Burish spared additional suspension

UW senior forward will miss one game

While Wisconsin captain Adam Burish will be forced to miss this Saturday's series-opener with Minnesota State, the Western Collegiate Hockey Association announced Tuesday that it will not suspend the senior from further competition.

With just a few seconds left on the clock in last Saturday's game, Burish laid a shoulder into Colorado College forward Scott Thauwald, sending him into the boards as the buzzer sounded. After a few minutes, Thauwald was helped to the locker room and was later seen on crutches.

The hit led to a minor post-game skirmish and after the dust settled and the teams were in their prospective locker rooms, Burish was hit with a five-minute penalty for excessive roughing and a 10-minute disqualification.

By rule, a disqualification penalty results in a one-game suspension to occur in the team's next game.

After reviewing the incident, the league, including commissioner Bruce McLeod and supervisor of officials Greg Shepherd, who was at the Kohl Center Saturday, decided not to suspend Burish from any further competition.

The league will force Burish to write a letter of apology to Thauwald and will sit down with head coach Mike Eaves to review the disqualification criteria.

While Eaves defended the hit at a press conference Monday, Colorado College head coach Scott Owens said he didn't see it the same way.

"Scott Thauwald is skating towards [Earl], Adam sees this — it's his linemate, one of our most talented players — and he goes over there … and he goes to shield Robbie Earl from a potential hit," Eaves said. "But right when he does that, Scotty Thauwald lets up, and does not see Mr. Burish, and as a result gets knocked down pretty easily and hard."

"Adam did not, in any form or fashion, go over there to run that young man," Eaves added. "He was trying to shield his teammate. Unfortunately Scotty didn't brace himself — he let up. I knew exactly where Adam's mind was because I've seen it a thousand times in games before."

As for Eaves' assessment stating that Burish was trying to protect his linemate Robbie Earl, Tigers center Brandon Polich disagreed: "There's four seconds left in a 3-0 game, and Scotty Thauwald is going to go after Robbie Earl? When Wisconsin comes back this year, we'll protect Scotty Thauwald."

The two teams square off in Colorado Springs Jan. 13-14.

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