Marcus Landry statement

UW freshman forward announced that he is academically ineligible for the spring semester

Marcus Landry, a 6-foot-7 freshman forward on the University of Wisconsin men's basketball team, met with assorted local media following Monday's afternoon practice to announce that he has been declared academically ineligible for the spring semester.

Prior to the Badgers' road loss at Ohio State Jan. 18, the UW released a statement declaring Landry ineligible for that game for undisclosed reasons. The UW released a similar statement regarding Landry prior to the Badgers' home loss to North Dakota State Saturday.

In 16 games, Landry was a key part of the Badgers' rotation, averaging 6.0 points and 3.1 rebounds in 15.4 minutes per game.

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Text of Landry's statement:

"As many of you may know, I just found out that I was ineligible to play basketball this next semester. The reason that it's so late and you guys are finding out about it now is because I was going through a process that every student is allowed to go through with my professors and finding out what I could have done to got a better grade or to—what little thing that I could have done to have been eligible to play basketball.

"I do have a slight disability and it's being worked on as we speak. I was going through the process of talking to my professors. It was a little confusion with my professors and the way I was supposed to take some tests. I did retake some tests. I passed them but some of the professors I was unable to get to and unable to change what I've done.

"So I'm here to let you guys know up front that I'm ineligible. Most guys probably wouldn't get in front of the camera and tell everybody that, hey, I'm ineligible. But I'm looking forward to helping my team in any way that I can while I'm not playing.

"Many kids from Vincent High School don't get this opportunity to come and play or even get into a school like this. I'm one of the students that took on this challenge from Milwaukee Vincent and I'm here and I'm not going to stop fighting, I'm not going to stop working. I was only… hundredths of a point away from being eligible. And that hurts me and I know it hurts my teammates but we all in this together and we all going to be strong and they're going to finish out this year with a good year.

"Just being, coming from Vincent it's kind of hard coming to a school like this and getting an education. But I'm going to be one of the kids from Milwaukee Vincent that's able to come here and get an education and I just wanted to let you know that.

"I'm sorry and I'm going to move forward and I'm going to do my best to succeed in the end. So, thank you."

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