Nation's top junior OT likes Michigan

The saying goes, "You can't coach 'X'" ... as in "You can't coach height," and, "You can't coach athleticism," and "You can't coach long arms" ... a certain Michigan Camper last summer has all the aforementioned raw attributes for a great offensive tackle — so much so that he's considered perhaps the top junior OT prospect in the nation. He chatted with GoBlueWolverine last night.

There was this offensive lineman at the Michigan camp last summer ... maybe not the most dominating guy in the one-on-one pass blocking drills early in the week. But man, he was huge (6-foot-6, pushing 300 pounds), quick and athletic, and he had those loooong arms that offensive line coaches die for.

It was Josh Oglesby from St. Francis, Wis., considered perhaps one of the top ten junior prospects in the nation. GoBlueWolverine spoke to Oglesby Wednesday night.

"The Michigan camp really helped me with my pass blocking," Oglesby said. "Our St. Francis team is 98 percent a running team... so the whole speed of pass blocking was new to me... I struggled for part of the camp week because there are lot of pass blocking drills there, but with Coach Moeller's (offensive line coach Andy Moeller) teaching I really started to hold my own."

So what did you like about your Michigan camp experience?

"Coach Moeller — he's one of best teaching coaches around. He's a great coach, a great teacher, he gets his players to the NFL.

"He's also a great guy. I got to see the way he talks (to) his players... he knows them and relates to them on a personal level."

Do you have a list of top schools yet — and is Michigan on it?

"I'll start putting my schools together pretty soon... I want to get to a top 10-15...

"Definitely Michigan is one of those."

Do you have any school that you know will be in a top four or five?

"I'm not really sure... "

"Right now my top school is St. Francis High School... I'll be trying to educate myself about the schools recruiting me. So I don't want to give a list yet — but Michigan will be one of them."

What are some of your top offers?

"My offers are (he rattled through them quickly like a guy going through his well-rehearsed Christmas list, saying them fast so as not to forget any of them) Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Arkansas, Tennessee, Notre Dame, USC, Northwestern, Ohio State, Iowa Illinois, Louisville... and the latest is Nebraska."

Do you plan to to go any spring practices?

"Once I make a list of 10 or 15 schools I'll try to see all of them this spring and summer. So I'm not sure of all the schools I'll visit this spring — but I do plan to go to spring practices at Wisconsin, Michigan, and I told Nebraska I might come to one of theirs.

"And I'll go to some camps as well next summer — I plan on going back to the Michigan camp again for one."

Have you thought about a decision timetable?

"I don't think I'll make any kind of early decision. I'll take some official visits first."

And he ended with:

"I appreciate you guys in the press for taking the time to talk to me."

We told him he may feel differently about the press by the time next winter comes around, but he said, "I'll always have time."

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