New Jersey LB concentrating on recruiting

Linebacker Alex Wujciak still considering Wisconsin

You will have to forgive the prep-elite around the country if they would rather be playing football right now than worrying about recruiting.

That was certainly Alex Wujciak's intentions, his Seton Hall team ready to take their shot at knocking some of New Jersey's best off the mountain, taking their place on top. The only problem was that the first team they had to beat was none other than a buzzsaw called Don Bosco. Well, there's always recruiting.

There's nothing like running into one of the nation's perennially best high school teams to make your playoff run a lot shorter than you would have hoped. That's what happens to most teams, though, when they face Don Bosco Prep.

Even the first round victory over Bergen Catholic, another perennially strong team in New Jersey, wasn't enough for Seton Hall Prep, to put a bright side on getting knocked out before the state title game arrived.

The only bright side for some of the prep-elite around the country is that they know their playing days aren't done, with colleges from around the country courting them for their services for possibly another four to five years.

Linebacker Alex Wujciak is one of those that has been receiving attention from colleges since his final year began.

Now that the season is over, he's thinking about those schools, trying to narrow down not just his list, but where the rest of his official visits might go.

"We haven't really sat down and looked at it all just yet," Wujciak said. "But we'll do that sometime soon.

"I've just got the one official visit to Maryland, so I am looking at the rest of the list to figure out where I am going to go."

The list is comprised of the same teams Wujciak has been looking at for a while now. Wisconsin, Duke, Connecticut, Syracuse, Rutgers, Louisville, Duke and Nebraska are all battling it out to see who gets Wujciak's last four visits.

Alex couldn't say where he was going to take his official visits or who was high on the list of candidates, but he did say that Nebraska was very "likely" to be among that group.

Husker defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove has been recruiting Wujciak consistently since the process really kicked in for the prep linebacker at the beginning of the year.

Wujciak prefers the manner in which Cosgrove relates to him at this point.

"He's real straight forward and a nice guy," Alex said. "He's just a good guy to talk to."

That's particularly inviting to Wujciak, but typical of kids in his region, not usually too receptive to the fluff of recruiting, more worried about the substance instead.

That's why his list is what it is. Wujciak said that he's had good relationships with all the schools he's considering; that is going to be one of the biggest factors in who he ultimately chooses.

Wujciak has a timeframe in mind for making his decision.

"I am hoping around Christmas time," he said. "I've got to sit down and figure it all out, but that's when I'd like to have my decision by."

Distance has never been an issue for Wujciak, nor has weather. The only thing that matters is pretty much the same thing that most recruits worry about when it's all said and done.

"I just want to feel comfortable there and feel that it's a place that I can play," he said. "I don't worry about a lot of the other stuff, so if a school feels right for me, that's probably where I'll go."

Seton Hall finished the year 8-3, losing in the second round of the playoffs. Alex finished with a solid season himself, tallying 140 tackles and five sacks, while amassing 300 yards receiving, scoring four times.

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