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Midwest Recruiting Analyst Chris Pool and Badger Nation editor Jonathan Linder held an interactive chat with subscribers last night

Bdger17:: Is it safe to say that we completely finished with the OL commit today?

jglinder:: I'd be surprised if there are any others at this point.

portageplumber:: How many of these last kids were B listers and UW would have been better off waiting for next year

portageplumber: How does Tolzien compare with Savage or Sherer

Pool Recruiting: I thought Savage and Sherer were better QB's as seniors in high school. Tolzien has the mechanics and he's one of the few H.S. QB's that's under center. So he knows how to do a 3-5 step drop. His footwork is very good.

Pool Recruiting: Good decision maker.

portageplumber: sounds like a kid who wont loose a game-- more of a manager than a playmaker

jglinder: I think Chris and I are in agreement that Wisconsin did well offering Jenkins.

Pool Recruiting: Uhhhh. What a steal

Pool Recruiting: Jenkins' recruitment baffles me.

Bdger17: Chris how does Tolzien compare to Stocco? Do you think he could become a similar QB for Wisconsin?

jglinder: From what I know, he doesn't have Stocco's arm strength, but Chris would know better.

Pool Recruiting: Well, I've never been a big Stocco fan. So I don't know what to see there. I think Tolzien has potential.

portageplumber: was it all grades with Jenkins? How does he compare with Hagans?

Pool Recruiting: That's a good question portage

Pool Recruiting: I think Hagans is more physical right now but Jenkins has more '"Big Play" ability

portageplumber: I thought it would be the opposite-- Hagans with more speed and Jenkins more of a possession receiver—

Pool Recruiting: Jenkins' must have had some work to do in classroom because there should have been more schools on him

jglinder: Hagans had more experience catching passes in high school in his offense. I would say Jenkins is the better athlete. Very good track guy.

Pool Recruiting: I think Hagans is ahead of Jenkins physically. I think Hagans can play at Illinois next year. I think Jenkins will do well by taking a redshirt but he has a nice upside.

Bdger17: If you had to rank Tolzien, Funk, Nelson, Hartline how would you rank them?

Pool Recruiting: Nelson, Funk, Tolzien, Hartline

Bdger17: Do you think Kendricks will be able to come in a compete immediately?

Pool Recruiting: I wouldn't see any reason why not Bdger. He's the best WR in the Midwest.

jglinder: I believe Kendricks expects to play early.

jglinder: There will obviously be some playing time on the table at WR

Bdger17: What about Daven Jones?

Pool Recruiting: Not sure on Jones. I was never that high on him from the beginning. I thought he had teammates that were better.

Bdger17: Yea, some WR's are physically ready (Kendricks) while others still need some time (Anderson).

Pool Recruiting: Can I ask you guys a question?

jglinder: of course :)

Pool Recruiting: Talk to me about the Bret Bielema hire. What does the Badger Nation feel about this hire?

jglinder: I think people around the football program are genuinely excited.

jglinder: But what do the rest of you think?

Pool Recruiting: C'mon guys. Bret isn't here.

Pool Recruiting: Tell me how you feel. I'd like to know what the Badger fans think.

Bdger17: I'm excited for the differences he will bring versus Barry. A younger more energetic guy that will hit the recruiting trails harder but may not be able to build the team chemistry as well as Barry did.

Pool Recruiting: I can tell you that the rest of the Big Ten coaches are worried about this hire.

Bdger17: What's excited me is reading about all his relationships with guys like Schaeffer and so on.

jglinder: I'm interested to see who else joins the coaching staff. Pretty impressive crew so far and seem to be real good recruiters.

Bdger17: Chris to reverse this what do you think about Doeren and Cooks?

Bdger17: As recruiters if nothing else

Pool Recruiting: I've never had a relationship with either of them but I hear good things.

jglinder: Chris, UW's class is ranked No. 5 in the Big Ten on scout right now, do you think this class could surprise people a few years from now?

Pool Recruiting: Sure. I think this is a class with some very good players and others that have great potential. I love Hoey and Lance Smith.

noshbygoshnowindc: As a follow up (and excuse me if that has been asked before), who are the biggest sleepers?

Bdger17: I was just about to ask you about Hoey, he seems to be pretty underrated as far as press goes but sounds like a great find.

jglinder: I interviewed Hoey recently, and I thought it was funny, he said he felt he was too slow to play DE in college, then he told me he just ran a 4.79.

jglinder: At his size, I'd take that.

Pool Recruiting: I know this guy isn't a sleeper but Kim Royston could be see the field quickly. Carimi is going to be solid. I like Xavier Harris and Nagy also

Pool Recruiting: Yea, I fought like Heck to get Hoey to four stars

noshbygoshnowindc: Thanks for the responses....Another question.... with this first recruiting class coming to an end, are there any notable shifts in philosophy that BB has brought to the table that we have not seen under BA?

Pool Recruiting: Well, I think that's a tough question to answer

Bdger17: Speed and athletes i think.

jglinder: Well, I don't think we would have seen Alvarez have six commits in the last weekend.

noshbygoshnowindc: :)

Pool Recruiting: He doesn't have a full staff yet and hadn't had one all recruiting season.

Pool Recruiting: I think next year will kind of tell you where Bielema is going as far as the type of athlete he recruits.

jglinder: Yeah, this was a weird year. Basically every recruit was recruited by Bielema and Mason, with Chryst filling in with Tolzien and a few others.

jglinder: And Doeren and Cooks obviously once they arrived.

Pool Recruiting: He's from the Hayden Fry mold. Which means he likes to recruit LB and make them DE's and TE's become OL's. He's always recruited Florida, so I'm sure there will be a premium put on speed.

jglinder: And he has a reputation in Florida for finding sleepers

Bdger17: Are there any guys that you think have a future at a postion other than that that they are listed it?

jglinder: Oh there will probably be plenty of position changes over the years.

jglinder: I'm curious to see where Nettles ends up and very interested to see how Maurice Moore does at QB.

iluvbadgers: What do you think of Lance Smith. If you look at the running back rankings his much higher ranked on ESPN than by

Pool Recruiting: Iluv, I thought Lance Smith was the best running back in Ohio.

Pool Recruiting: Yes, the entire state.

jglinder: Wait

Pool Recruiting: that's how much I like him.

Bdger17: Chris wells???

Pool Recruiting: Yea, even him

jglinder: Wow

Pool Recruiting: and Delone Carter

Bdger17: WOW

jglinder: That is quite an endorsement.

Pool Recruiting: That's one thing I thought Scouts Inc. got right.

Bdger17: I've read some of your colleagues say Wells is the best RB to come out in years.

iluvbadgers: Think he can start next year?

Pool Recruiting: Don't get me wrong. I like Chris Wells. He did some stuff in San Antonio that just blew me away but if I had to take him or Lance Smith. I could flip a coin and be happy with any outcome.

jglinder: If Smith is that good, he and P.J. Hill will have a heck of a competition.

jglinder: And I'm not discounting Foster and Butler, who I also like.

Bdger17: Chris a general question, Did BB's first class exceed your expectations? Fall Short? about what you thought it would be?

badgermaniac: Hey all, did we solve the endless debate about whether ratings matter yet?

Pool Recruiting: No, rankings don't matter and I wish we didn't have to do them

Pool Recruiting: I think there are two MAC schools that have better classes than some of the bigger schools.

Bdger17: Chris its comical that you guys have to decide the difference between a player from CA and from FL who have the exact same skill level and haven't played the same competition yet one has to be ranked higher than the other.

Bdger17: One thing i really like about this class is that it seems to be an upgrade in the OLine over the previous classes which we need.

badgermaniac: I think the Moore-type committment is going to be typical for Bielema given what he wants to do at QB. However, it will be interesting to see how those types of QBs are developed relative to guys like Devin Hollins or Marcus White.

Bdger17: BM I don't think BA offers a Moore-type guy, but BB will.

jglinder: I wonder if any of the OL will be needed to fill in depth next year. Not a lot of scholarship OL on this roster.

badgermaniac: I disagree. Alvarez always had visions of Tony Rice and he took a number of fliers on guys like that. Heck, Ty Donovan could be considered in this mode. They just never developed.

Pool Recruiting: It's tough to do rankings. I have a hard enough time just in Illinois deciding who's No. 1 and who's No. 30 let alone an entire Top 100 in the Midwest.

Bdger17: The funny thing about rankings is so much of what the player does in college is his coaches and a lot of uncontrollable variables, so its ironic when someone wants to pull out the number of stars to prove someone like you wrong. Based off of skill in HS you were right.

noshbygoshnowindc: Chris: that is an interesting statement. At what point in the rankings, does it really get arbitrary? How much demand is there for such rankings from fans, HS coaches and players, college coaches, etc?

badgermaniac: Chris, I have often thought that the tiering system works a lot better than the ranking system. I think there is a lot more validity in the star system as opposed to telling us who is #56 and who is #62 at a position. I think attempting to do the impossible opens the system up to (legit) ridicule.

Bdger17: I agree BM, a lot of times a player will move down not because of his performance but because of someone else doing well.

Pool Recruiting: I think you can get together a SOLID TOP 25-30 in a region. After that, it's all about apples and oranges

Pool Recruiting: Top 100 National? That's tough.

portageplumber: How does the UW OL recruits this year compare with Iowas of last year?

Pool Recruiting: I think they compare well with Iowa's crop last year.

Pool Recruiting: Bscherer has weight room work to do but I liked what I saw in San Antonio during the week. I've always liked Nagy.

portageplumber: If they land Ogelsby can Carimi or Bchserer play G?

Pool Recruiting: Sure, I don't see why not.

Bdger17: Jon question for you, Do you think Tolzien runs the scout team next year?

jglinder: Likely him and Moore

jglinder: and a couple walk-ons

Bdger17: I doubt Moore is still at Qb by that time.

Pool Recruiting: BM, a question for you sir.

portageplumber: You dont see too many 6'7" Guards-- they would end up with a massive OL with VDH and those three.

portageplumber: What do you know about Thorson?

Pool Recruiting: What do you think of the Bielema hire. I've already asked the rest of these guys.

Pool Recruiting: Oh, by the way, speaking of rankings....

Pool Recruiting: I can get this far.....

Pool Recruiting: 1. John Clay 2. Josh Oglesby

portageplumber: I have a wait and see attitude-- I think he got too much too soon. I would have liked another year or two of BA to groom him

Bdger17: John Clay and Lance Smith back to back would be something special.

badgermaniac: I am still generally open as to Bielema. His resume is just too short to make any broad pronouncements. I do like his energy and the players seem to like him, which is a plus. On the downside, his lack of experience makes me nervous. I see a lot of cagey old veterans that don't have the sizzle but can flat out out-coach the young guns. Think Dick Bennett vs. Quinn Snyder.

portageplumber: I also think BA was tired of the travel and kissing the backsides of 18 year olds-- they needed an in flux of young recruiters. BB does that. Not sure why all of his buddies-- Inge, Elliot, Clemons didn't join him at UW-- does BB have some baggage?

Bdger17: Chris, How does John Moffit compare to guys like Carimi and Nagy?

badgermaniac: That is why his staff will be very important. He needs a few old guard types, which he appears to be doing with the DC position for one.

Bdger17: BM or Jon, Staff announcements by the end of the week?

badgermaniac: Jon is the better guy to ask, but I would guess so, yes.

jglinder: I just got off the phone with Thorson, so let me catch up a little.

jglinder: He expects to play center at Wisconsin, really considered himself a late bloomer, was disappointed in his junior tape but had a really good senior year.

jglinder: Wisconsin did not really start recruiting him in earnest until a week ago. yes, a week ago.

noshbygoshnowindc: Hankwitz seems like a great hire

Pool Recruiting: Moffit is an inside guy with a nasty streak. Very good on film. Liked him a lot.

jglinder: Thanks Chris

portageplumber: I also think loosing Palermo will hurt-- he could have been a nice Vet to keep. BB and JP must not have gotten along at all to have it end so ugly.

jglinder: I expect that the staff announcements will begin to come out soon after signing day. Maybe not all at once. Heck, I hope not all at once. That's a lot of writing :)

jglinder: But I believe Chryst was announced within a week after signing day last year, so that is the time frame I would look at.

jglinder: Yeah, Hankwitz's resume is longer the most of the rest of the staff's lives.

Bdger17: I am sure BB would have loved to keep Hueber on the staff

jglinder: yes, he really wanted Hueber

noshbygoshnowindc: Jon, is BB playing it much closer to the vest than BA when it comes to the press?

jglinder: Too soon to tell. On some things yes, on some things no. I expect Bielema to have a freer flow of information on things like injuries other in-season stuff.

jglinder: Hey, I should get back to writing. I have about two hours of interviews to transcribe.

jglinder: take care folks. I'll have an abridged transcript in the morning. This is quite long. Bdger - gotcha, I misunderstood at first.

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