Kendricks talks about UW official

Milwaukee King star receiver has three official visits in the books and two left to take

Lance Kendricks,'s No. 11 wide receiver prospect in the nation for the class of 2006, made his official visit to the University of Wisconsin over the Dec. 2 weekend.

Kendricks, a Milwaukee King student-athlete, had already been to Wisconsin many times on unofficial visits, but he still learned some things about the program on his official trip.

"The academic part of it I liked a lot because I didn't know anything about that," Kendricks said. "So from that standpoint I liked it a lot."

What did Kendricks learn about Wisconsin's academic program?

"Well, basically I wanted to go into architecture," he said. "They don't have an undergrad program of architecture. So we were talking about what kind of courses I could take to get there after I graduate. They were just talking about going through civil engineering and taking art classes and art courses."

Kendricks said he felt comfortable with what he was hearing from Wisconsin's academic advisors.

"It can work because all the schools that I'm talking to now they don't have an undergraduate program of architecture," Kendricks said. "So it'd be all the same."

Kendricks previously took official visits to Arkansas (Nov. 4) and LSU (Oct. 21). He still plans to take all five official visits before making his decision. He expects his final two destinations to be UCLA and South Carolina.

"They are scheduled for January but not a specific date," Kendricks said. "…UCLA was talking about… Jan. 6 possibly… South Carolina was talking about Jan. 13 or 20, but I might have to go the 20th because there's a track meet that I'm probably going to go to on the 13th."

Kendricks, one of the nation's top prep triple jumpers, plans to compete unattached in the Purple Tiger Invitational on the LSU campus Jan. 14.

"I'm just trying to jump just to get some early jumps in before the season," he said.

Kendricks has said that he expects track to be a significant part of his decision. It was an important part of his Wisconsin official visit. His host for the first day of his visit was redshirt freshman cornerback and sprinter Antonio Freeman. On day two it was freshman sprinter James Groce.

"I knew both of them already," Kendricks said. "We all ran on the same summer track team (Milwaukee Striders)."

Kendricks spent most of his visit with Wisconsin defensive coordinator and future head coach Bret Bielema, but he also met with head track coach Ed Nuttycombe.

"(Nuttycombe) was just telling me how the whole coaching situation evolved because they lost their jumps coach," said Kendricks, referring to Mark Napier, who left Wisconsin to take an assistant coaching job at Oklahoma. "He was just basically, (saying he) more than likely (will) take over the jumping program also."

Kendricks said his conversation with Bielema was fairly run-of-the-mill.

"Cause we talk so much it's like, it's nothing really new, I guess, that we really talk about as far as football," Kendricks said.

Kendricks discussed more football specifics with wide receivers coach Henry Mason.

"We went over like what position of receiver I'll be playing, what routes I'll be running," Kendricks said. He added that Mason has his earmarked him to play "X" receiver, which is the position currently occupied by Brandon Williams.

While Kendricks enjoyed his visit to Wisconsin, he said he liked his trips to LSU and Arkansas about the same, though he each trip has been distinct in its own right.

"This one, I know a lot of people that go to Madison," Kendricks said. "So it was like I was already in the comfort level before I got there… I didn't really have to worry about not knowing too many people or meeting a lot of new people. A lot of people from my high school went there."

Kendricks attended the Wisconsin men's basketball team's 71-55 win over Pepperdine Saturday afternoon, and went along to the football team's annual banquet Friday night.

"It was nice," Kendricks said, referring to the banquet. "It was real big. There was a lot of people there. It was something that I never really saw before. It was like a real big deal, and it was like a lot of fans there too, which is surprising….

"Most of the seniors talked. The ones that got awards talked. Barry Alvarez talked for a little while, then they had a couple of videos like with seniors. And one with Barry Alvarez, just like a tribute to him."

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