Brent Schaeffer is a wanted man

Brent Schaeffer (QB, College of Sequoias, CA) -'s No. 1 rated JuCo quarterback took the time with us to discuss his season and recruitment.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Brent Schaeffer:

What makes you such a good quarterback? "I have run a lot of different types of offenses. I learn pretty quickly. My legs also help me out a lot."

What are you working on to prepare yourself for the next level? "Everything. I am not just trying to work on any one particular thing. I am working on everything. I just want to be a better all around quarterback."

How is your season going? "We are having a good season. We are 7-1, and we are doing pretty good. We are working on a conference championship, and we still have a chance to win the national championship. The season is going pretty good."

What are your stats through the first eight games? "I have thrown for over 2, 000 yards, and I have passed for 28 TD's and rushed for 7 more (TD's)."

What most have you liked about playing for the College of Sequoias? "The players out here. They have a lot of D1 players. It made it easier to play here, coming from Tennessee and all. There really is not that a big of a drop off from Tennessee. They also have a lot of good coaches here. I really enjoyed the coaches here."

Who are the main schools that are recruiting you? "Florida, Ole Miss, N.C. State, and Wisconsin. Those are probably the schools who are showing me the most interest right now, but I have talked to a lot of schools."

Has each school offered you? "Yes sir."

Which colleges were you the most interested in coming out of high school? "Oh yea, I talk to Auburn a lot too. I keep in touch with them too. My top schools coming out of high school were Auburn, Kansas State, North Carolina State, and Florida."

Are any of the coaches that were recruiting you in high school recruiting you now? "Yea, everybody has kind of gone in a circle. Coach Mazzone was recruiting me for NC State, and he is now at Ole Miss. Coach Holiday also recruited me for NC State, and he is now at Florida. Auburn had the same coaches recruiting me, and Coach "B" (Bret Bielema) recruited me for Kansas State and he is now Wisconsin's defensive coordinator."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "First of all, they are in the SEC. And Coach Mazzone, he has coached a lot of great quarterbacks. I like his style."

What are Florida's positives? "They are close to home. I think their offense is a good fit, and they are a big time team."

What do you like about Wisconsin? "Their defensive coordinator is going to be their head coach next year. Coach "B" recruited me when he was at Kansas State."

And Auburn? "They are a good SEC team. They recruited me out of high school. I like the the new offense they put in last year for Jason Campbell."

Are you leaning in any one direction? "Not at all."

Have you set up your official visits? "No, I have not set them up yet. I am going to set them up after my season is over. I just want to concentrate on my season and winning a championship."

Would the five schools you previously mentioned be the five you would take an official visit with if you had to decide right now? "Yea, Florida, NC State, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, and Auburn. That is who I would visit today, but it could change by the time I take my visits."

What will be the main things you will be looking at while you are on your official visits? "I will look at their facilities and everything. I hope to try and get a visit in when they are practicing for their bowls so I can see how their QB situation looks like."

Will playing time be the biggest factor in your decision? "Yea, I would definitely think so. Yea, it is."

What style of offense do you want to play in? "I wan to be in an offense where it is around the QB and the QB has a lot of responsibility for the offense."

Are you burned out from your second go around with the recruiting process? "No, it has not been bad at all. Not at all."

When will you transfer to a D1 program? "I graduate in May."

The following information comes from the College of Sequoias' offensive coordinator and QB coach, Andy Seigal:

Did you recruit Brent? "Yes sir."

What was the connection? "I am from Florida. I was the head high school coach for Venice, Key West, Miami Carol, and I was also the offensive coordinator for Dodge City CC in Kansas."

How is Brent's season going? "He is doing a great job. He has thrown for around 29 TD's. Going into this past game, he had thrown 188 straight passes without an interception. Of course, he threw two in the last game, but they were both passes that bounced off our receivers' hands. Brent is leading the country in total offense and is 3rd in TD's."

What are Brent's strengths at QB? "His biggest strength is his competitiveness. He wants to win on every snap on every play. He is just so competitive. And he is just so hard to defend. What looks like a 10 yard loss ends up being an 80 yard gain. Brent can make all of the throws and he runs like a wide receiver."

What will he need to work on for the next level? "He will need to get in the weight room and get a little bigger. Not stronger, as he is already as strong as an ox, he just needs to get thicker so he can take the pounding . He could become a little more patient in the pocket too. Sometimes he takes off too soon, but not much."

Has Brent set up his official visits yet? "He has not set up any yet. We are waiting to see what we do in the next two games. We could be playing in a bowl game on three different dates. We could play on Nov. 19, Nov. 26, or Dec. 3. He wants to go visit while they are practicing for their bowl so he can watch them practice. I had a DL that signed with LSU a while back. They told him that they really needed some DL to come in there the next year and play. Florida said the same thing. He signed with LSU and got buried in their depth chart. Florida played all of their DL signees. I tell my kids to go see them in practice before they make up their minds because of this."

What if the school is not playing in a bowl game? "If the school is not in a bowl game, he can visit them in January. He is not a guy to commit early anyway. He will wait this thing out. Brent will take all five of his visits. Besides, he is not a December guy. He has until February to make up his mind. A lot of rumors are going around to hurt the other school's recruiting. A FSU website came out last week that said he committed to Florida so it would hurt them with a high school QB (Tim Tebow) from Florida. The Big Ten and SEC are bad about this."

Who are the main players for Brent's signature? "Florida, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Auburn, and North Carolina State."

When did Auburn come into the picture? "I do not know when they came into the picture, but I know they offered him on the phone last week."

What will be the main factors in Brent's decision? "The first thing, he will go where he is the most needed. He got to play at Tennessee, but he was not needed anymore and it was not fun. He has found the love for the game again and does not want to lose it. Brent wants to go where they can help him the most both athletically and academically. He is going to a school to play football, but he is also going to a school to earn a degree. The schools he is talking to are great in both departments."

Will playing time ultimately play the biggest role in Brent's decision? "Yea, we talked about that. He can go to a place where he can play right away, but he can still use that redshirt year if they have someone coming back. At Florida or Wisconsin, he could take a redshirt and then take over. Ole Miss has let him know they need a QB to come in there next year and start. I do not know how that is going to play out."

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