Consistency next step for Chambers

Former University of Wisconsin star wide receiver had a career day in Miami's win over the Bills.

There has been very little debate through the years about Chris Chambers' tremendous physical ability, and he demonstrated that to the fullest on Sunday when he put together the most productive day ever for a Dolphins wide receiver and the best for any NFL wideout since 2002.

Now, the challenge is for Chambers to be good week in and week out, not average one week and fantastic the other.

Coach Nick Saban constantly talks about wanting his team to develop some consistency so that it can achieve success over a long period of time.

That applies to Chambers perhaps more than to any other player.

We've seen flashes from Chambers before — a 118-yard performance in the 2003 opener against Houston, a huge game at Dallas on Thanksgiving Day later that season, back-to-back 100-yard games last season against Arizona and Seattle — but what we haven't seen is consistency over, say, a month or so.

That means not only putting up good numbers every game — because that can depend on other factors, such as the score or the quarterbacking — but making all the plays when his number is called and not dropping passes.

Even Sunday, his huge day, he had his share of problems, with a lost fumble on his first catch and at least three dropped passes.

That was easy to forgive after he caught the game-winning touchdown pass in the final seconds, but the Dolphins' comeback was an aberration and they pay more often than not for making mistakes like Chambers made on Sunday.

Chambers is on his way to the first 1,000-yard season of his career and he might even make a push for the Pro Bowl, but until we mention him alongside the likes of Chad Johnson, Marvin Harrison and Steve Smith, he needs to become more consistent.

The physical tools are there. The biggest issues, as we see it, are concentration at all times and being more physical in going after balls.

If he can develop those, he could move into the upper echelon of NFL wide receivers.

As it is, he still isn't a bad receiver and can deliver big time, as the Buffalo Bills found out on Sunday.

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