Bielema discusses 2006 recruits

Quotes from Bret Bielema's discussion of video highlights of each prospect in Wisconsin's class

Isaac Anderson, 5-11, 170, WR, Minneapolis, Minn. (The Blake School)

Bret Bielema: "Isaac came to us from the Blake School in Minneapolis. The neat thing about Isaac… both his mother and father were athletes at the University of Minnesota. His mother ran track, his father was a football player and I think retired as the fourth-time leading receiver.

A guy that we had in camp, really enjoyed getting the opportunity to see him firsthand, got great hands, good athletic ability, a guy that we expect to come and play or have an opportunity to come in play early on in his career. Has shown a lot of ability, maturity too during the process. Obviously, coming in from out of state with his dad being a former player at Minnesota, took a lot for him to make a decision to come here and stuck by it the whole way without anybody faulting him."

Niles Brinkley, 5-10, 175, WR, St. Louis, Mo. (Beaumont)

Bielema: "It's great to get back into the St. Louis area. Niles had a little bit of an injury during his senior year. Was heavily, heavily recruited as a junior.

"One of the things that the NCAA does allow is if you sign off on a waiver, they can come in and medically examine you, the doctors can, and you sign a piece of paper and release you. And Niles agreed to do that, came in. Our doctors felt completely comfortable with his situation….

"Can play either side of the football. We'll probably start him on the offensive side of the football. His dad played at Missouri and later on for the Steelers. His brother, who was his coach, played at Nebraska and has now switched into the college ranks as well.

"A guy we really expect to see some big things out of, especially as his career develops…

"Strong runner after the catch as well. Really enjoys the game."

Jake Bscherer, 6-7, 285, LT, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. (Sturgeon Bay)

Bielema: "… He was one of the most decorated players according to the experts. Jake is a big guy. Mom and Dad, great people Paul and Robyn, have done a great job with him the whole way through. It was asked to me last night if I was worried about anybody changing their mind. Obviously Jake was heavily recruited before he made his commitment and some people came in on afterwards. After coach Alvarez' decision as well as when Coach Hueber had left, and Jake didn't waver once…

"Idolizes Joe Thomas and looks like him in certain clips at certain times. He's a guy that we're expecting to come in and do some great things."

Gabe Carimi, 6-8, 280, RT, Cottage Grove, Wis. (Monona Grove)

Bielema: "Gabe's best football is in front of him. He has a big, tall, lean body. I was at the all-state banquet a week ago and Jake got introduced, followed right by Gabe and to see those two guys walk up on stage, right after the other, was a nice sight to see.

"Nice story about Gabe: I get a call from him the night before the Capital One Bowl. He calls me and tells me he's coming. I was playing phone tag with him all day, couldn't reach him, couldn't reach him. And he calls me the night before the game, about 10:30, and I said, where are you at? and he goes, "Chattahoochee." I thought that they were flying. They drove down, rented a hotel room and turned around and left right after the game. Drove 40-some hours to watch a game. So they're really excited to be here."

Kirk DeCremer, 6-5, 240, TE, Middleton, Wis. (Verona)

Bielema: "I think the thing about Kirk is he can play on either side of the football. We're probably going to start him off on the tight end position, but has played defense in the past.

"He's done a great job for us, as well in the weight room, he's getting bigger every day. He's currently a basketball player as well so he's kind of concentrating on a lot of different things, but expect big things out of him. He's very dedicated, good student. Kris, his mom, has done a great job of bringing him along. Obviously expect big things out of him."

Ricky Garner, 6-5, 220, DE/OLB, Pasadena, Calif. (Muir)

Bielema: "Richard came to us basically on the recruiting screen just about two weeks ago. Sent in a film, he's actually got, his high school John Muir High School in Pasadena is actually Jonathan Clinkscale's high school….

"He is a guy that plays on both sides of the football. You see him split out as a wide receiver/tight end. Really has the ability to run. … Is a guy that we really feel with some development, a guy that has got the size and the frame, can come in and do a lot of different things. He's 6-5 and all of 220, really good athlete, rangy, good student. We're just excited to get him up here last week. After Wisconsin came into the school, some other people really became interested. A guy we really feel can come in and do a lot of different things. We'll just get him here and involved in the program because he's a good athlete that can run and sees where he ends up.

"I really like his flexibility, sometimes kids don't really know how to accelerate out of the stance and he has done that all the way through."

Xavier Harris, 5-11, 175, WR, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Ft. Lauderdale)

Bielema: "You see here on this first catch he does a one-handed grab. Has really got some exceptional ball skills….

"Little concerned when I walk in the school, his high school is from Clemson. You walk in the locker room, it's all Clemson everywhere. And that was his other visit that he set in January.

"But kind of shows to me early on the power that Madison itself has….

"He came in here totally not expecting what he saw and fell in love with the place and never took another visit after it."

Brandon Hoey, 6-5, 290, DT, Shoreview, Minn. (Mounds View)

Bielema: "Brandon is a guy that was on our radar screen early clear back to last spring recruiting. I remember watching his tape. He's a guy that I went in to Coach Alvarez and said, ‘This is a guy that fits our program,' Plays on both sides of the football, really excelled this year on the defensive side of the football. We're going to let him start off over there.

"Done a good job in the classroom. Dad actually works for the University of Minnesota as well. So he had to do certain things just to get out of the state. But I really admire his strength through this whole thing, the transition and being able to stick with it. He's really into it."

Diondrae Jenkins, 6-2, 192, WR/DB, Racine, Wis. (Park)

Bielema: "Diondrae was in our camp for a little bit. Had some things that we had to get straight from a point of view of just to make him on our radar screen, not because of anything on the athletic ability. Just to make sure everything matched up for us to be in our program.

"I really liked the way he handled his business throughout the course of the year. I know I sent in Coach Mason towards the end of the school year. They're state champs so they had a prolonged season, we were able to go watch him practice live. Paul went and watched him play basketball.

"He's a guy I think that has an unbelievable amount of talent waiting to be tapped. He does multi sports, can play on either side of the football, someone that we really expect coming in, again with Coach Dettmann, he's going to do a lot of special things in the weight room and the development part, which will just make him a stronger player on the football field. He comes from a program where he hasn't had a lot of receptions, just because of the nature of their offense. They have a good running back in the backfield that definitely did a lot of good things on their team."

Daven Jones, 6-1, 190, WR, Cleveland, Ohio (Glenville)

Bielema: "Daven has got exceptional ability. Here, he catches the ball in his hands, everything is in his hands… Daven was a guy that committed to us early on. Stayed with us again through everything. Comes from a great program. Ted Ginn, Sr., whose son is the Ohio State receiver. Next year, we obviously lost our top two returners in Calhoun and Williams. A position we see to be wide open. Some of these guys in this class, we hope to at least come in and compete for the job… A long line of receivers from the state of Ohio. We'll hopefully try to continue that tradition. But everything he does is in his hands. It's a nice aspect to see from a high school standpoint."

Lance Kendricks, 6-4, 210, WR, Milwaukee, Wis. (Rufus King)

Bielema: "The thing I like about Lance is he took his approach to what he needed to get done, really had an idea in his mind, I think, of what he wanted to do all along….

"Is a big athlete that can run. We're going to start him at the wide receiver position, somebody we think can come in and add a presence there early on.

"The way he went through it and because of his multi sport, because of his track abilities, looked at some other schools and eventually chose the University of Wisconsin.

"Has a lot of friends here, has a lot of people he competed with at his track program back in Milwaukee.

"We expect him to come in here and do some good things to us early on. Really is a good competitor, someone we expect to blossom in the program once he gets here."

Jamathan Lyle, 5-11, 165, CB, Boulder, Colo. (Boulder)

Bielema: "We're going to start him at corner. Has done some good things there. A guy again that we feel is a good athlete… He uses his hands. He's got the ability, plays a little nasty.

"A guy that was early on recruited by the Pac-10 schools, primarily. I was a little concerned about our ability to bring him just because schools he was visiting are all apc-10 schools. We were his only Big Ten visit.

"Just to show you the effect that the university and the city of Madison has on people, he had visited here before, during the summer two years ago with his mother, because of some mutual family friends. Fell in love with the city and decided to come this way."

John Moffitt, 6-4 1/2, 295, OL/DL, Guilford, Conn. (West Haven Notre Dame)

Bielema: "Came to us from Notre Dame High School in West Haven. He's actually from Tarek Saleh… Tarek was a great player here who gave us his name early on….

"(Moffitt's) official visit was during the year. He came in for a game with his parents. Took in the whole atmosphere of the game, as well as the academic side….

"Came away basically knowing what he wanted to do…

"Got a phone call soon thereafter with his commitment to us and stayed steady through the whole process….

"Really enjoys the game. Could probably play on either side, offense or defense. Could come in and play as early as next year."

Maurice Moore, 5-11, 165, QB, Fort Worth, Texas (Everman)

Bielema: "Here you see his ability to be a difference-maker with the ball in his hands. … Has played quarterback this last year but had been playing other positions previously… A guy that wants an opportunity to come in and start at quarterback, which we'll allow him to do. He's a guy that I really believe if quarterback isn't his position, he can get on the field in a lot of different ways. Really enjoys the competition, enjoys winning. Coaches talk highly of him when you're in the school.

"One of the first times we heard his name was from… one of our student assistants, who's coached back in that area. Some of his buddies had called him about this quarterback that nobody had really been on at Everman."

Bill Nagy, 6-4, 305, G, Hudson, Ohio (Hudson)

Bielema: "I think he's a center/guard prospect, plays with a little bit of tenacity. He's a guy that will probably get better with his years being in the program, getting a little bit more burst, speed, athleticism. He's got size, really is a competitor. I really like the way he fights. He does a lot of good things throughout the play. Never stops. See him playing defense there. Anytime they play both ways, I think that speaks volumes for their athletic ability. Taking care of himself in the classroom as well and excited about the opportunity to have him here."

Josh Nettles, 5-10, 170, WR/CB/TB, DeFuniak Springs, Fla. (Walton)

Bielema: "This young man had been a quarterback for them, he had been an athlete. You can see here he likes to get after people with a little bit of aggression…

"We've only recruited him… Another school dropped him in the last week. And we had an opportunity to bring him in. Sent Coach Cooks down there to see him. Came away with a visit. He came up here and decided to come to Wisconsin. Shows you that it's not an exact science

"Really expecting big things out of him. He can play probably wide receiver or DB, depends on where we feel he can get in that first week on the ball the quickest."

Kim Royston, 5-11, 185, CB, Minneapolis, Minn. (Cretin-Derham Hall)

Bielema: "A guy we liked clear back to last spring. He's got a lot of athleticism here… Is able to play both ways. We're going to start him off on the defensive side of the football. But has great athleticism. Really made a big jump this year, I think, as a football player. His program has a long-standing tradition of good football players…. Competes for the football. I really like the way he's come along. He's made al lot of personal growth in the last year. I expect big things out of him in the near future."

Culmer St. Jean, 6-1, 215, DB, Naples, Fla. (Lely)

Bielema: "First time I saw Culmer he was in a strength training class, he… was all strapped up, very impressive individual to look at from the beginning…

"He played quarterback, he played safety, we were going to start him off on the defensive side of the football. He thinks he should also be punt returner if you ask him…. Really is a very instinctive football player…. Here you'll see him playing a little bit of corner. Has ability, he knows his own speed, plays underneath the slant route… Plays with a little bit of intensity. Really, really serious young man."

Lance Smith, 5-10, 197, TB, Warren, Ohio (Howland)

Bielema: "He has the ability to move a lot of different directions in a short amount of space, and also has the ability to finish…

"He's got good hands, good size, good speed. Someone, along with the group of running backs that we have, I feel fairly confident in his ability to come in and compete for the start. One of the true running backs—probably the only true running back—of the class where that's all he played. We're counting on him coming in and doing the same thing in the fall."

Brad Thorson, 6-4, 285, C, Mequon, Wis. (Homestead)

Bielema: "Someone I felt strongly about through the recommendations of his coach and people that work with him.

"Very, very athletic, very serious, very, very strong in the academic world. Once you get to know Brad, you'll find out whatever I think he sets his mind to, he will be able to accomplish. You see him here pulling. Could probably play center as well as guard. We'll probably try to start him off at the center position. Has put on 20 pounds, I believe, in the last two months. His body's really beginning to grow. Someone we're excited, very excited about having him in our program."

Scott Tolzien, 6-3, 190, QB, Rolling Meadows, Ill. (Fremd)

Bielema: "He is a strong thrower, very, very good academics…. It's neat to see a kid handle himself as well as he has in the media. Shows the maturity, obviously, at that position that you need. Does a good job delivering the ball, I think has a good understanding, above-average understanding of what we're trying to accomplish. He's got the ability to make some plays with his feet. I kind of like that too. Not afraid to duck it down. Saw the goal line, wanted to get in it. A true competitor, very intelligent player."

Mickey Turner, 6-4, 240, TE, Camdenton, Mo. (Camdenton)

Bielema: "Very, very intense person. Good student, taking care of everything that he needs to. You see him have the alertness to get the hands up and catch the football and convert it into a score… We're going to start him at the tight end position as well…. Really enjoys the competitive side of the athletics…Watching him play basketball, I just was last week, and you can see anything that he's doing, he means to do it… He's coming one speed, full speed. Makes his presence be known."

Jay Valai, 5-9, 195, CB, Euless, Texas (Colleyville Heritage)

Bielema: "Jay has very long arms, strong and compact… From a defensive back point of view, what we like about him is his ability to use his hands quick at the line of scrimmage as well as recover…

"Really good instincts, good ball skills, could probably play on both sides of the football, we're going to start him off on the (defensive side)…. He saw something he wanted to see, came in and he pulled the trigger….

"Reacts very quickly, very serious individual. I expect him to come in and compete right away."

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