Decision time

Jamathan Ingram-Lyle came home from Wisconsin ready to commit, but in need of a little deliberation

Jamathan Ingram-Lyle, a 5-foot-11, 170-pound class of 2006 cornerback prospect at Boulder (Colo.) High School, made his final official visit over the weekend, traveling to the University of Wisconsin.

Ingram-Lyle verbally committed to the Badgers during his trip but in a telephone interview Sunday night he stated that he would make his final decision today.

"I'm going to make an official commitment [Monday]," Ingram-Lyle said. "I still have to talk to my mom. We're still debating, we're still talking about it. It's not cleared up with her."

Ingram-Lyle traveled by himself for all four of his official visits: Oregon (Sept. 24), Washington State (Nov. 5), Washington (Dec. 2) and now Wisconsin. So after returning home from Madison Sunday evening, Ingram-Lyle needed to relate the visit to his mom and discuss his decision.

"I'll just make up my mind (Monday)," he said. "I'll just know for sure where I'm going."

What topics were Jamathan and his mom going to be discussing?

"Just everything. Like education and (the) support system they have there… basic stuff like that," Ingram-Lyle said. "Going over the last little pieces of the recruiting process before I make my final decision.

"Once I commit that's the school I'm going to. I'm not going to give a soft commitment then on signing day go somewhere else. So I'm making sure that I know exactly where I'm going."

Ingram-Lyle's host for his Wisconsin visit was freshman receiver T.J. Theus. Ingram-Lyle said that, for the most part, this official visit mirrored all the rest. He just liked Wisconsin a little more than his other two favorites, Washington State and Washington.

Regarding his Wisconsin visit, Ingram-Lyle said: "We watched practice while they were getting ready for their bowl game against Auburn. I just got along with all the players. Their coaching staff, which is going to be rebuilt, I guess half the coaches are leaving because the new coach (future head coach Bret Bielema) is bringing in some new guys, which is fine with me.

"I just had a fun time overall. I did the basic things on recruit visits. They're all the same. You eat, you go out with the players and you talk to academic and you talk to athletic advisors and all that. So all that's the same and nothing was different. But it was a little bit better at Wisconsin, which is why they're my favorite."

What stood out about Wisconsin?

"Just where the program's headed," Ingram-Lyle said. "I think… they'll be in a national title game before it's all said and done, before my four or five years are over, because they have a real talented bunch of freshmen and sophomores and I feel that with me I could bring that final piece of the puzzle that would be able to take the team to the national title… That's what really got me going.

"And their strength coach (John Dettmann) is probably the best guy in the nation. In my opinion. He's the best guy I've seen or visited with."

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