretty well hamstrung with what we've got through this season. I'm hopeful that the thing will be redone and when it's redone it will be redone correctly and we'll have some type of stable footing here in the future.

"But I don't expect it and I'm not sure that it would be a wise thing for us to do right now is for us to try to replace our field. If you are going to do that you need a minimum of two weeks. And that would mean that the field should have been replaced on Sunday. So it's Tuesday, so they are already going to talk about it on Wednesday or Thursday and then you're going to play in another eight days. I don't think so. So to me at Purdue it's a tough situation this year and I'm hopeful that it will be corrected and done the right way so that we never have to deal with this issue again. It is a correctable situation. Not right now I don't believe though."

Can you scout out Wisconsin's offense a little bit for me, because they've been moving the ball pretty well this year?

"I think they are moving the ball well because of their tailback. And I think that John Stocco's throwing the ball better than he's thrown it.

"We're pretty familiar with some of their players having tried very hard to recruit Jonathan Orr and always thought he was a great talent. And their tight end, Owen Daniels… was a guy we recruited as Wisconsin did and we thought he was a tight end in high school and we told him that. He thought he was a quarterback and so he went to Wisconsin and played quarterback for a year. I kind of had my tongue-in-cheek as I talked to Coach Alvarez. Because he talked about moving him to tight end and he said, ‘Oh yeah we thought he was a tight end all along.' I said, ‘Well you did the right thing to recruit him then. You told him he'd be a quarterback.'

"But, point being is that I think he is perhaps. We really liked the tight end from Notre Dame and yet I think he only had a couple catches this year against us. We think this guy certainly this guy probably is the next, certainly he's the best tight end we've seen to-date. And maybe he will prove to be the best one on the schedule this year.

"I think you have a productive, athletic tight end. You have an accomplished running back. You have big receivers outside and a quarterback that's distributing the ball. That sounds to me like a pretty good formula for a pretty good offense."

They've given up some points this year in recent games as well. Do you see this game benefiting you more in a shootout type or if your defense can hold them and maybe keep it down in the 20s or 30s?

"We'd like to win 2-0, 3-0. We don't think about that so much as in the locker room I always remind our team that from a team concept, which is the sport we happen to be involved in. It's the greatest team sport because involves the greatest numbers. You have a lot more people in the sport of football than you do any other sport that count on each other. I often times remind them that if the opponent scores 34 points, it's the offense's responsibility to score 35. So the offense shouldn't be pointing the finger at the defense. Likewise, if we score only seven points, it's the defenses responsibility to hold the opponent to six. My point always is that we're a team and we'll do whatever we need to do to win and we don't care what the method is, whether you score more or hold them to less. Whatever it is, we just want to be successful."

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